How to make a man miss you

It is believed that the main decoration of the girl is the pride and disinterest, and the best way to get a man to miss you and to want is to pretend that it didn’t matter. However, this principle is suitable only for teenagers and the adult wise woman must be able to demonstrate love and concern unobtrusive, so as not to cause rejection.

How to make a man think about you

If your romance is just beginning, or you’re just looking at each other, crucial way that you do young man. Men primarily tend to pay attention to appearance, so do not be lazy once again to emphasize the femininity, beauty and sexuality. Try to follow simple tips:

  1. Before meeting with a young man paying great attention to the clothes, tidy hair, manicure. Do not let untidiness.
  2. Try to understand the manner of communication of the young person in social networks and by phone. If a person is used to correspond during the working day, support the initiative. However, if your messages remain unanswered (or the answer come concise smilies) should not be imposed, even if you are puzzled how to make a man miss you. Besides, the silence of men does not mean indifference.
  3. If your relationship has already passed on an intimate level, try sometimes to stir interest and desire. For daring stunts like tossing lace panties in the briefcase business men dare not every, but to call and say that I hope as soon as possible to repeat the experience of last night will be able to even modest girl. You’ll get a guy to miss you!

The boy and girl dine in the restaurant

How to make a man miss you in the distance

In life the happy stable couples there are times when you have to leave for some time: for example, travel on a business trip or for an internship in another city or country. If people have been together, they trust each other and will survive for fear of betrayal. But men – being less emotional than their wives, proved by specialists in psychology. Then the woman raises the question of how to make husband bored? Below is the solution:

  1. If you have an ongoing relationship, you should forget about the principles like «don’t call the first one» and leave their teenagers. If you miss the man it is normal and there is nothing humiliating to call when you want.
  2. Try to tell more about their lives, about new friends. Ask what happens to him. Then at the meeting you will have the illusion that you know nothing about each other.
  3. If you’re definitely determined to learn how to make a man miss you, do not neglect the possibilities of the meeting. For example, there is a chance to see each other on weekends – perfect! Rare date, especially of an intimate nature, and only inflame mutual desire and serve as an excellent prevention of infidelity (unfortunately, this can happen if you don’t see six months).

The girl with the phone

How to make a married man miss you

Situations in life happen different, and if you once become the mistress of a married man, treat the incident philosophically. Caught in such circumstances, women should understand that they are still unlikely to be able to qualify for one hundred percent of the time, effort and attention of a loved one, you need to soberly assess the balance of forces. But bind man to themselves and get bored quite possible. The main thing – not to dream that he will leave the family! In reality, this rarely happens. What to do:

  1. Try to take interest in the Affairs of her husband and to praise. With genuine interest to hear about a job or a hobby. If communication with his wife is minimized, it will drag the attention to you.
  2. Find «your» symbolic things: music, restaurant or even the street. Being in a familiar atmosphere alone, he always remember about the woman.
  3. Don’t start to throw tantrums, make demands or nag partner. The psychology of adultery is such that man seeks mistress of easiness, interest and pleasure (not only sex). Your connection will be stronger if you learn to guess his mood.

Man and woman talking outdoors

How to remind yourself man

If you are confused by what the man was mutual interest, stopped calling, do not rush to think the worst. Modern life is such that people can be really very busy. Try to remind myself: choose a moment to call or write a message on the social network. If the person does not respond, after a couple of days then try again. But not anymore! Obsession is not good here: you are not his wife in order to demand something, and if the young man chose to ignore an unanswered call means feelings have changed (or initially was a mistake, and he decided to disappear in silence.

How to get people to think about you magical ways

Even in the modern world women often do not appeal to psychology, and by prayers, incantations or omens when a bet becomes love. If you like intrigue, pick any conspiracy (for example, on the advice of friends):

  • Take a picture of a man on the back, write your name. Red thread take a few stitches at the level of the heart. Repeat the plot: «a love Spell, pedastool, yeah love me, (guy’s name), the son of God. Your heart is a red thread linked to my» (we can restrict the mind’s repeat). Then burn the photo and grind the ash with your fingers.
  • Get up before dawn. Wash with infusion of lemon balm, take a couple of SIPS. The head should be thought of a beloved man. Then chant the spell: «fly, Fly, fire of love! Fly to who heart beats! Let he thinks about me, may view it as the tape winds!». If necessary, repeat for three days straight. A man will start to miss you.

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