How to make a commercial offer

The goal of commercial proposals lies in the fact that he had not only read with interest, but have used them. To submit a potential client a product or service, describing all the positive aspects and benefits is not difficult. Need to know the basic rules of how to make a commercial offer.

What is a commercial offer

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It is a document of the seller with the rationale and outlines the benefits for the buyer. It outlines the major provisions:

  • segment business activities;
  • the basic principles of business;
  • characteristics of the offered goods or services;
  • the terms of the product;
  • pricing policy in the cooperation;
  • legal status and company details of the seller.

In the classical form of commercial cooperation offer can be outlined on paper in several sheets. But lately, sellers use a number of modern tools, programs to attract long-term business partnerships. The document may contain:

  • logic circuits;
  • figures, tables;
  • additional materials depending on the nature of the product.

The structure of the document

There are templates with blanks. A competent Manager or marketer will never allow themselves to use the default samples. To successfully sell the original approach. To prepare the materials, using a certain structure, but before the writing of the text should be approached with great care. It will not hurt to add a touch of originality, are allowed in the way of lifting or presentation.

The question of how to make the correct business proposal, an important structure of the contract: it may be different, but must contain the main points. Recommended the construction of a document, which must hook the buyer the following:

  1. Header. It needs to be commercially attractive, not loaded terms that reflect the essence of the proposal.
  2. The offer is part of that reflects the benefit of the buyer. He should be forced to read the message through. The basic rule here is brevity.
  3. Beliefs. Section with examples, reviews, links to sites and clients that use the subject of the sentence.
  4. Comparison. Here are relevant tables on competitors.

Do not forget to include the following items:

  1. Call. In this part the main thing is not to recommend a product, not to use the common and trite phrases, not to change the subject.
  2. Restrictions on the timing or number (if any).
  3. The letter must be completed, contact details and writing a tender o (the possible result of joint activities).

How to make a commercial offer

Preparation of commercial proposals

The methods of making directly depends on the ability of the seller and abilities to marketing. Also take into account the audience (cold or hot), approved budget, development of communication systems. The main methods of registration:

  1. Address in writing on paper.
  2. In electronic form (to back up illustrations and videos)
  3. In the form of a promotional mailing Souvenirs or booklets.

Each of the ways are good depending on the situation of the target audience. The first case it is advisable to use by prior arrangement, subject to the wishes of the consumer about the content. It can be classic, simple or with elements of the logos, for recognition of the supplier. In the second case, opportunities are less restricted. Text can be Packed in a colourful presentation, reducing the cost of distribution. The third option is expensive but long lasting.

How to make a commercial offer

The man is a commercial offer

To begin with, that offer a potential partner: equipment, machinery, household goods, products for construction, services or opportunities to participate in the tender. A clear understanding of what you need to achieve and a thorough knowledge of the subject matter of the contract will help you understand what to do. Consider how to make a commercial proposal, taking into account features of spheres of activity of the enterprise of the seller and the offered goods or services.

A specific example of the commercial proposals will not help highlight features when working on a marketing proposal. The main objective of the stages in the development consists of several items:

  1. Analysis. Market research, a clear understanding of the needs, structure, segments, and market will allow you to prioritize.
  2. Problems of the potential client. The emphasis on the possible solutions to help attract, to indicate the value of cooperation.
  3. The ability to communicate to sales the desire of the head.

For the provision of services

How to make a commercial proposal for the provision of services? A service is intangible, this is the challenge to attract potential customers with this advertising form. The consumption of services most businesses and individuals rely on the opinions, feedback from peers, friends. Sometimes the difficulty arises when long-standing relationships with a competitor, even at the expense of quality, modern approaches. Offering services, the main attention should be paid to the offer and benchmarking with competitors, to outline the benefits of working directly with you.

Commercial offer for the supply of goods

How to write a business proposal for the supply of goods? Transport companies it is important to focus on the security of product during transportation, subject to the terms. A detailed description will help the user to determine at first glance the appeal. In this section of delivery should be strongly stretched. It is best to portray the logistics of the scheme and the benefits in the form of a table. Or not to include the clause about responsibility for violation of terms of delivery can be debated, it is better to discuss this point in the development of the draft Treaty.

Business partnership proposal

A sheet of paper and pen

How to make an offer on business cooperation more attractive and effective? The feature is:

  1. A deeper study of the company where you will be sent a letter. It is important to address the person by name and patronymic, clearly Express the essence of the proposal.
  2. Need to specify where information about the company.
  3. To provide information about themselves and their experiences.
  4. Be sure to emphasize the seriousness of the intentions convincingly argue the benefits of cooperation for both sides.
  5. To specify which answer we want to.

Commercial proposal is

Advertising is part of any successful business. Receiving third-party advertising services, the head of the table often gets a lot of documents. The company offers advertising services must be able to present themselves. The application of creativity and literacy have greater success. Design of commercial proposals for advertising can be decisive. We can not exclude the specificity and potential customer views of advertising. Secondly – be sure to specify the audience and to emphasize individuality. Specify the locations, events, successful events.

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