How to learn to play the guitar at home

String instruments require care when training. The widespread opinion that learning a guitar strumming can only be engaged in with the teacher. Teacher at the music school helps to develop technique, but the basic points are easy to learn at home.

Is it possible to learn to play the guitar myself.

The guy is learning the game

To succeed in some creative and not-so matter can only be approaching it with all seriousness. Wondering how to learn to play the guitar by yourself, you need to remember a few basic things:

  1. Any training involves getting the rookie some skills requires regularity. The more you do at home, the faster you learn to play.
  2. To work out every action necessary to correct the result. If something does not work, try it again until I can play it good.

How to learn to play the guitar at home

After several self-study should not immediately expect phenomenal results, skills come and develop gradually. In the network there are many training books for «dummies», after downloading that, you can highlight the most important moments. The permanent elements of successful learning is the tool itself, its setting, planting guitarist and hand.

Tool selection

The guitar may be a classical, acoustic or electric, six-string and seven-string. How to decide and make the choice? Before you buy a tool, consider the following points:

  • Define their attachment to any particular genre in music. For example, if you prefer the classics, it is unlikely that you will approach the Spanish guitar.
  • Fingers beginners are bound to be hurt when you clip acoustic guitar strings because they are more stringent than the electric guitar.
  • Beginners should give preference to the six-string guitar. Russian seven-string guitar is gone, now additional low seventh string does not prevent to use only the usual six.

A man plays the guitar

Proper planting

How right during the game is the position of the player, determines the outcome of learning. Wrong posture can be not only comfortable, leads to rapid fatigue. This often reduces the possibility of performance of a polyphony. Beginners are recommended to learn guitar exercises in the sitting position, because to play standing after this will not be difficult.

Learn to play sitting on a hard stool, lifting the left knee above the level of the seat. For this purpose the stand on which the guitarist needs to put the foot. The back must remain straight, not touching anything. Guitar put a notch in the middle of the elevated left thigh. Right leg provide the lower part of the instrument is a necessary stop. The neck should be slightly above the level of the left shoulder, and lower back at chest level. For left-handers out is fully mirrored: the guitar put on the right high thigh, neck – just above the level of the right shoulder.

The correct formulation of the hands

Having dealt with the location of the legs, proceed to hands. The right elbow should be closer to the body and not to go over the guitar body on the right side, the wrists don’t have much to bring to the upper deck. Hang down to the strings the fingers are rounded brushes should be close together except the thumb to the tips lined up in one line. The benchmark of visit thumb string that is responsible for bass. Place the phalanx parallel to the guitar frets.

With the left hand to the beginner to cope more difficult. Sublime the wrist of the forearm is to be bent, round brush and place your thumb on the center back of the neck. The rest of the fingers stand on the strings, holding their pads. Over time you learn to accept this provision, without straining the shoulder camera and brush. It is important to systematically do at home.

Husband adjusts the tool

Guitar setup

Before you can learn to play the guitar at home, it is important to feel the instrument and to configure it correctly. To play beautiful melodies, it is necessary not only to put in the hands, but also to achieve the correct sound of the guitar. Knowledge of music is an absolute advantage, although by ear tuning is also carried out. There are a few simple ways:

  • Make use of the Internet service, it plays the correct sound for each string.
  • To tune a guitar using a piano if you have it at home. Strings are denoted by letters that correspond to particular keys of a piano. They should sound identical.
  • If you use tuner for guitar, set it up is not difficult. The device will indicate the note you’ve played and will only have to roll out or pull the string.
  • If you have a good musical ear, you can seek the help of a tuning fork.

The first exercise for playing the guitar

The guy playing

To how to learn to play the guitar at home, guitar solo and sing their favorite songs, hard will have to deal with every day. To start to learn guitar playing better with exercises that are played on one string. Often teachers teach students a very simple song about a grasshopper. In the Internet you can find tabs to it, where the numbers indicate which frets need to be clamped successively on the string. Having mastered these exercises, you can go to a guitar strumming, combat, and other more complex elements.

Video tutorial guitar from scratch

Training teachers and classes in printed literature lessons guitar for beginners are not limited. There is a video in which the teacher gradually explains how to learn to play the guitar at home. They provide useful guidance for beginners that detail the exercises to quickly acquire the necessary skill. Use the video tutorials below to quickly learn to play the guitar.

Advice to budding guitarists

Online learn to play guitar for beginners free

How to learn to play electric guitar — beginner level

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