How to grow salt crystal

Crystals always attract attention with its beauty, naturalness and uniqueness. Such characteristics are not only the natural types of stones, but artificially created. Many craftsmen, budding chemists are wondering how to grow a salt crystal at home? Let’s deal with this problem and know what is required to create such beauty, how to accelerate growth and add to the solution to make a bright blue or blue stone.

What you will need for growing crystals at home

To at home to grow a real crystal, special dishes and solution. The process is very long, so in a few days nothing out. Growth of stone depends on many factors: saturation of the solution, temperature and humidity, type of salt that is used for crystal base. For the successful cultivation of such beauty you need to prepare:

  • Capacity, which will grow salt crystal (can be any size, it all depends on the desired size of the stone). Important material from which made dishes. It should not oxidize in salt water and give it color.
  • Salt (used in the home).
  • Stick to stir the solution (wood or glass).
  • Filter paper or white cloth.

Necessary ingredients and tools

How to grow a crystal of salt and water

Wondering how to grow a salt crystal, get ready for this task you need from 3 weeks to 6-7 months, depending on the desired size of the final product. The resulting stone is very brittle, so do not to touch him with his hands. To keep such a masterpiece, cover the product with transparent varnish. Consider a phased process of preparing a crystal of salt:

  1. Take a small container, preferably transparent.
  2. Mix pure distilled water at room temperature with salt. The second ingredient put a lot while mixing with the liquid becomes difficult. After saturation of the solution, put the dishes in a water bath and melt it salt to obtain a homogeneous mass.
  3. With the help of a thick gauze or cloth, strain the liquid to separate from her solids.Step-by-step preparation of a crystal of salt
  4. Next, take an ordinary white thread, tie to it a small crystal of salt and put in chilled liquid. If such a stone is not, take any plastic solid object, previously soaked in the prepared water and dried.
  5. On the second end of the thread attach the crossbar (e.g., a pencil, a ruler or a pen), which is wider than the neck of the selected dishes. This item will be recorded on the container with salty water to a small crystal to the thread was in limbo.Pencil tied to the string
  6. Cover the resulting design a paper or cloth and put it on the place where the least noticeable changes in temperature.Pencil and thread fixed to the water tank
  7. If the selected container is transparent, easy to follow, the pace at which a growing crystal of salt. If so sizes are seen, from time to time can lift the string with the stone and test. But do not touch it and do not hang the stone on the edge of the construction.
  8. After a month the product will increase in size and becomes the size at least with beans.Education on the thread
  9. After waiting some more (2 months), you will find that the stone became a diameter of about 3-4 cm.Formed crystal of salt
  10. If the size of crystal suits you, remove it, wipe with dry wipes and cover with clear varnish (nail or other). When the substance dries, the stone will be to take up and enjoy.

Color of crystal: blue or blue with your own hands

How to grow a salt crystal blue? Only by using special dyes that can not give a bright shade. When mixing salt and water, it is necessary to add a small amount of blue. When the molecules start to connect, the crystal will acquire an unusual shade of blue. For growing a bright blue stone will have to deal with copper sulfate.

Buy this product at any store for gardeners and truckers. It is necessary to do the same steps as with the salt. But because of the chemical composition of copper sulfate can be hazardous to health, the solution is removed out of reach of small children and Pets place. Here is a step by step process of creating a dark blue crystal:

  • Saturate distilled water with copper sulfate so that it ceased to dissolve.The process of preparing colored products
  • The thread will dip into a liquid for a few hours that it has formed a set of beautiful crystals. Select the best among them, other remove ago.Blue crystals
  • Lower the thread with a small crystal in a saturated solution so that it does not touch the walls. Within a few weeks or months the stone will take on a blue color of incredible beauty.The thread is dipped in the solution
  • Cover the product with a special transparent lacquer to protect from chapping.The product, coated with lacquer

How to make a great white crystal sea salt

When using the classical variant of the growing crystals, they are made from salt used in food. This product in large quantities present on the shelves of any grocery store and is quite inexpensive. But with some salts to grow crystals better? Sea salt is also good for this goal. The difference is what will result.

To obtain the extraordinary masterpieces of nature, have in one capacity, to put to grow a crystal of salt, and the other with sea. In the second case the growth rate can be larger as the density of the resulting stone. The appearance of crystals may also vary, but only slightly, since the molecules of sea and table salt are almost identical.

To make a great crystal white with sea salt, use the following method:

  1. Prepare transparent glass (or glass jar) for the next process.
  2. Dissolve in warm spring water and lots of salt, strain the liquid through a thick cloth or gauze.
  3. Pour the saturated solution into the selected glass.
  4. Take one crystal of sea salt, tie him to a string and lowered into the tank with the resulting liquid for a few weeks or months.
  5. When the size of the stone is such as you need to, remove, dry wipes and cover with varnish.
  6. After receiving a white stone, paint it a different color, you can not, because the food coloring will drip from the walls. The only way to obtain a bright color is to add the pigment directly into the solution, from which will grow the crystal.
  7. If in the process of growth of stone the liquid level drops to low, pour in the capacity of the solution is the same consistency.

Photos and pictures of crystals a beautiful and unusual shape

When a few months later you get the uncommon beauty of the crystal, you will definitely want to show the product to friends, acquaintances and photograph it. That’s why the Internet is full of photos of these unusual stones. They are different in shape: square, rectangular, circular and tree. There is the original color of the salt crystals: yellow, blue, blue, red. View below a selection of photos of the original salt rocks, grown at home.

Crystals of the original form

Video instruction: grow homes from ordinary salt

To find out all the important aspects of growing salt crystals view videos with master classes from experts in this case. These training materials are often showcased the stones at different stages of their growth (in a week, a month, six months). This video instruction will help you to grow crystals at home from common salt:

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