How to flirt with a man

How many subtleties and nuances in the art of seduction? To flirt means to skillfully use everything from gestures, stakeholder views, hints to the smiles and facial expressions. But in order to attract the attention of men to themselves and to awaken the passion, one must not only know the techniques, but to be able to use them correctly. With a sharp look or a cute poluulybki began not just one love story, so knowledge about, how to flirt with men, will be a valuable asset. And how to do it to impress his counterpart, we will understand step by step.

The art of flirting – the main rules for girls

Flirting with the interlocutor, hints, attitudes toward men do not always have a sexual subtext. Flirting is a kind of game that evokes pleasant emotions, but in practice it is a real school for the fair sex. The desire to please, to find a man who will be a worthy candidate for a husband, to feel confident encourages women to use their natural charm together with the technique of correct flirting.

To arouse interest through sight, voice, smell, gestures, a light touch – that’s what the Arsenal is at the disposal of the fair sex. They must skillfully master the art of flirting, if you want to attract the attention of men. And good chances are those women who have learned the main rules and use flirting to your benefit.

A girl flirts with a man

  1. The initiative is welcome, but the first step correctly. Trying to interest any man, avoid platitudes, be friendly, don’t forget to smile, gestures. Aerobatics at the stage of Dating, flirt for girls – it’s only entertainment, but her husband does not know about this. Under complete prohibition unfortunate phrase in the spirit: «not if we have Breakfast together?»
  2. The smell in the men’s perception is the most important factor. We are not talking about expensive perfume and the aroma that exudes a woman in the form of pheromones while flirting. Liking men is manifested on a subconscious level until an uncontrollable desire, but the process to produce these particles so individual that affect it.
  3. In the mood for jokes. On a first date flirt to create a relaxed atmosphere of communication with her husband, typical of flirting.
  4. Listen to husband and take the initiative of flirting in their hands. Well, if you talk will avoid long pauses but to throw a marathon, who longer, faster, more is not worth it.

Incredible is the result of a lengthy or modest compliments and eye contact, as in the art of flirting, they act as «heavy artillery» against which not able to resist almost any man. They must know every girl who learns to flirt with men.

How to flirt: guidelines and examples

To attract the attention of men – this is the correct purpose of flirting, the cost of failure will be high. Magic women’s enchantment in addition natural charm there are other secrets of seduction. Experience which is passed on from generation to generation, the advice of psychologists constitute the necessary minimum that will allow you to try your hand at flirting in practice.

Flirting woman

  • Magic 1 – red lipstick. Best drive while flirting to attract attention and get compliments from the representative of the stronger sex. Experiments conducted by psychologists proved that unlike other shades, red lipstick makes you hold the gaze of the interlocutor on the lips is 0.6 seconds longer. Build the right tactics of flirting, this thing better not forget.
  • Magic 2 – bashful look. A priceless secret weapon women can work wonders. The success of flirtation largely depends on how skillfully the fairer sex possesses the ability to «shoot the eyes». To watch the man intently in the eyes, and then shyly look away or be caught by them when the interviewee said that you consider it: this technique «caught sight» while flirting acts on the man perfectly.
  • Magic 3 – touch. Banned cuddles with my husband, especially at the beginning of communication. Proper flirting involves only light touch of the shoulder or hands. Suppose to touch the fingers to the hand, when any man offers to light. Representatives of the stronger sex consider touching as an invitation to sex, so if you want to seriously be interested in a companion, at first your behavior must be based on control over the desire to touch him.

SMS correspondence

A sign of our time was flirt SMS correspondence. An exciting activity that helps to maintain a lighthearted tone in communicating, joking, creates a positive attitude and it helps to know partner better. Whether there are here the rules of the game, how to flirt via correspondence? Do not hesitate! To learn it is simpler in practice, and to send a Flirty message and to give the other person understand that you like, follow a few simple rules:

  • A casual, soft tone, romantic-compliments – all welcome men, but in moderation.
  • Write the message that will make you smile, even if the phrase sounds trite, «How do I live without a heart, if you kidnapped her?», «We fit together like chocolate and peanut butter».
  • With the correct tactics of flirting messages should be short and sweet, is that shorter is better.
  • Ignorance negates the desire to flirt via correspondence, so do not forget about the spelling.
  • Keep a break, do not throw the partner on correspondence with ten posts in a row.
  • To test the reaction, and start a nice conversation, helps an empty message, because then careless it would be appropriate to send the sentence: «even my phone misses you…».

At work

Going to try out the techniques of flirting at work, it is important not to overreact. Positive emotions is guaranteed, but flirting is kind of fun, so it is in second place after the working process, helps to defuse the situation. In any case, flirting should not interfere with the work you or other employees: flirt at work right without going over the line. Let the given work most of the time, but its rhythm, nothing must interfere with the more overt courtship or conversations with sexual overtones.

On the phone

The girl flirts with the man on the phone

Practiced in the art of seduction on the phone is not less interesting than visually or by correspondence. The main role in phone flirt is given a voice, and it’s on par with sight and touch, able to arouse genuine interest on the part of men. Prepare in advance the topics of conversation, tune into a friendly wave, appease unrest. Your tone should be calm, no tremor in her voice, and if you know how to speak quietly or with keys that will make a lasting impression on the man.


Virtual flirting with the development of Internet and emergence of social networks has become a special art form of seduction. Start Flirty chatting is an interesting comment or question, the phrase should not contain straightforward statements on the subject of sex. It is only necessary to try to continue the conversation in a relaxed form, welcome jokes or sincere interest. Limit use of emoticons, answer messages immediately, showing that you like to communicate. A good phrase to use «Vkontakte»:

  • You have very beautiful eyes, it is impossible not to fall in love.
  • You give me faith in miracles.
  • I know of whom you dream!
  • I like it when you’re around.
  • Believe. Miss. Very very.
  • Every minute without you is unbearable eternity.

When meeting using sign language

Flirty girl

Sign language when talking with a man no less expressive than words. Non-verbal information helps to attract attention, and when it comes to the correct flirting, then veiled subtext fits perfectly. Women successfully use the opinion and movements, the most common is lip – licking, playing with curls or rocking of the hips when walking while flirting.

Showing the interviewee the delicate skin of the wrist or bending sexy legs, the woman is a fine game, provided that the source is in range. The seductive curve of the back, emphasis on the dignity of the figure, playing with the stem of the glass or rubbing the edges with a finger or even wiggle a Shoe that acts on men while flirting as a signal of sympathy.

Books on flirting

Browse through the list of literature, which are sure to find recipes and scenarios of correct flirting. Your main task is reading, but not superfluous to the analysis. Now, look where to start learning to flirt with a man:

  1. Liss Max «Flirting. The secrets of easy victories».
  2. Green, F. «the Language of flirting. Words and gestures.»
  3. Berseneva A. «Flirtanica seriously.»
  4. Jill Spiegel «a Flirt is the path to success.»
  5. Zaslavsky A. «the Art of flirting and seduction».
  6. Levchenko, Y. «Art of flirting».

Beginning to read, many have no idea how interesting it is to dive into the world of flirting, learn about its mysteries, rules of behavior with a man, to know the power of their own gaze. Book will help you to understand how deeply the concept of flirting, learn to use some techniques deftly, like a real yoke. Flirt to your health!

Video: how to learn to flirt

To learn how to flirt will only in practice. To the art of seduction brings pleasure, the main criterion is the right strategy remains sincerity. Someone from the ladies happen to be born with this gift, and someone who understands the science of flirting step by step: learning to conduct easy conversation to interest a man and realize its desire like. Masterly possession of one or more techniques of flirting – from eye and handshake to gesture and dance – will increase the chances of meeting with the man of your dreams.

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