How to find the participant of the great Patriotic war

Living veterans have very little. Even through the decades, the relatives are unable to find a family missing in that difficult time. Now with the development of technology to make it much easier, just need to know where to look for information.

Where can I find information about the participant of the great Patriotic war

People are looking for information on veterans

People now are unable to find the participant of the second world war: a friend, a brother, a friend. The descendants of the missing soldiers is also haunted by the fate of the ancestors. Today it is easier to find the necessary information about participants of the great Patriotic war. To search for and study of documents created by a multitude of websites which contain the personal data of servicemen. For example: Podolsk military archives is a hectare of land on which is located more than 30 archives with 20 million cases.

How to find the participant of the great Patriotic war. There are many search organizations working under the slogan «until the last soldier is buried, the war is over will not.» The members of this community organise trips to battle sites. Because their actions were found the remains of a huge number of soldiers, whose relatives were missing. If this search has not given results, you can use an international project «Wait for me». This program gives high chances to find the right person even after half a century.

Where to begin the search for victims in WWII

The heroes of the Patriotic war, lost in battle, were not necessarily killed. It may be people who were captured who were dying from diseases in medical institutions of another country. During the WAR died from wounds or on the battle field 9,1684 million soldiers of the red Army. To find a specific person is very difficult, especially if the number of the military unit unknown.

If you know the name of the participant, date of birth, you should begin your search for the resources in the Network, where it is possible to find a soldier of the great Patriotic war by name. A search of the site, unfortunately, so the search may take a long time. Desirable:

  • visit the electronic library;
  • find the directory sections of wartime documents;
  • to check out the historical forums.

You can find awards of WWII by the name

Fields to search by the name of the participant of the second world war

Many relatives are concerned about how to find awards participant of the great Patriotic war. In the network there is a resource on which in electronic format are stored documents confirming the awarding of the people who participated in world war II. The data are in free reading access, so that information is easy to find. The resource contains over 12 million data in fact rewarding. To know, received one order of the red Star, it is necessary to find an archive of participants of the great Patriotic war, to enter in the box Search the award name, initials and wait for the results.

The largest and most popular databases and archives

By order of the President of the Russian Defense Ministry created in 2003 a generalized computer Bank with all the data on soldiers who during the war, after the victory were killed or disappeared. A list of veterans names is constantly updated, supplemented with photographs, documents, and personalities. For free website content use data that is stored in the following locations:

  1. State archive of the Russian Federation.
  2. Archives of award Affairs.
  3. The Central archive of the defense.
  4. The office of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation on preservation of memory of warriors who protect the Fatherland.
  5. Archive of hostilities.

The main goal of the idea is to give a unique opportunity to millions of people learn the difficult fate of their relatives, to remind the younger generation about the terrible loss and the scale of the war. The main part of all documents is:

  • funerals;
  • reports on the losses;
  • trophy cards are captured;
  • medical letters from hospitals and hospital;
  • passport ordinary Soviet soldiers and officers.

The feat of the People — the website of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation

The website of the defense Ministry to search for VOV

Unique informational website with free access to information. Here was kept of the results and the course of major combat operations, the awards and feats of soldiers of the great Patriotic war. The purpose of life is the perpetuation of the memory of heroes, regardless of the scale of the feat, rank and status rewards. The project was created to counter the falsification of history of the second world war. A continually updated website, the feat of the people is unparalleled with social and historical significance, is a monument to courage, heroism of the people.

Database memorial

Electronic archive of memorial HBS contains information about parts, where fighting has killed an officer or soldier, rank, place of burial, cause of death (missing, died of wounds, killed). On the resource, laid out copy (scanned) of the original sources with detailed references on data of the personnel of the red Army. This information will help to identify the fallen, as it contains address, date, and names of relatives, who received the funerals.

The Memory Of The People

The world’s largest information portal on war veterans. This is another project of the defense Ministry that allows any network user to learn of the exploits of their ancestors. With the help of this Internet portal you can make individual family archive, to find data in the primary graves of soldiers, documents on rewarding of participants of war, the victories on the battlefields. The main purpose of resource is to restore the fate of the characters, who in the war fought for the victory.

Central archive of the Ministry of defence

Contact the Central archive of the MO

In the departmental archive of Russia TSAMO documents are stored offices, headquarters, units, formations and associations of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation from 1941 to 1980. To understand how to find the participant of the great Patriotic war with the help of this resource, just. Archive considers applications of citizens, organizations and military units with the official requests that come:

  • reception CAMD;
  • mail;
  • in electronic form.

Russian state military archive

Rsma is the largest resource of archival heritage of the country. During its existence it has preserved almost all of the military records from 1918 to 1991. Here are the personal Affairs of the soldiers and officers of red Army troops. In order to find the data about the combatants, need to do a query on the website by filling a special application form which will be reviewed in order of priority. You can also apply for a visit to the reading room of the Russian state military archive.

Video case study: search WWII veterans by name

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