How to find out cell phone bugged

The privacy of telephone conversations of the constitutional right of every person for the breach of which is punishable. How to know mobile phone is tapped and does not interfere with someone in your personal space, violating thus the current legislation? There are a number of signs indicating the presence of eavesdropping. Consider the main ones.

Worth listening to on your mobile?

Interested in the question, how do you know do you hear a mobile phone should be those who have grounds for such fears. These are people whose professional activity is connected with the transmission of sensitive data (security officers or other bodies), husbands or wives too jealous partners, etc. to Indicate that the phone is «leaking» information to third parties may fact when the secrets unexpectedly and unnecessarily to know the people you are initiated into its secrets.

There is a simple way to determine whether wiretapping. Let cell provokes false information who we trust and if you start to exercise it in discussions in various sources, the fears are likely justified. In this case, you must be careful to analyze, not present other signs of listening to the phone.

Background sounds or echo when talking

The girl's mobile phone was tapped

The reason I ask, is bugged how to find out if your cell phone has a regular ambient noise when talking. Static monotonous noise, gurgling, clicks, extraneous hum, screech, applause — all this relates to the indications that a cell can eavesdrop. To clarify, are there other sounds the result of wiretapping by using the sound sensor, mounted on low frequency. If the shooter rolls with a frequency of several times per minute is alarming.

Problems in the cell

Another method, which helps determine how to know mobile phone is tapped is to pay attention to the stability of its work. If a cell spontaneously reboots, battery draining quickly for no apparent reason — perhaps these phenomena result from the fact that someone is trying to eavesdrop on you. Another disturbing feature is the strong heating of the mobile phone battery. This is due to the fact that a listening device continues to use battery in the background.

Other signs of wiretapping

The guy wants to know, bugged his phone

There are a number of signs that may indicate that the content of your phone conversations interested third parties. Doesn’t matter what brand mobile phone — iPhone, blackberry, or nokia, android or windows – loopholes, to listen to someone’s cell phone is always there. Other signs of listening to the phone:

  • The long connection between subscribers.
  • The long process of turning off the device.
  • Amateur. If the mobile phone is no command turns on / off or begins to install the software.

How to check phone for wiretapping

How to identify the fact of listening and protect your cell phone? Assistance in carrying out this task can provide home appliances. If you are going up to the TV or radio during a call, you hear interference that are issued to other electronic device, it is a sign of wiretapping. Some listening device close to the FM band and cause a shrill sound when you install a radio in mono. The same thing is able to happen when you turn on the television in the UHF frequency regime.

A man checks the phone's tapped

Note the strange SMS that can come to the phone. They contain an incomprehensible set of letters, numbers and symbols and come from unknown numbers. So those are listening, sending a team. If attackers use to implement in the mobile Internet, account for its use can dramatically increase. If you have not activated the service «conference call» from the operator, but it becomes active again — this is also a symptom of wiretapping.

How to determine with the help of special equipment

There are special devices capable of detecting the fact of trying to listen to the mobile phone. These devices connect to cell and perform the measurement of the resistance and capacitance, and changes in signal at high frequencies. To check you need to connect this device to your mobile and pay attention to the difference in performance.

Code 33 to check the screen

Code 33 to check phone for wiretapping

There is a simple and affordable way to test listening, to use which it is able to each the owner of a cell — combination 33. You must dial *33* and then enter any combination of characters. If after the second asterisk a single character to type out, mobile is on the wire. Among professionals go contradictory opinions about the effectiveness of this method, so it is recommended to use additional means of verification.

Program to determine the room listening

With the help of special software determines whether the tapped mobile phone. One of the programs that is able to do it, there SpyWarn. To download, go to the website Another similar app called Darshak. It is available at Good feedback is app EAGLE Security. The main feature of this tool — it distinguishes the real from the false. Install through Google Play or at

Appeal to the operator

In case of suspicion on the fact of listening of the mobile phone, you need to ask for help in their cell company. Its technicians have the appropriate technical means, which enable to analyze the state line. The result of this procedure reveal that listening is not a problem. If the result is positive, you need to install on your cell for antiproslushka.

What are the methods to listen to cell phone

There are several methods to listen to cell phone:

  • Official. Access to telephone conversations of subscribers upon request of the security services.
  • The interception of the signal. Using special equipment could intercept the signal and gain access to information.
  • Installing malware. With its help, the phone is able to record conversations to the memory card, transfer them to a third-party phone, etc.
  • Installation of eavesdropping devices. The so-called bugs transmit a signal to the equipment of the attackers.
  • Online services for listening to mobile phones

Listening devices

Device to listen phone

Tapping cell using equipment to intercept the signal, a phenomenon is unlikely, because for this purpose, complex and expensive systems. Often the introduction of privacy takes place via a GSM bugs with built-in MIC that transmits sound to the phone of the attacker. What signs can confirm their availability, we have already mentioned above.

As you can overhear the conversation using the program

The first popular means of interception — malicious software. They are actively advertised on the Internet and, according to their developers, provide full remote access from computer or tablet to the phone. Once installed, the attacker gains access not just to calls and SMS, but also to social networks, negotiations and conversations on Skype, Whatsapp and other messengers. Protection of these applications is simple — to put a protective official.

How to find out who’s tapping my phone

How to identify who you are so indifferent that he decided to invade your personal space? Ask yourself one question — among your friends, acquaintances and relatives there is someone who is interested in it. Maybe it’s a colleague who sits in the next office, aimed to take your place or a secret admirer/groupie. If the obvious answer is no, it makes sense to contact the police.

Video tip: 5 signs that your phone is being tapped

We offer to your attention a themed video. It in an accessible visual form discusses the 5 most common and characteristic signs of wiretapping cell phone with a detailed description of each of them. After analyzing this information, you will be able to come to an objective conclusion — bugged mobile or suspicions are unfounded.

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