How to find a person by phone number

Some situations in life require you to find a person, set or location to know the name, having only a minimum of information about it. The reasons for such a search can be very different and sometimes to obtain such data no access to specialized authorities, e.g. the police or your mobile operator. Actual question, how to find a person by phone number may solve on their own, using free software and services. All possible ways to find someone knowing the contact number, discussed below.

Can phone number find a person online for free

Modern technology, a variety of software services of mobile operators – all this provides plenty of opportunities to find a person knowing his number. Many services are free and easy to use other search options will require some effort, and possibly financial investment. To free methods of finding a man online in Russia by phone number includes:

  • The use of special programs that are installed on the computer.
  • The services used on mobile devices with Android operating system or iPhone.
  • Using social networks – Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook.
  • Using ready service find a person by phone number

Ways to find the location of person by mobile phone number

To set the geolocation via a mobile phone is not difficult, in the modern world there are a lot of possibilities, which you skillfully use people, like good intentions, and sabotage. To address the issue of establishing the location of a person, can be used in a variety of ways, from helping the mobile operator to the law enforcement bodies (police) or other state agencies. Let us consider in detail each of the options that will help you to find the person knowing phone number.

Section search person by phone number on the website

To contact the mobile operator

More recently, to find out where the mobile phone user could only the employee of the security services (police, FSB), under modern conditions, it can do almost everyone. The mobile subscribers to know the location of person by phone number will help a special service, function, or appeal directly to the salon operator. Such services are usually paid and their cost depends on various factors, such as rate, capabilities app, ways to obtain the necessary information.

  • MTS. Major mobile operator allows users to know the location of another client, knowing only a phone number. This service is called Locator, and to get the information that you need with the help of SMS-messages on number 6677 send the contact number of the user you want to find. A function supported by the fee, and the exact price depends on the rate of subscriber and how often he uses the service.Search person by phone number using the service Locator from MTS
  • Megaphone. Popular among residents of St. Petersburg, Moscow and other major cities Russia mobile operator offers several services that you can use to find a person by number:
    • Specially designed service for parents to determine the geolocation of the children. Service is available only in two tariff plans – «Smeshariki» and «Ring-Ding».
    • Subscribers that use other tariff plans, learn the location of the person or find it necessary to pass at In the new window, you must enter contact information, completing all of the steps correctly, you will see information about the user’s location.
    • Call 0888 and guided tips to get the address where the person is.
    • From your phone to make a USSD request by dialing *148*xxxxxxxx#. If the device of the subscriber in the network, the screen will display point of its location.Service for people search by cell phone from MegaFon
  • Beeline. For a subscriber of a large cellular operator will not be difficult to find someone if you know his phone number. Find caller just, it is only necessary to send SMS-message with the letter «L» to the number 687 and wait for a response message indicating the coordinate location of the object. The cost of such services will not ruin because you are just two of the ruble and five kopeks.
  • Tele2 and others. Mobile operator Tele2 introduces Geopoisk», which can be used to monitor the presence and movement of subscribers. In order to use the service, it primarily should be connected, typing on a mobile device the following combination: *119*01#. To add the contact phone number of the person whose location you need to follow, you need to enter *119*1*7 xxxxxxxxxxxx#. The price is 2 rubles per day, and they are removed from the client on whose phone is connected a function.

A law enforcement or other government agencies

To find the man and establish his whereabouts perhaps via law enforcement agencies (the police, the FSB) or public entities, but such a process has a number of features and nuances, which you should know:

  • To obtain information by legal means, to apply to the relevant authorities with a statement, where justified reasons for such interest. It should be remembered that just out of curiosity public authorities to provide the information will not need much incentive to search for an object, the violation of the human right to privacy and space.
  • To find someone almost everyone can illegally, turning to friends, who have the power, influence and the ability to obtain the necessary information from governmental agencies. At the risk, it should be understood that in case of detection of violations, criminal liability can not be avoided.

Using programs on Android or iPhone via satellite

To find the subscriber is possible using special programs that are designed and work only with certain iPhones, Nokia or Android. Will not make any difficulties to find the unit via satellite. Help in this special program, after the installation where the satellite periodically transmits signals on the movement of the other party which information may be obtained on request. The benefits of tracking caller via satellite:

  • The ability to monitor the movements of loved ones, children using a special program and a Navigator, or, if necessary, to establish the location of interest to the subscriber.
  • For tracking you need to install the app on the phone and know the phone number of the guy to find.
  • Through some applications to find and install finding people is possible not only in real time, but also to learn about moving it a few hours ago.
  • High accuracy geolocation of the user (the error is a maximum of ten metres).

Tracking caller phone number via satellite

To popular apps which help to establish the localization of the subscriber are:

  • «Where’s my» application for devices with OS Android, which allows to determine with high precision the location of the subscriber. The program fee, but to save funds can be used a family or a corporate rate for multiple people.
  • «My friends» program, designed for the iPhone, which helps to set the location of friends. Useful location-based service gives you the opportunity to find on the map where a particular user in a given period of time. The disadvantage of the program is that you can’t use it secretly installs the program on the two gadgets and to activate the confirmation.

On sites on the Internet, with the help of special programs

To set the position of the mobile phone user is possible, knowing the number and using special software or websites on the Internet. On the pages of the world wide web, there are many programs which promise to provide full details of the location and movement of subscribers. A striking example is the program «GSM Finder» as well as the online service of Mobile Monitoring which you can use to locate a person by mobile phone number. Features of using such programs:

  • Applications do not need to be downloaded to a computer or other gadget that you use them maybe online.
  • Programs are easy to use: in order to find a man, you need to enter in the box on the website the caller’s phone number.
  • On the Internet there are many fraudulent programs that give the appearance of a work and only provide false information or there are error messages to locate the person fails. In order to find a really working program, you need to read reviews about the performance of particular applications.

In social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook or Odnoklassniki

One of the variants of search of the person is view pages in social networks, where many users provide their real data. There are several options search user by telephone number: common to all social networks and to OpenID. Consider the second option more:

  • To log out of your account in the VC and open the mobile version of the site.
  • Click «Forgot password» and enter the number of the person you want to find in the social network and click «Next».
  • In the new window you will see the avatar of the desired user.
  • Next you need to save the avatar or the image url.
  • To insert a link in the row of search engine and select search by image.
  • In the search results links on the page for the desired user.

User page Vkontakte, found through the phone

How to find the name of the person, knowing home phone

Sometimes there is a need to know the name of the person having the home phone number. It is very simple, it is only necessary to have a home computer with connection to the Internet or downloaded to your device address book. To find out the name of the person the home phone number you must do the following:

  • Download or download disk directory of addresses. These guides are a huge amount, it is advisable to choose the updated version, before downloading and download be sure to check the file for viruses, to prevent damage to the system.
  • Select the options: region, city.
  • In certain cells, enter address: street, house, apartment.
  • A new window will appear the name of the person who is registered and lives at the address.

Video: determine the location of the subscriber on the phone number on the map

The developers created a huge number of programs, services, and applications that help identify a person’s location. Primarily this function is necessary to monitor the children, unfaithful wives, or in the case of a clarification of their location. A prerequisite for obtaining reliable information is the availability of a claim wow subscribers that the satellite was able to lock the position of the apparatus. View the video to learn how to find a person using software GPS III Connector:

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