How to extend the Beeline speed

Most tariffs Beeline for phone or modem does not provide completely unlimited Internet. As a result, when the threshold is reached, traffic speed slows down or the device does not load any page. To avoid such a situation, examine a few ways to extend the speed of the Internet on the Beeline.

How to extend traffic on the Beeline


Virtually all tariffs for router work in the same way as for mobile phones. It is to provide high speed Internet access for a monthly fee. When the limit ends, the network connection will become slower. Speed will drop to 64 or 32 Kbps. With this limitation it is very difficult not to be loaded browser page, but even to go to any messenger or social network.

To solve the problem of how to extend the Internet from the Beeline, there are several ways. The package is increased by connecting special functions offered by the operator. Their activation allows to raise speed performance, but only to achieve the next threshold. It may be different – either 1 or 3 GB. Is there any automatic extension of the speed limit. Connect any option in several ways:

  • to contact consultants of the nearest cabin of the operator;
  • call the free-hour technical support number 0611;
  • send a USSD request or SMS a special number;
  • log in to your personal user account where it is easy to add or disable any option.

Ways to extend your Internet Beeline

The effect of methods of restoring normal access to the network is very similar to trusted payment. They are classified depending on the volume of provided Internet package, and method of activation. The latter may be manual or automatic. Themselves options for how to extend the velocity on the Beeline, are as follows:

  1. Activation of additional functions for adding 1 GB.
  2. The connection options offered by the Internet package of 3 GB.
  3. Adding the automatic extension of the high-speed mode.

Prolong speed 1 GB

If you have because the limit is exceeded, slowed down surfing the Internet, and to write-off the regular monthly fee according to the tariff there is not a lot of time, rationally will connect option provides an extra 1 GB. There are 2 methods:

  1. dial 0674093221 and call on him;
  2. by sending USSD-request *115*121#.

If you were close to the threshold, you can easily activate this additional function in your personal account. So you don’t have to be annoyed by the fact that the browser page does not load. After the command, immediately increase the size of the package for normal use of the network. If necessary, you can add it more than once, because the volumes are added.


Prolong speed 3 GB

If you are still thinking about how to extend the Beeline speed, consider the following option. It will increase your traffic already on 3 GB. Methods add almost no different from previous activation options. The only difference in the called number and the USSD command you want to type. In General, the ways to join the traffic on the Beeline to 3GB, the following:

  • to make a call on 0674093222;
  • to dial *115*122# and press the call key.

Autorenew speed Beeline

Judging by the reviews subscribers, more convenient method of auto renewal of Internet pack. Connecting it, you no longer have to check multiple times when the traffic and don’t worry, that will soon have to put a SIM card money. In this case, you just need to fill up the balance and continue surfing as usual. Here are instructions on how to extend the Beeline speed this way:

  • Call 067471778.
  • Send USSD command *115*223#.

After that Internet service is activated, and the account will be added for 70 MB. If you lack such a volume, use the following instructions as to extend on the Beeline speed:

  • Enter the combination of symbols and numbers *115*230# and press the call key.
  • Make a call to number 0674717780.

The cost and terms of services prolong speed


Before you extend on the Beeline speed, deal with the cost and terms of services that connect. Adding 1 GB will cost 100 rubles. Package the subscriber receives in a month, that is, when you spend this volume, the process of surfing will once again be slow. Extending for 3 GB worth of 200 p. and operates under the same conditions. Automatic renewal provides for payment for every additional connect 150 MB. The amount of payment is 20 Until a count reaches zero, the service will work to withdraw money for this Internet package.

For 2G network the speed limit is characterized by the number 236 Kbps, 3G 14,4 Mbps, and for 4G is 73 Mbps. you need to Pay attention to the fact that the given package is valid until the next write-off, according to the service of the family of the Highway. In addition to Internet options, described above, additional functions are working with the tariff called «All». The conditions remain the same.

General details of the service are the following:

  • The package of any size is valid for 30 days from the moment of addition.
  • Options work only within your home area.

Video: how to increase speed of router

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