How to enchant a man, married

Love, feeling, desire unknown the boundaries, therefore any fair sex is not immune from a relationship with a married man. The moral aspect of such a situation is often painted in a negative tone, but if you can overcome the stereotypes, to understand and understand that these feelings, then it is time to act. How to fall in love with a married man? There are signs that point to the reciprocity?

Psychological techniques, how to fall in love and to keep a married man

The relationship between a woman and the free adult male does not always develop smoothly, but if the target number is married, the situation is not easy. Psychology knows how to enchant a man, who is officially married. It is going to require imagination, patience, effort, and even more to hold one. So there are psychological techniques: reference by name, poddakivanija (support the views of the husband), touching as a nonverbal method of communication that help to fall in love with the object of passion.

The girl tries to fall in love with a married man

Is it possible to fall in love with a man at a distance

The advent of the Internet made real and the option for women wanting to find a life partner. Regular, interesting correspondence in social networks, using communication with video will help attract attention, arouse interest men. But how to fall in love with the chosen one? Using the benefits of civilization and time, try to stay natural, friendly, but most importantly, to make communication become a habit. No complaints or hate messages, just nice conversation on interesting topics and humor.

How to attract attention by correspondence, if he is married

When people are not free, but the heart wants what it wants, is to begin to act. The first step is to draw the attention of the elect, there are ways how to do it by correspondence. Read the profile, if a man has a family? By understanding the topics of interest that will help to initiate and maintain communication. At first unobtrusive and short messages take an interest in life: what are your plans or your day. Genuine interest, attention is the secret that will allow you to attract attention even by correspondence.

Girl texting in love with a married man

The rules of seduction

Folk wisdom says that a man in love to take impossible, so the goal of seduction to awaken sincere feelings to your person. For this there are a few simple and proven rules that help to seduce, to enchant the object of passion in itself, even if the choice officially made a commitment with another woman. Hunters by nature, men cannot go against his nature: the longer people are married, the more chances to make him love me. A few rules of seduction:

  • To attract attention. This will not have problems if the target number is related by marriage for many years, there is a chance that his wife tired, have become routine, and the man wants novelty. Appearance, to the extent of coquetry, mystery, sincerity and naturalness is a happy recipe that will help to draw attention to himself.
  • Communication. Man, unobtrusive communication (preferably regular) increase the chances of a revival of interest in you. Ideal if you share common interests, or that helps to get to know the person to be chosen «on the same wavelength».
  • Inaccessible than the more attractive. Familiarity, good communication, positive emotions, echoing back and praise help to arouse the interest of men, after a time moved away to the object of sighs felt like his lack of communication with you. Move the chosen one to believe that only you can be the source of positive emotions, and other women – no.
  • Intimate relationships. Early strictly avoided, otherwise the man loses interest in a woman. It is permissible to make only indirect allusions, and it is better after a phase of «laying low», then there will be sense to open a new page of your relationship.

Signs of love men

Encounters, lots of fun, but how do you know in love with you a man? Wait, what the object of sighs talks about the feelings of himself? At this step, the man can be solved for a long time, but to identify true indications that your image is my sincere warm feelings, easy to get. Body language (facial expressions, gestures), frequent calls, messages, care, stare, listens carefully, interested in the hobby: the more in the combination of these characteristics, the stronger the man in love with you.


The behavior of love with a married man

Any way to get in touch – here is how does a man in love. Be prepared that the need for intimate contact will make you want to call about and no, texting or posts, to call out, walks, to the cinema, to give gifts. The behavior of a man in love seeks to show others you belong to him, so the man will pay attention in the form of hugs, courtship, straightens your hair, helps to dress and shoes.

Body language

To understand the degree of love men are capable of body language. Watch the chosen one: the person is relaxed, hands hidden, body turned towards you during a conversation. The sincerity of the feelings there is no doubt, if palms are open, and facial expressions can not hide from you the desired fact. Friendly, joyful expression on his face at the meeting, dilated pupils, a faint blush, head slightly tilted to the side. Facial expressions and gestures, when one is in love, give the representative of the stronger sex with the head.


Looks like a man in love is not to be confused with anything else. In the field of view only one worthy of the object for attention is you. In man an irrepressible desire to maintain constant eye contact, the man’s eyes soften and he looks at you in a special way. Open look of a man in love, focused on you, it becomes a sure sign of sincere feelings, if you want to continue the relationship, then keep your eyes. This will support confidence in the man, will understand that the feelings are mutual.

In love with a married man

Female pickup: real experience and advice

To attract the attention of men, smile, catch the sight, hold or own from time to time drop on the chosen one fleeting glance. Fix your hair or Pogrebite curls, gently swipe the ornaments on the neck, sheepishly lower eye – blush on the cheeks will enhance the charm. Change playful take on the dreamy or brooding to become a mystery man wants to know. Relaxed posture, smooth movements, the game fork or the stem of the glass, you can make the choice to connect the imagination.

If a man sits at a table, then heading to the bathroom, slip your it with a glance, hold and follow along. The probability of «accidentally» collide with him, coming back will greatly increase. Well, if you gain the courage to speak first, and it does not have to worry very much about the topic: a simple «Hello», abandoned him when pass, will be an occasion for you to explore.

How does a man in love:

  • Aries. So in love men are not able to hide his feelings. New sensations overwhelming them, men-Aries share with others, but for the sake of his lady is ready to the embodiment of all the romantic deeds – from the inscriptions on the pavement to serenades under the balcony.
  • Scorpio. Behavior secretive, but will do anything to get a woman in love with. Go ahead, willing to change, make gifts, change jobs, even change some features of character: for it is an extreme risk, which helps to achieve victory. In men the Scorpion no doubt.
  • Cancer. Hide the sympathy from his eyes, but if a girl first talk about their feelings, the male Cancer will strike a romantic relationship. For him this means that all the points are placed, there is only for every day wear darling on hand, to give flowers, gifts, to assure the sincerity of the feelings.

Girl seduces married man

  • Virgin. The state of love does not affect the pragmatism, the rationality of the representatives of this Zodiac sign. Representatives of this sign will closely consider the woman like under a microscope, before he allows himself to fall in love. Attention to detail, the lack of hot confessions, restraint in behavior, however, with this devotion, here’s what to expect from a man in love-Virgo.
  • Capricorn. Unsentimental, secretive men-Capricorns are open with their feelings don’t show, don’t wait for the passionate confessions. But if your phone breaks from calls during the day, the chosen one always tries to please you, affectionate, gives flowers armfuls, walking on heels is a sure sign of love. Surprisingly, men of this sign are not against romance with a married lady.
  • Fish. Eyes will give this man with the head, because the mirror of your soul just scream his feelings to you. Shine and gaze are accompanied by touches, desire more and more to talk. Very jealous, love read verses beloved. The man-Fish will remain yours if you will ask to take pictures with the screen saver on the monitor.
  • Aquarius. For the sake of the beloved men of this Zodiac sign will break into pieces, sparing neither strength nor the time nor the money. While in captivity of emotions, the behavior of the husband will come to resemble the childishness to surprise your beloved, to achieve the target of a man in love, the Aquarius, and here all means are good, starting with a Cup of coffee in bed. With a man of this sign will not be bored.

A sign of a lover of a married man - gifts

  • Sagittarius. In love Sagittarius is generous with recognition and gifts, happily tries on the role of Santa Claus, showering the beloved with gifts, attention, communication, compliments. From beloved man-Sagittarius expects a favorite to share with him a rich inner world, and so the adventure and adventure is mandatory clauses in the behavior of a man in love-Sagittarius.
  • Lion. Get ready for this uncharacteristic sign of sentimentality, romance, sincere love confession of their feelings for the male lion to hide will not. With all the passion falls on the object of sighs, surrounding affection, attention, courtship. Male Lions intransigent owners, so you should not give cause for jealousy.
  • Weight. A sure sign of love – the man constantly looks at his watch, as strange as it may sound. She just needs to hide their eyes so as not to give simmering feelings, so eyes wandering anywhere, although the dialogue and romantic man Libra will give his beloved enough.
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