How to dry jeans quickly

When there is only one pair of pants, and soiled, the question arises as to quickly dry the jeans after washing. There are some really effective ways to solve this problem. Learn how to quickly dry the clothes and not waste time waiting. You will have no more problems with wet clothing.

How to quickly dry the jeans after machine washing

Wet pants

If life caught unawares, it is urgent to clean things out there, but your favorite jeans are still wet – need to figure out how to dry jeans quickly. The main thing – to find high-quality sources of heat such as the battery and wait. However, spending the time until the moisture released from denim pants, does not always work. You can use the same trick: you will need a washing machine and a lot of dry towels. It is better to enable drying mode, and if not – put a wet pants with a towel in the drum and to enable the spin mode. There are a few conditions for drying at home.

A Hairdryer

To solve this problem is perfect home unit – Hairdryer. It is necessary to carefully conduct a stream of hot air over wet places. However, this process can take an hour and more if pants are sopping wet, not slightly damp. It is best to use a hair dryer for smaller areas things, rather than trying to dry his pants. This process is very time consuming to get tired during this drying very easy, time and effort is spent.


The first idea, how to dry jeans quickly, is to use the iron. This is a very effective method, but need to know a few features. Not to spoil a thing, you must disable the steam function and do the device maximum hot. Otherwise, the pants can stay the white stripes, which will spoil the original appearance of your favorite pants. Vapor can be harmful.

The girl stroking

Using the oven

If you hang the jeans around the oven and turn it on, you can quickly dry clothes. It is important to periodically turn the thing that it is uniformly dried on both sides. Sometimes people prefer to leave the jeans directly on the oven door. However, this is a risk that your favorite item will smell it on your freshly prepared pies or meat in French, the smell of which remained on the glass. In this situation, you need to carefully follow the process, because the clothes can light up, and then the worst happens – a fire.

How to quickly dry off after hand washing


There is an option how to quickly dry thing, if it is small in size. It is necessary to turn to put in the microwave and include a maximum heating function. You should carefully monitor the process to avoid force majeure. Method is not suitable for thick fabric, so it’s best trousers to carefully pressing, rolling the jeans into a bundle, and to do so, as written in the description above. A reasonable approach is to figure out how to dry jeans quickly at home, easily.

Video: how to dry jeans in 10 minutes

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