How to draw a peacock

To draw a peacock is a pleasure, because his tail is so large that there is where carousing fantasy, especially children’s. If you see a bird does not work, then you can admire them in the picture. Draw peacock child will be more difficult, as young artists, but the following instructions will help in this matter.

How to draw a peacock bird gradually

Phased drawing

If you want to create pictures for children that they can paint, then leave the drawing in pencil. The child with pleasure will use such a coloring and show their imagination. For the stencil, you will need only pencils, preferably medium hardness and soft. In addition, it can not do without condom, because something will have to wipe.


Drawing of a peacock with open tail is gradual, thus red reflect what you need to perform this step, and the blue – what has been done in the previous. That is the lesson how to draw a peacock on the steps:

  1. Start by using the body of a bird. Find the center of the sheet and closer to the bottom edge, draw an irregular oval. From him draw the line, which will be the neck. At the end add a small circle is the head of the bird. Top draw 2 lines dissolved the tail of the Firebird. From the bottom to the body pririsuyte legs, add lower bounds on tail.
  2. Complete other neck line from one side of the torso do the visible wing. Outline the body first, next the feathers of the future bird. Modify legs, pririsoval claws.
  3. Add feathers to the first face of the tail section, finish birds eye with 3 curls on his head.
  4. Finish to the upper border of the tail feathers. Between the feathers of the first row draw straight to next row of feathers, and at the end make eyes. Them do another series of lines that repeat the pattern of the eye.
  5. Adjust figure by removing extra eraser, and highlighting desired soft pencil.


Color colorful drawing

If you like to work with paints, you can do the pave or male birds in color. A pencil drawing of a bird will be the basis for painting. In addition to the above tools you will need paint, watercolor or gouache. You still need to prepare a jar of water, brush, preferably thick and thin, a palette and paper for watercolors. Instructions on how to paint the colors of a peacock, looks like this:

  1. Run 2 of the oval – bigger and smaller. The first is the body, and the second head. Connect the ovals of a smooth curved line is the neck. From the body slide down a long straight – it will set the direction of the tail. Under the guide body 2 mutually perpendicular lines – this will stand for Mr. peacock.
  2. Finish the neck, beak, curls on the head of a bird, paws and tail.
  3. Add eyes, feathers, eyes, tail, brush stand.
  4. Take blue paint, and pour over the bird’s body, darkening to the edges. Brown and yellow use for feathers, and green for the tail. On the last draw the eyes using blue with dark blue. With white paint make them glare. Fill in with color legs, head, eyes, beak and stand.

Drawings and sketches of peacocks

Sketch birdsPeacock with open tailOutline birds

To create a beautiful peacock open, use examples of finished drawings or sketches, which is easy to repeat the contours of the birds. The main thing – pay attention to her fluffy tail, because it can be done in different colors. Even if you’ve never worked with pencils or paints, then the examples will quickly learn this art and be able to perform not only simple Mr. peacock, but the Firebird is decorated with intricate patterns by the tail.

Video: how to draw a bird

In the drawing, it is important to respect the sequence of stages, at least at first. This allows you to practice the skill, then to be more relaxed and to make sketches for a couple of minutes. Create a beautiful peacock on a branch or simply to execute a feather will help you helpful videos with step by step instructions of the entire process.

On the branch

The Firebird

Peacock feather

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