How to draw butterfly

Talent for drawing can be not only given by nature – it is easy to develop if you train hard. You should start with simple images, for example, butterflies. It can be done in several techniques using pencil or watercolor, if you need a more bright and juicy picture.

How to gradually draw the butterfly

The frame of the torso

Before you draw a butterfly, you need to define the stages, because in order to do it much easier, especially for beginners. The sequence of creating colorful pictures create the following:

  • body;
  • the upper wings;
  • the lower wings;
  • the patterns on the upper and lower wings.

The streaking lines

The important point is the color of the insect. After prorisovany patterns on the wings with a pencil begin this process. You can use paint, markers or colored pencils. Although if you leave it, the painting will serve as a coloring book for kids that will exercise their imagination. Another important caveat is construction line that will help beginners in drawing, but they will have to erase with an eraser at the end of the picture.


Guides for wings

Pencil version has a few basic steps. By following the simple instructions, you get a beautiful picture. Here’s how to draw a butterfly in pencil step by step (manual for beginners):

  1. Draw on the center straight line the length of which will be the body of an insect.
  2. From the top, draw a circle to serve as the head, and from it on both sides make straight 2 wavy – they are the insect’s body. From the circle upwards swipe 2 symmetrical flowing lines with curls at the ends is antennae.
  3. Draw a rectangle in the center before it will be held in a straight line. Swipe inside the diagonal center line and the lower side, divide into 12 parts. Count both sides of 2 parts, and connect these points with the top corners – you will get a-line.
  4. The upper wings together in the top 2 rectangles, arranging them in the direction of the diagonal, the side edge must coincide with a lateral side of the trapezoid.
  5. Selecting the shape of the lower wings, for example, in the form of a rose or drop, draw them on the same principle as the top.
  6. Erase eraser auxiliary lines, draw your own contours of the fenders, and inside they sketch symmetrical veins.
  7. Draw the contours of the finished painting.

The angle of the upper wings

Ready circuit

The finished pencil drawing


The picture can be stored in a pencil form and continue to paint with watercolors. For this you will need several tools:

  • paper for watercolor format, enough for A4 or A3 for a bigger picture;
  • jar for water;
  • watercolor;
  • palette;
  • squirrel brush # 3 and # 8.

The contour of the figure

For a watercolor painting you need a pencil base. In order to do this, follow these steps. After completing the picture in pencil, you can start coloring it with watercolors. Here’s how to draw butterfly colors:

  1. Drawings watercolors are transparent, so fade band not only support, but also a little basic, so you can easily distinguish the contour, but they did not bleed through the paint.
  2. Brush a little more pour the wings blue or any favorite color.
  3. Take a smaller brush on the palette, mix water, brown paint and cover the land between the veins.
  4. The same technique fill the body of the insect.
  5. Brown cover the head of an insect, they also outline the contours of the wings.
  6. Thin brush and run the antennae.
  7. Translucent brown make strokes along the contour of the wings to resemble the villi.
  8. Repeat on the body of an insect to give it a shaggy.

Shaded in blue pencil Foundation

The addition of black tint

Final touchesThe finished watercolor painting

Photo of butterfly drawings and sketches

A sketch of a butterfly

If you have mastered the basic lessons, how to draw butterflies, you can use a variety of sketches and to create drawings more complicated. Also, you should try the method of drawing the oil or even hands that will especially appeal to children: their drawings you can hang on the wall so the kid was proud of his work. For easy drawing in the initial stages as examples will help you sketches and photos of finished images.

Video: learn to draw beautiful butterfly

Butterfly is popular not only in simple drawing, and it is used for tattoos or decoration of the walls in the apartment. This requires a higher skill level, so practice first on paper. To learn how to draw this beautiful creature in various embodiments, view helpful videos with step by step instructions of the process.

The outline of the butterfly

On the nails

Drawn Pictures for children

On the face

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