How to disable roaming on the Beeline

Someone travels back to his native country, and someone goes abroad, but for each of the subscribers, the company has prepared proposals to use tariff in roaming. Service connection is carried out automatically, but not all customers want to use this option, so you need to know how it is deactivated.

Disabling roaming Beeline support

Regardless of which option you have activated (national or international), you can disable the option by contacting the customer service center. The operator offers to all its subscribers round the clock advice on the tariff plan and services firm. This is a simple way how to disable roaming on the Beeline to the home region and abroad. It is better to perform the deactivation option, while still in the home region. Instructions for disabling:

  1. Make a call to number 0611. If you have not yet departed from the territory of the country, the call will be free.
  2. Prepare a contract or passport. These data are necessary to confirm ownership of the seven.
  3. You will get to the voice menu. Listen to autoinformator and press the desired button to connect with a specialist.
  4. Tell him that you would like to cancel service.
  5. The worker will ask you to provide personal information (passport or out of contract). Name them.
  6. The specialist will create a request for disabling and can in the next few minutes to do it.

The guy on the phone

How to disable roaming in the Beeline system USSD

Those who go on a journey can choose a suitable tariff plan. The company has prepared several proposals that enable to activate the service in the country. There is one package for communication abroad. Each tariff shall be suitable for the individual USSD-request. Deactivation occurs in the same way, for which there is some commands. Instructions on how to disable roaming on the Beeline:

  • for «My country»– *110*0020# and call button;
  • rate My planet– *110*0070#call.
  • for plan «planet Zero»– *110*330#call.
  • if you decide that you do not need, you can disable auto-connect in one request– *110*9990#call.

The next time you decide to go on a journey, this functionality will be disabled. Consider this, if you want to take the opportunity to call friends and family abroad. Need to re-activate using the USSD-requests or personal account on the website of the company. You can also call the operator and ask to perform this procedure. Such activation or disabling is beneficial because it is free of charge, from the customer’s account is not charged additional funds.

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How to remove roaming on the Beeline menu

To disable roaming, do not have to send an SMS or where to call. The necessary settings can be adjusted in menu and own mobile phone. On different models of smartphones this item can be placed in different places, but you need to find «My Beeline». If you found it, click on it and follow these steps:

  • open a list of topics;
  • select «Other services»;
  • find the row with the name of the function;
  • follow the instructions to deactivate.

In a few minutes you will receive a service message that the service is disabled. Can travel and not worry that your room will be charged additional money for SMS or calls. If at some point you will need someone to contact, to activate the service should be the same way in this menu. Control can be exercised both at home and abroad.

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How to disable roaming Beeline through your personal account

For subscribers, the company developed a special interface, which is available on the official website of Beeline. This is the easiest option, how to disable roaming on the Beeline, if you already have a registration. In her absence you need to register to log in to your personal account. The procedure is very simple and takes few minutes. You will need:

  1. On the Internet to find the website of Beeline.
  2. Open the link the login form to the personal account.
  3. Click on the link poison «password», click «Mobile.»
  4. Enter your phone number. Will receive an SMS with the access code. You can still get by sending a request to *110*9#call.
  5. Enter the password and you will immediately fall in LK.

This service will reveal for you the most comprehensive access to all data on the tariff plan. Available packages to change the archive services of the company, for example, the old version by selecting «no nothing». With a few clicks it is possible to replenish your balance or close the account. Here you can find a list of all active functions. You only need to disable those you do not need.

Video: how to get out of roaming Beeline

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