How to disable roaming on Tele2

Travel around Russia and world money are spent quietly, and not only for entertainment and food, but also for mobile communications. Facilities, so the need to travel and provides one of the young operators, absolutely necessary in the home region. To disable roaming on Tele2 in different ways, all of them available to subscribers.

Services Tele2 roaming

Before you travel anywhere in order to avoid unexpected costs, you should disable all forwarding made before. After arriving at the destination your phone will connect to the network, regardless of whether you’re traveling across the country or abroad. After that, you will receive a message about enabling access indicating the cost according to the charging of calls to a specific area. When you travel abroad you may need to manually find an available network from the special submenu of your device.

The company Tele2 in trips to Russia offers a more loyal and comfortable environment for users. There is an option «Everywhere zero», which offers to accept incoming calls within Russia absolutely free. 2 in a minute you will have to pay for outgoing calls and 2.5 g. for the sending of a message. If you subscribe to a service for the first time, you will have to pay only a daily subscription fee equal to 3 g. After returning home, the option you want to disable.

Free wifi in another country may not appear even inside the hotel. If you need network access, you need to look for alternatives. No service «Everywhere zero», or any other not include in the package the Internet from outside your home network. Connect the desired parameter separately. Daily subscription fee varies from 100 to 300 n. depending on the visited country. At the same time on each day is allocated 10 MB of traffic. For each additional MB will be charged 10% of the subscription fee.

Service «Talk without borders» also provides affordable communication, but only outside Russia. Per minute of any incoming call balance will be charged 5 g., during the same cost challenge. Strangely enough, the daily subscriber fee will be also 5 years. The question how to disable roaming on Tele2 is not idle, to do this it is necessary. Waiver services are provided absolutely free.

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How to remove roaming on Tele2 phone

Returning to the region, where the number is registered, the roaming will be disabled automatically. When connecting additional services, disable them have their own. This can be done with the help of USSD-commands. For selecting «Everywhere zero»:

  1. Dial *143*20#.
  2. Activate the button with the green handset.

To disable the Internet:

  1. Type *143*30# for European countries, or *143*40# for the rest.
  2. Press the call key.

Service «Talk without borders» turned off:

  1. After the asterisk, type the command 143, complete it with an asterisk.
  2. Type 0 and play.
  3. Activate the call button.

Unlike other operators in this young company was the inability to exclude services using SMS. If you have any question, how to disable roaming on Tele2 or restrict the use of special services, the representatives of the company recommend:

  • to use the USSD commands;
  • come to the office personally;
  • call the hotline where by free telephone 611 will help you to eliminate unnecessary you the option quickly.

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How to disable roaming on Tele2 via the Internet

When you have a computer works with a global network, manage mobile services even easier. Official website of the company allows not only to receive information about new promotions and options, but also to connect and disconnect them. To disable the roaming of Tele2 in Russia and the world, you need to follow this algorithm:

  1. Click on the link «my account».
  2. Additional registration is not necessary. Just enter your phone number.
  3. Code, received message, type inside a special window.
  4. Under the name of your current tariff click on «Manage services».
  5. Sort options by selecting the button «Connected».
  6. Disable unnecessary service.

Video: Tele2 roaming

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