How to disable auto payment from the card of Sberbank

To date, banks and mobile communications simplify people’s lives at times, offering a variety of programs to serve its customers. «Autopayment» is one such example: when the mobile remains the pre-agreed amount of money, the personal account is replenished automatically. For this it is necessary to have a map of Sberbank of Russia, to be a customer of one of the defined operators. Sometimes customer need to use this service there is no many than you can disable «auto payment».

Features disable the service «automatic payment» on the card of Sberbank of Russia

The fact that not each owner of the card of the savings Bank was able to successfully disable the service «Autopayment». It all depends on what operator you use. Based on this, each subscriber may be additional issues associated with the shutdown process. For example, how to disable auto-recharge for Beeline or MTS. You must consider every detail to this service managed to remove successfully. For this it is necessary to see some features of the implementation of this transaction on the card of Sberbank of Russia:

  • Be sure to specify during the disconnection of the automatic payment service operator you use.
  • If you will take a trip through the ATM or terminal, in the main menu, after entering your card, select the «Information and service» or «Mobile banking». Here, choosing the tab «automatic payment», specify the operator, and then follow the instructions service.
  • Information for anyone who is a subscriber of MegaFon. When you take advantage of a waiver of the automatic payment of mobile bills via SMS, remember that short 900 number to which you want to send notifications to users located within Moscow and the Moscow region. If you are a user with any other region of Russia – use the code: 8(926) 200-09-00 or 8(916) 572-39-00.
  • If you encounter any other difficulties with disabling services, you can always contact the customer service of Sberbank, calling 8-800-555-5550.

Operators who participate in the program «auto payment»

In order for the holder of the card of the savings Bank was able to participate in the program the automatic recharge, it needs to be a subscriber to one of the certain mobile operators. Otherwise, the use of the service will be impossible. Next, you will be able to thoroughly review the detailed list of Russian companies of cellular communication that support the service «Autopayment»:

  • Of the company («EPC» is the abbreviation), the caller has not set a specific threshold amount. It is needed to trigger an automatic payment.
  • The subscribers of «Beeline» can use automatic balance replenishment with the utmost amount of 30, 150 and 600 rubles. It all depends on the financial possibilities of the user.
  • MTS with unlimited conditions regarding the use of automatic payment of Sberbank of Russia.
  • NCC is also a member of among the mobile operators that support the service «Autopayment». The threshold amount is not.
  • «Tele2» is included in the list of mobile operators who cooperate with Sberbank of Russia on the subject of automatic payment. The border, which triggered the program – 10, 20 or 50 rubles.
  • If you are a subscriber of «Megaphone», you can connect this service to your payment card of Sberbank will not be easy. The threshold of such a proposal – 30 rubles.
  • This operator, as «Motive» similarly offers all its subscriber the use of additional convenient options.
  • Users «Bajkalvestkom» can also use the service of automatic payment without additional constraints on the threshold of the service.

Ways to refuse the service «Autopayment» from the card of Sberbank

To deactivate the automatic recharge card of Sberbank, you should use all possible means offered by the Russian Bank. Each method is relevant and is simple, depends on the client whether to use one or another variant of failure. Below you have the opportunity to get acquainted with each of them. View detailed instruction with step-by-step algorithm of actions to terminate the service «Autopayment».

Via SMS service

The most convenient way to unsubscribe from auto recharge mobile with card of Sberbank in the opinion of many users is sending the message. Because the phone is always with you and it doesn’t take a lot of time and action. All you need is just send SMS to number 900 with the text auto payment. Be sure to use large letters and be aware of the characteristics specified above for subscribers of «MegaFon»: if you are not in the Moscow region, use the number 8(926) 200-09-00 or 8(916) 572-39-00.

Woman with phone

Via an ATM or self-service terminals

The savings Bank has predicted a full service to its customers and given the opportunity to manage various services through self-service terminal or ATM. You will easily be able to disable the «auto payment» with this method. Learn step-by-step algorithm of actions on:

Girl deactivates the service via ATM

  1. Insert your Bank card into the terminal, as indicated there figure.
  2. Immediately you will see a menu where you will see the option «Info and service» or «Mobile form». Press it.
  3. Here choose the tab «automatic payment».
  4. Don’t forget to select on the next page the name of your mobile operator («carrier», «company», «Beeline», «Megaphone», «MTS», «Tele2», «NSS» or «Motive»).
  5. Then on the screen you will see the options with which it is possible to manage the service. Here, locate the «Disable auto payments».
  6. Next, choose the mobile operator, enter your phone number.
  7. The screen will appear a window where will need to a pin code of a Bank card of Sberbank.
  8. If you followed all steps correctly – terminal or ATM will print a receipt with the information of acceptance of your application. If something was stated incorrectly, the Bank will notify you via SMS message.
  9. In a short time the automatic payment is disabled.

Take advantage of Sberbank online

Another very convenient method to disable the function «auto payment», the need for which has disappeared is to perform several actions on the official website of Sberbank online. To succeed, you must be pre-registered in a common system with personal login and password to login. Here you will be able to use your own personal account interface, which will find how to disable the option of automatic replenishment of balance of mobile phone with Bank card.

Disabling services via the Internet

To learn how to do it with all the details, follow the guidance given below. Follow each of them step by step:

  1. Go to the official website of Sberbank of Russia:
  2. Here click on «my account» to get to the login page by entering personal login and password.
  3. In your account, locate the tab, «Payments and transfers».
  4. Next, go to «My payments».
  5. On the next page you will see a list of options, including the need to find the tab «Manage payments».
  6. Here click on the button called «Operations», you will see the entire active list of automatic payments on every mobile operator you use.
  7. Click on «Disable» next to the active top-up.
  8. Next you will need to send a request to the operator of the savings Bank to confirm the previously executed action. To do this, click the link called «apply», and then you will see on your screen all the characteristics of automated payment of the balance of the mobile card.
  9. Here, find the button «Confirm via SMS».
  10. On mobile will immediately receive a message with a code that must be entered on the screen.
  11. Within a short period of time the Bank will honor your request. After completion you will receive an SMS with the text about the successful deactivation of the service.

To contact the contact centre of Sberbank of Russia

If for some reason the methods described above are not optimal for you, you can always call the operator of Sberbank of Russia and ask for help to disable automatic replenishment of balance of mobile. All you need to do is just dial from your mobile number of the contact center 8-800-555-5550 at any time convenient for you. The call is free.

After the implementation call, you will be connected to the operator – refer to him with a request to disable «auto payment». Then he will ask you several identification questions and then run off. Do not waste the opportunity to ask him additional questions that you might have, for example, how to connect to the mobile banking or to know the amount of funds on your Bank cards.

Visiting a Bank branch

Perhaps you prefer just visit the nearest branch of the savings Bank to disable the automatic payment. Turning to the Bank employee, you will be able to ask questions, learn detailed instructions in any of the ways you disconnect or connect services. Here you can disable auto-recharge balance mobile Bank card will provide full service.

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