How to contact the operator » Beeline

In the Russian market of services of cellular operators there are several companies that are absolute leaders. These include Beeline, which provides communication throughout the country. Each such company has free to the customer support center. Here’s how to get to the Beeline in different ways.

How to call Beeline

Employee helpdesk

Consultation on technical call center may be necessary for a variety of reasons, ranging from problems with communication, Internet connection, ending with the specification of the terms of the new package. Only the official representative can provide a complete and correct answer. Hotline Beeline has a relationship with the Manager is provided through various services, which are described below.

Short number of the operator

The easiest and free option is to call to the number Beeline. For this you do not need the funds in the account. From your personal mobile you need to dial 0611, and you will be taken to the menu of the technical support operator. Further, the procedure is this:

  • listen to the Voicemail, it prompts you to press one of the buttons, which corresponds to a specific problem;
  • if your question is not related to any of the items, do not press anything;
  • you will then go to talk with the Manager, who will assist you.

Request a call back


In some cases the client cannot reach the technical support for a large queue at the service center, so you can leave a request to call you when a free Manager. For this you need to contact through the set of numbers 0611, wait for call, then add another 1. This activates the function «we’ll call you», but it works only under the condition that at the moment, there are no available employees.

If you have access to the network site operator has the opportunity to make a request for a call back via the contact form. You need to provide your name and surname, contact phone number, email. In the comments, you should specify your question to speed up the consultation process. This option is a callback not as fast as using a short set.

Federal room Beeline

You can call directly to the Federal room of the company, if the need arises. There are several options that are used when you need to talk on a particular issue. Use the following numbers:

  • find the solution of the problem with modems– 8 800 700 06 11;
  • Internet settings on iPhone and related issues– 8 800 123 45 67;
  • propose solutions to the problems with home Internet, TV, telephone– 8 800 700 80 00.

How to call to Beeline from a landline

Starter pack and SIM card

There are situations when the smartphone is not working, and you have only home phone. In these cases, reference service Beeline is available by dialing +7 812 740 60 00. A conversation with the employee occurs according to the scheme, as and when calling from a mobile. First, you need to listen to the Voicemail, then select the desired item, or wait for the connection Manager. From a landline phone and call a Federal number is another way to contact the operator «Beeline».

How to contact Beeline

The company always tries to solve your problem without a live conversation with the operator via the online instructions on the phone and on the website. The service Beeline gets a load, which is not always capable of handling. From the same client, you often need to know the answer to the problem that the answering machine is not able to solve. In order not to waste time and not to go to the office, you should know how to contact the operator «Beeline».

SMS service

If the question is not very urgent and you have time to wait for response to connection with Beeline via SMS. To do this, write a message with your question and send it to 0622. This service is free of charge. During the day on your mobile phone will receive a reply from the Manager of this sms message. Service runs from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. Moscow time.

The man dials the number of technical support

Beeline chat with a specialist

There is another way to get in touch with the operator » Beeline chat with a specialist. To do this, go to the company website in section contacts. There will be a window called «Chat with an expert», click on it. This online technical support in the form of chat where you have to enter your information to talk with a representative. The answer is to wait, usually no more than 2-5 minutes.

Whatsapp Beeline


This app has gained high popularity among smartphone users, so the company is able to communicate through it. For this purpose, the contact list just need to add +7-968-600-0611. After that you can communicate with the dispatcher and exit the conversation at any moment. Do not try to call this number because it is not designed for voice conversation. The cost of services is charged by rules to pay for use web traffic.

Video: support phone Beeline

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