How to connect turbo button on the Megaphone

Cellular operator MegaFon provides convenient tariffs, which allow users to select the optimal money way to make calls, write SMS and MMS, surf the Internet via smartphone. Many people connect packages for the Internet connection and get the daily traffic that you can use during the day. If it ends, there is a solution: use the turbo option. Function will allow to extend the possibility of the Internet connection. Then the question arises: how to connect turbo button on the Megaphone? About it in detail, read on.

What is turbo mode Megaphone

Social networks, search engines, services for storing video – this is only a small part of the web resources that are of interest to modern Internet users. Many owners of smartphones activate convenient rates, allowing for a fee to go to the sites or to connect to the network through mobile apps. As a rule, MegaFon accrues daily traffic is amount of information in megabytes or gigabytes, which you can obtain using Internet connection. When the volume ends, it is necessary to know how to best connect the turbo button on the Megaphone.

Testing the turbo mode from a Megaphone

What is turbo mode? This is an opportunity to continue to use the Internet connection if there is no traffic. When connecting the turbo button, on the user’s account operator MegaFon is number of megabytes or gigabytes, stipulated by the plan on the day. Simultaneously, the connection speed does not decrease, a person may continue to use the Internet in a comfortable environment. This service is not valid for all tariffs, specifically it fits the following packages to connect to the world wide web:

  • «Internet XS». Provides 100 MB per day of Internet.
  • «Internet day».
  • «Megabit».
  • The «SUPERMIX».
  • «Mix».
  • «Unlimited Internet for your Mini». 50 MB Internet connection daily.
  • «Unlimited Internet for your Maxi». 100 MB of data in 24 hours.
  • «Unlimited Internet for the phone in Russia.» 50 MB every twenty-four hours.

Activating the service turbo button, people will be able to get 100 or fifty megabytes depending on the Internet package. At the time of connection, the subscriber will receive updated traffic, how will use until the end of the day. After the end of the day the service is cancelled and it will have to connect again. For users of other networks have these options activated: turbo button 2 GB, turbo button 500 MB. For MegaFon, there is a possibility to use one more profitable service «prolong speed» to get one or five gigabytes.

Turbo button from a Megaphone is not available in all Russian regions. The service is offered to residents of the southern, Volga, Ural, North Caucasus, North-West region. Also available for Central area, excluding Moscow and the Moscow region. Residents of the Siberian and far Eastern districts, do not have the ability to enable turbo, you can use the package «prolong speed». How to extend traffic on a Megaphone, read more below.

How to extend the traffic with the help of USSD-request

The subscriber continues turbo mode Megaphone via USSD-request

If you are running low on traffic, you can check balance using *558#. After entering the code, press call. In the case where the daily amount of megabytes coming to an end, the subscriber can connect the turbo mode, which will allow you to get a number of MB (100 or 50), which corresponds to the current Internet package. To do this, enter *527*99#, and then on the touchscreen or the keyboard to carry out the call. After a very fast (couple of minutes) will be charged money, and traffic updates. This is the simplest way of extending the Internet for a day.

Ways to connect turbo button on the Megaphone

To implement the activation of the turbo function, the subscriber can not only use the USSD-request, but also several other convenient ways. For network users, there is an option to send SMS to connect or buy the option through the personal account on the official website of the company. Turbo button 100 or fifty megabytes switched on immediately, which will allow to immediately restore the Internet connection. How to activate the service with two simple methods, read below.


To SMS, type a message number 99, send it to the number 0500992. After a short amount of time the turbo button should be activated. It is advisable to go out and come back in world patina feature connected. If you wait more than ten minutes, but traffic remained the same (check via USSD-query), you need to contact representatives of the company. This may be due to lack of money on account of technical problems or network. Operators MegaFon will help to understand the problem and find a solution.

Through a personal account

A personal account of the subscriber Megaphone

The user MegaFon can restore the Internet connection using turbocopy, if you go to the official website of the company. In the upper right corner will be a link to «my account», click on it. A new window will appear, where you enter your phone number and password. If the latter is lost, you will need to send USSD request: dial *105*00# and press call. In the SMS message will receive a password which you need to burn to the bottom row. This will open a «Personal account» in the services section of the subscriber will be able to activate turbo mode.

What is the cost to activate the turbo button on the Megaphone

The cost function for most of the areas connected to the Megaphone, is fifteen rubles, which after activation will be deducted from the personal subscriber account. This figure is valid for the North-West, Central, North Caucasian and southern regions. For network users in the Urals and the Volga region, the price for the service is different and is ten rubles.

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