How to connect mobile Bank

In this era of full computerization is no surprise there are new services. The function of mobile banking there the first year. Proved to be a very convenient service that enables mobile connection, distance to monitor and manage your account in a Bank to carry out financial actions. If you are not yet using this service, try to tell not only how to connect mobile banking, but for what it is, how to use it in the future.

How to connect mobile Bank

Sign up for the service banking, you will receive access to information about any movement of funds on the card. This is very convenient and easy service allows to save time, not to visit a Bank branch in each case, be always aware of which financial transactions occur in your Bank account. The connection is possible in several ways: via phone, computer or via an ATM or terminal. Select the most convenient method, and differ – about it a bit more.

Through the computer

Service connection on the website of Sberbank

A computer connected to the mobile Bank service is possible only in the office one of financial institutions. A Bank employee by using a computer program will be able to connect to your name service mobile Bank if you have the required identity documents, a plastic Bank card and the phone. Filling in a statement, passport details, it should tell you about connection conditions the terms and conditions and the tariff in effect at that time.

Via phone and SMS

The connection of mobile Bank by phone will save you a lot of time, because you don’t have to go, to go, to stand in line. Knowing the answers to security questions, feel free to dial hotline numbers or 7495500-55-50 8800-555-5550. Standard questions that can be asked:

  • Surname, name, patronymic.
  • Passport data.
  • Phone number.
  • The card number of the Bank.
  • Where and when was made the last purchase paid with the card.
  • Secret code word.

Via an ATM or terminal

Connection options with terminal

A large number of ATMs and terminals provides the ability to connect through these devices. It is important to note that not all devices support the function of connecting to a mobile Bank. Having decorated the card, you will be able to connect to the banking. To do this:

  • Insert card and enter pin-code.
  • On the main page, select the «mobile banking».
  • Click «connect main map».
  • To select the rate of «full» or «frugal».
  • Specify the phone number.

How to connect a mobile service of different banks

The telephone banking service provided by several major banks of Russia. The connection occurs in a similar way. Choose convenient for you method and start to enjoy this modern service. Convenience, time saving and accessible information about each cash flow on the map – these positive aspects of using mobile Bank attract more customers. How is the connection of telephone services in different banks of Russia? Let us examine this question in more detail.


Branch Of Sberbank Of Russia

The most popular Bank of Russia – Sberbank, it is the largest number of branches. In any branch, complete the application and providing a passport or other identity card, you can connect a convenient service which will help to control the balance, transactions made with a credit card within a few hours. The history of the movement means you can find out by submitting your bid. As noted above, you can activate the service via phone, by calling the hotline or by using the terminal (ATM) that supports this feature.


Office VTB24

VTB24 offers its customers the right to enjoy all the benefits of mobile banking to have the ability to manage the funds on the card to pay for goods and services, to carry out remittances. Downloading to phone app VTB24 in a specialty store, go to the nearest branch of the Bank, which provide a passport to the operator and write a statement. You will connect the telephone service to support the financial operations of a Bank card.

Employee Bank branch will connect your phone number to the General system of banking, will issue you the appropriate card, which contains 112 codes to log in. The first and last codes you need to register the table with the codes in your mobile Bank. Other you can use for financial transactions, given that each code is used only once. Using all the proposed combinations, in the Bank VTB24, you will be able to get a new card with the codes.

The Bank Of Moscow

Branch Of The Bank Of Moscow

To register the service in the Bank of Moscow, need to have a financial institution account or credit card and any branch to give out your phone number. To get started, install the application in your phone «mobile Bank». When the application launches, click «Register». Enter the data (card number, contract for loan) and enter the email address where you regularly will be sent postoperative checks.

When you agree to the Terms of service, the phone will receive the sms with the activation code of the selected function. You will just have to come up with a five-digit numeric password. To avoid scams, it is recommended for the password to gain more complex combinations of numbers, not using, like 11111, 12345, 67890 or 00000.

Alpha Bank

The Office Of Alfa Bank

Alfa-Bank often lives up to its name and in the installation of mobile services to customers were amongst the first. «Alfa-mobile» – a convenient, simple and reliable application. In order for your phone application appeared to control the movement of Finance, you need to be a customer of Alfa Bank. Download and install the application «Alfa-mobile», where you’ll find detailed instructions on the use of mobile Bank. From third parties this information is private, which once again proves the reliability of your funds in alpha Bank.

Cost of service and tariffs: economical and complete

As a more popular Bank is Sberbank, it is necessary to consider its tariff packages and the cost of maintenance of the telephony application. How to connect mobile banking, you already know, you only have to choose the right tariff for you.

  • Economical. Monthly subscriber fee is not charged. For providing information for each request will be charged a certain amount, because the service is limited and only perform standard operations.
  • Full. The monthly fee for the service. All the messages in the form of SMS will come to the phone for free.
Service Economical Full
Notification action account:

The first 2 months

MasterCard Gold, Visa Gold

on cards Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard

cards Maestro, Visa Electron,

No service Free


60 rubles

30 rubles

Providing information about the available limit 3 rubles Free
The provision of statements of account 15 rubles Free
The card lock on request Free Free
The activation/deactivation of the service » Mobile banking Free Free

Connect the card of Sberbank mobile Bank

To receive services you must have a Bank card, is already connected to the services by «Sberbank online» and «Mobile Bank». Bring your passport and go at any nearest branch of Sberbank on the territory of Russia there are a large number. The operator will help you complete the application form and activate the service, the activation of which occurs maximally after three days, but often this happens in the first few hours.

People who are familiar with the work of self-service terminals, it will be convenient to connect the mobile Bank. For convenience, payment for the service, you should activate the function «Sberbank Autopayment». The payment will be done automatically according to the parameters set by the client, in a certain period of time the allocated amount.

How to unlock the mobile banking

Man paying the Bank

If the service was blocked because of insufficient funds that unlocking takes place automatically as soon as the account will be credited the desired amount. Text messages will notify you of unlock. When the lock is at the initiative of the card holder, to unlock it, if you send from the phone to the 900 number the message «unlock services….», where instead of points put the last four digits of your card number.

How to cancel the service

When a Bank customer prefer to go for Internet banking, it makes sense to abandon the «Mobile Bank». To do this, the client must write a statement indicating the reason for the refusal of service, signature and date. In the Bank except the application will need a passport, a plastic card, Treaty card. Please note that you only need to visit the branch where you signed the contract. After entering the data into the computer system by a Bank employee for three days on your phone should receive a text message about disabling services.

Video manual connection of services of Sberbank

Detailed video instructions will help users of the plastic cards to figure out how to connect the mobile Bank. In the proposed step by step video learn about each step that must be performed by the client. After reviewing the details of the various types of connections to the mobile Bank, you will be able to choose the way more suitable and convenient to you. In case you have any questions, you should contact any branch of Sberbank, where staff are happy to advise how to connect the mobile Bank.

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