How to connect the Internet from the Megaphone

A large part of the world’s population use smartphones or tablets, the main advantage of which is access to the global virtual network. The main task of the operator is smooth providing your customers access to this service. Many users are often interested in the question of how to connect the Internet from the Megaphone. This topic is quite relevant, because everyone wants to be abreast of developments, to keep up with the pace of modern life. This option is absolutely essential, so see below on how to install on your device.

How to connect best the Internet Megaphone

Before you connect to the Internet on your device, it is important to find out what the best tariffs provided by the company MegaFon for its subscribers. Otherwise you risk to use the option at high prices. For example, many mobile operators this service is billed per megabyte, and it comes not cheap: from 7. a/MB. However, this scheme has been a long time and it is not effective because the needs are growing along with traffic, and it makes the service less accessible. To solve the problem are Internet packages Megaphone. Check them out further.

Unlimited mobile across Russia

Internet-modem from MegaFon

If you connect the unlimited tariff plan «Internet in Russia», will be on the global network without paying for traffic, both at home and while traveling across the country. However, we can say that this service benefits the whole of Russia MegaFon Internet not working for the individual regions. These include: Taimyr region, the Crimea, Magadan district, Kamchatka, Chukotka, Yakutia, Sakhalin region and the city of Norilsk, and the cost of use is from 5 to 10 roubles a day (depending on which plan you use).

The connection for a day

If you don’t use every day a global network, why would you spend the extra money on the card balance for the unused MB? MegaFon was provided the opportunity their customers to use this service if necessary and connect the network on the day. This possibility is called «prolong speed», it allows you to use 80 MB of traffic with a maximum speed of just over 19 rubles. It is possible to connect by sending text messages with the unit in the text to number 000105906. The other option – dial on your combination: *925*3# plus call button.

Cheap for a month

Man connects the Internet from the Megaphone on the phone

You may not use the service connect to the virtual network to the maximum extent and to pay a lot of money for it, so consider the package «Internet XS». There is enough traffic per day (70 MB), so you can safely view your mail, do a minimal amount of work, check social networks, read news, find information in virtual space. Every day Megaphone charge 7 RUB if you use the second month, and the first time you connect you pay 190 rubles and use the service for 30 days.

On the modem the Megaphone

If you are interested in the Internet for a laptop or computer, you can use a usb 3G modem or 4G from MegaFon. It operates at speeds up to 100 Mbit/sec. but for this you need to connect a flat rate. Flexible system of tariff plans that the company offers to its customers, provides favorable conditions and depending on the needs of the user is divided into groups: «Internet for a month», «Internet for a day». The first group includes functions with marks: S, M, L, XL. The second group includes the packages: «Internet 24 and the Internet 24 PRO».

The conditions of the first group you will see below, and for the second are subject to the following agreement:

  • The package with a mark of 24 will cost 24 rubles/day. The speed of data transmission that will occur through the 3G network is 3 MB/second. The amount of traffic you will get 200 MB.
  • Pack 24 PRO is suitable for those who want more advanced features. Therefore, costs 150 RUB per day, and has a speed of 5 Mbit/sec with a capacity of 1.5 GB.

What rate to choose

It is very important to understand all the sentences, which gives its subscribers the mobile operator, and then think how to connect the Internet from the Megaphone. Always consider their needs and capabilities. Getting comprehensive information, you will be able to assess whether to connect a particular feature to your device. Below you will find a detailed description of the packages that offers its clients the best operator to use the virtual network.

All inclusive S

To have a little more room, connect the «Internet’s» and you will be able to use email and communicate in social networks, but also to upload photos to view, listen to your favorite songs on the website, to seek and find all that you need in the search engines. For these features you are provided with 3 GB of traffic per month without any restrictions on speed and pay for this pleasure need only 350 RUB subscription fee every 30 days.

The tariff for Internet Megaphone

Considering the rate’s All-inclusive, be sure to check with companies like MegaFon Internet 150 rubles a month to connect. This option is very popular due to the following possibilities:

  • you will get 350 minutes for calls throughout the country;
  • free 100 SMS and MMS to any number in the home district;
  • package included 1 GB unlimited features of the access to the global network (when you run out the threshold, the speed will drop to 64 kbit/sec.);
  • get the ability to call in other areas, paying every minute for 10 rubles.;
  • SMS sent outside of your home County, will cost 2.9 RUB, and MMS – 6 rubles.;
  • sending SMS abroad, you will pay 5 rubles, and for MMS was 10 RUB.

Rate XL for 3G and 4G

If you use the modem of the Megaphone, you’ll like the package «Internet XL» price 1290 rubles. for each month. Here the company creates unlimited opportunities for your subscribers and gives you 40 GB of traffic for 20 of the working time of the day and night. Thanks to this function you have access to all the basic features offered in other packages and more complex operations in the global network: upload and download any files, listen to music, watch movies online in high quality, share Wi-Fi on other devices, shop in virtual shops.

The rate XS for 5 rubles per day

Rate Megaphone for unlimited Internet

Many mobile users often wonder how to connect to unlimited Internet Megaphone, so it was inexpensive and convenient at the same time? The solution of this problem was the rate XS for 5 rubles per day. This option refers to the cheapest version of all the available options to connect to the global network, which is in great demand among subscribers of cellular communication company. However, there are plenty of disadvantages, including low speed (64 KB/sec.) and restricted use of virtual resources.

Option L

For those who want to have more options but are not willing to put a lot of money, offers the option according to the classification of L. Here you can share your files with friends, watch movies in low quality to listen to favorite songs online, give online via Wi-Fi with other devices and use the basic features offered in other packages. The volume of traffic in this option is 36 GB with a monthly cost 890 rubles. Unlimited speed no.

How to know which connected to the Internet

Before asking how to connect the Internet profitable for MegaFon, find out which option you have activated, along with the tariff plan of mobile communication. To do this, there are several ways, read carefully which you can use next:

The girl found out, connected the Internet from the Megaphone

  • Refer to the operator call center. Dial toll free number from your mobile 0505. Here you will hear the answering machine, which tells in detail what needs to be done to view the list of services assigned to your room.
  • Dial from your phone a simple combination *105*11# plus call button. In response, you will receive a message with information about all options connected to your room.
  • Another method to receive a message containing a list of active options on your mobile – send another USSD-command *105*559# and a call key or call free on 0500559.
  • The most reliable option to check which service is running on your phone is to use a personal account on the official website of the company. It will help you extra service the «Service Guide» which is available for free. Thanks to this convenient feature, you can not only see all the connected subscription, but also to learn the most current, best deals how much they cost, and enable or disable them on your device. Additionally, you will get the option to activate this or that service, bypassing the difficulties that may arise in roaming. Along the way, find out the following questions: as a Megaphone of the Internet traffic to connect what «Internet m MegaFon», or how to connect the Internet Megaphone on the tablet.

Video: how to connect to the Internet on a Megaphone

After reading all of the information described above, it is possible some issues will remain outstanding. To learn how to connect the Internet on your Megaphone, view two videos that are attached below. Here you will learn how you can configure the Internet on the phone, and even learn the rules of the self-connecting pocket router. This information will help you to quickly deal with provided by the cellular operator and to use them right away.

The Internet settings on the phone

How to connect pocket router

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