How to connect a superbit on MTS

Every operator is trying to get more customers, coming up with new mobile tariff plans, favorable conditions and additional services. Among the subscribers claimed was the option of Internet access. The best offer for active users will be the Superbit fare MTS, which connects the nl with the speed given the traffic.

How to connect unlimited Internet on MTS TEXT message

The rate includes 3 GB/month unlimited speed, which can be spent on any resource except the file sharing. If the whole package is used up, the client can get another 300 MB for only 30 rubles. One of the ways you can connect a Superbit on MTS, send SMS. The service activation is as follows:

  1. Open a new message.
  2. In the recipient field, enter the short number 111.
  3. Text messages write to 628.
  4. Send SMS and in few minutes option is activated.
  5. If you need to disable the nl send the same number of digits 6280.

Set of shortcodes on your smartphone

How to connect a Superbit MTS via a call to the operator

Those who use SIM card to access the network via the tablet, it is easier to call the operator from another phone and ask to connect this option. This is an easy option how to connect a Superbit Smart modem, smartphone, or other device. You can call from any phone (even a landline) for free number 8-800-250-8-250, subscribers access line support 0890. The connection is this:

  1. Call operator.
  2. Listen to the voice menu and choose to connect with an employee of the company.
  3. Tell me, what would you like to apply for a connection for unlimited access to the network.
  4. The specialist may ask you for personal information. This is necessary to confirm that you are the owner of this card.
  5. When you activate the service on the other device, you need to call the number SIM cards.
  6. After verification the worker will request a connection. The activation option during the day.

Girl talking on the phone

How to connect a Superbit fare via the Internet

Many customer MTS performs all actions on tariff plan with Internet assistant. It is a powerful tool for the management of services, additional features and package. This is another variant of how to connect a superbit on MTS. You first need to register on the company website, this is possible, for every client:

  1. Go to the home page.
  2. Click on the link «My MTS», which is right on the menu.
  3. You will see a form for entering a username and password. Specify the first line of your phone number.
  4. Next, you need to click on «Get password by SMS».
  5. Enter the code. You will be inside of a personal Cabinet.

Here you will see full statistics of your package, for more information about costs, the possibility of account replenishment and much more. «Services» section is responsible for managing all existing and available services. You only need to select from the list the name of unlimited package, click on it and press the activation button. After a few minutes, the traffic bonus will be entirely at your disposal. This section allows you to activate other suggestions on or off option.

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How to connect a Superbit from MTS USSD-command

The majority of subscribers use short queries to enable or disable additional services. For almost every option there is. This is another variant of how to connect a Superbit on MTS. Activation after you submit happens instantly, not have to wait. To open Internet access, unlimited speed, perform the following steps:

  1. Click dialing.
  2. Enter the combination *111*628*1#. The alternative – *628#.
  3. Press the call button. Can start to use the Internet.
  4. To deactivate the service will help set *111*628*2# and call.

Video: how to disable Internet Superbit

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