How to clean gold

Jewelry lovers often face such problem as cleaning your favorite accessories. Even gold earrings, rings, chains from wearing lose their luster, change color, find minor scratches. This is because their composition contains a zinc alloy, copper, Nickel, silver and other metals that react with water, and air.

You can clean gold at home

Cleaning the gold at home

Wealthy people who have a lot of tiny boxes of jewelry, often referred to some time favorite earrings or bracelets to a jeweler for cleaning. Those who have the finger of the one emblazoned bezel engagement ring, it is not appropriate. So they are wondering how to clean gold at home, what materials are required for this, which we get a result. Have to say, the effect is different.

Cleaning gold at home – in this economy, but not all products clean well with no special jewelry tools. Jewelry with an openwork pattern, a convex pattern, a concave shape with many irregularities it is difficult to bring to perfection even with the help of a toothbrush. It is difficult to care for jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones. Simple rings, bracelets, earrings without many of the irregularities are easy to self-cleaning.

Than to clean gold at home

This issue is of interest in most of those who wish to use the means at hand, not buying. They are attracted by folk remedies such as soda, detergent for dishes, toothpaste, lipstick, onion, vinegar. Thus, these substances of the product to wipe even any result will be seen (briefly). Chemicals are used much more often. After all, how to clean gold at home, not ammonia, by solution of borax, many think. Water require careful wiping with Cologne, alcohol, even gasoline.

How to clean gold

The cleaning solution gold

Why it may happen, even expensive jewelry is able to darken (turn black) over time, you understand. Now about how to clean gold at home and how to do it without harm to the product itself. Many decide to take advantage of even washing powder (not liquid) to bring the decoration in order, but here it is proposed to consider the most common options.


This method is considered the most simple and commonly used. For the preparation of cleaning mixtures is required pharmacy ammonia (a teaspoon), hot water boiled (glass) washing powder or detergent for dishes (tbsp.) All these components are mixed until complete dissolution of the last ingredient. Further, the container of cooked liquid drops the product, the waiting time is 2 hours. After the jewelry should be rinsed under warm water, wipe them with a dry soft cloth.

Hydrogen peroxide

A lot of people asked how to clean gold ammonia, with the addition of peroxide, because they heard that the effect is very good. Prepare a mixture very simple. Yes, it really is so effective: the gold will Shine like new. It’s all in the reaction arising from the coupling of ammonia with peroxide. These tools are able to deal not only with simple contamination (sebum, dust, traces of makeup), but even with oxide. Cleaning is as follows:

  • in an enamel bowl or pan pour in a glass of water;
  • then put three teaspoons of ammonia;
  • 2 tbsp. of hydrogen peroxide;
  • some of the regular liquid soap for hands;
  • gold jewelry left in the tank for a few hours, then thoroughly washed, wipe it off.


Gold jewelry with stones

Dining (for food additives) vinegar to clean gold jewelry. It is mixed with onion juice in equal proportions, is applied to a soft cloth and wipe the product. This method helps to get rid of light pollution, to restore the pristine appearance. There is a sense in the application of such cleansing in order to prevent. If the decoration have stains from iodine, to remove such can liquid hyposulphite (sold in a specialty store for photo enthusiasts).

How to clean gold jewelry at home

Each gold product has its own characteristics that must be considered when cleaning. If you use one method on all their jewellery, some you can just screw it up. Before how to clean white gold (and any) home, you should seriously approach the choice of method. The thing is that different pieces have not only their own individual composition, but made in a certain style. Understand how to clean gold chain, and as earrings and rings, without prejudice to their condition.


Feature and the main difference between the chains in that it consists of small units, connected in a certain way among themselves. Between such small parts Packed dirt very well, but to get it hard. Careless cleaning causes often the product on one of the links breaks. To avoid this, one should know how to properly handle the chain during cleaning. It’s simple: it is to lower in a solution of ammonia with peroxide (recipe above) in half an hour, then talk to her there, take out. It remains to be rinsed under running water and enjoy the result.


Cleaning gold rings

Women’s rings feature intricate patterns, and the presence of small and large stones, the other concave or convex parts. Such products are most often contaminated. The ring gradually loses luster, but the mud there is nowhere to get. Cleaning it with toothpaste using a soft old toothbrush. But to elaborate jewelry, this method use is not worth it. The patterns on the ring to clean, but it will overwrite, will look not so attractive. Therefore, the best method is to leave the gold in the soapy water or solution of ammonia for a while, then gently wipe.


How to clean gold, if this pair of earrings is an urgent issue. In the small details hammered not only dust, sebum, but many cosmetic products. The problem is that the earrings consist of small connected parts, often they are decorated with stones. The clasp is rubbed with a solution of ammonia, soap and water, even toothpaste. A stone cleaning is permitted only with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol or another suitable liquid. This applies only to those products in which precious «parts» glued to the ornament.

How to clean gold jewelry with stones

Cleaned gold with pearls, diamonds, other precious and semi-precious stones should be very careful. Not anymore glued parts, do not soak the product with either water or solvents. If the stone is well fixed (the Golden «legs»), can not be afraid of such unpleasant surprises, easy to do cleaning. There is another important point. Each of the stones – special, therefore requires individual approach. If you have a product with:

  • turquoise, wet. Professional cleaning is carried out by paste or by the jeweler.
  • pearl wash is soapy water, followed by wiping with a soft.
  • Swarovski crystals, watering it is also not recommended. It should wipe cloth, velvet and felt.
  • quartz, diamond, diamonds, Topaz (hard stones), to clean this decoration can be ammonia, toothbrush and other possible ways. Act sharp objects is still not recommended.

Jewelry from white gold

How to wash gold

You should think not only about how to clean your gold at home. It’s possible that he needs a simple wash. Only after this procedure, you will be able to know whether you need the product in a stronger means. To wash the gold, heat water (to 50 degrees), pour soap, shampoo, detergent (optional). 2 hours fully immersed in liquid gold. After this time the products are rinsed, a soft brush to clean and removed. If your jewelry is shiny again, has the pristine view, more serious cleaning is not needed.

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