How to choose a tasty watermelon

In summer and early autumn shops, street stalls overflowing with watermelons. This berry quenches thirst, is a source of useful minerals which are lacking in man a year. The choice of this product is like a lottery, because not everyone is aware of how to recognize a ripe berry.

How to choose a watermelon without nitrates

What you need to know about how to choose a tasty watermelon? The ripening berries. Roughly, this is the end of summer and beginning of autumn. This is the only time it is safe to buy a ripe fruit, to enjoy its taste and to saturate the body beneficial trace elements. In addition, bahchevye must lie on the counter in the store or on the street on special podiums under the awning to avoid contact with pathogens and dirt on product.

Don’t forget that watermelon is able to attract, absorb and accumulate dust, so carefully inspect the fruit before making a purchase. Any crack or stone chip should cause failure of the product. Do not buy cut product, because there is no guarantee that it will not contact the microorganisms that thrive in a sweet environment, quickly multiplying.

Want to know about how to choose a tasty watermelon without nitrates? Ask the seller to provide a certificate of quality. Upon presentation of a photocopy, pay attention to the presence of print color is a sign of authenticity of the document. The only way to maintain their health. Do not rush to grab the largest size fruit. Maybe he’s mellow, but tasty? The optimal choice – the average size of the party, because little immature.

To purchase a product without contaminants, you can:

  • use a nitrate-tester;
  • ask them to cut a copy and pay attention to the surface (to be covered with grains, but not glossy; color of the flesh is a rich pink but not too bright).

Skibicki Kavun

Where to buy watermelons

When choosing the place of purchase, it is necessary to ensure the implementation of the main points: proper placement of product on the market (on the ground or counter), the presence of certificates. If at least one condition is not fulfilled, then from the market purchase will have to refuse to buy a watermelon at the store. The positive aspect of shopping in the supermarket there is a guarantee of a refund, upon presentation of receipts and the inadequate quality of the fruit.

When maturing watermelon

Maturation the «stripes» occurs not less than sixty days, the early varieties and in the neighborhood of a century after the formation of the shoots in late. If you know these figures, you can guess that ripen in June, the fruit can not physically, especially in Russia. At this time, the sellers sell their products, obtained with the use of fertilizers and chemical makeup. Want to maintain your health and avoid food poisoning with nitrates? Then follow one rule: use the products supplied to the stores in August and September.

How to determine the presence of nitrates in watermelon

To understand whether they used fertilizer in the cultivation of watermelon in appearance is impossible, so the first thing to do is to look at a fresh cut. If it was glossy, so the watermelon are crammed with chemistry, in another case, on its surface formed beads or bubbles. Another thing you should pay attention to – the presence of white stripes that go from the core of fruit is a sign of the presence of nitrates. The flesh should be red or is red, without violet hue.

Stigli Kavun

Rules for the choice of watermelon

To choose a watermelon is no easy task and everyone handles it in their own way: knock on the fruit, looking at the ponytail, etc. There are some regularities, knowing that you will no more question how to choose a tasty watermelon

  1. Large size and weight are not indicators of maturity (the correct option – the average size of the fetus).
  2. Juicy is the watermelon, which has a slightly flattened shape, but not oval.
  3. Dry tail – a sign of ripeness.
  4. Rough green rind with a granular pattern and a yellow spot is an indicator of quality.
  5. A ringing sound, not a dull when tapped and crackling peel under compression, testify to the ripeness of the watermelon.
  6. Watermelon kiosk must be specially equipped (products located on the shelves under the tent and certainly above the earth).
  7. Selection of delicious fruit is best done with a multidisciplinary approach (presence of a majority of the following symptoms would indicate the quality of the product).

A man sells watermelons

How to choose a sweet watermelon

Understanding how you can choose a delicious watermelon, a lot of people start watching photos and video reviews on the Internet. Sweet fruit you can find, if you pay attention to the structure of the stalk (smooth tail indicates a quality product, because with it alone got rid of all antennae and hairs). Do not forget that the sweeter the flesh will be easier to weigh, but there are some features:

  • a cool and rainy summer contribute to the formation of voids inside the berries;
  • a hot, dry period – high quality products.

Video: how to choose the right watermelon

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