How to check the KIVI-purse

Electronic money is widely used by Internet users to pay for services, goods. QIWI system has become one of the most widely used in the CIS countries. If you have forgotten your account details you created during registration in the system QIWI, learn about how to determine the account number of QIWI-purse or card below.

What is the payment system QIWI


QIWI payments are widely spread among the inhabitants of Russia, CIS countries due to the ease of registration and Deposit. Low Commission and broad support payments through virtual wallets among online stores – additional advantages of using QIWI wallet. Even people who do not use electronic money, regularly give birth to such account.

In the system each user receives a unique personal account, which is needed for carrying out the following operations (deposits, payments). If necessary, to quickly transfer money to the wallet, you can bind a Bank card or take advantage of the nearest terminal. There are several ways to find out the QIWI wallet, if you forget it.

How to check the account of KIVI-purse

When a person registers in the system Qiwi, your username and personal account (ID) becomes a combination of digits of a mobile number. Remembering it, you do not have to look for instructions on how to check the KIVI-purse. If you are logged in, you to know account ID at the top of the screen or via the «My data». Scroll down the page and in front of the phrase «account number» will indicate your registered phone.

How to determine the number of the card, QIWI wallet


Information on how to check the KIVI-purse you possess, it remains to find out how to apply for a virtual Visa card. This is another service of the system. If you wish, you can order a physical plastic card option. All incoming KIWI-wallet funds are automatically balance and maps. Using it, you can pay for your purchases in the store, to withdraw cash via ATM. To find out card ID:

  1. Using the login, password, log in account on the Qiwi website.
  2. Click «credit card».
  3. Click on the «Send information to the phone.»
  4. Your phone will receive the SMS with the card number.

Video: how to log in to QIWI wallet and Fund it

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