How to check balance on MTS

Mobile phones are gradually turning into essential attribute: people do not want to part with them ever. If you do not monitor your account, you can lose touch with friends or access the Internet at the most inopportune moment. At the close of the account operator makes the lock. If you are a client of the network «Mobile TeleSystems», learn how to see the balance of MTS and control it.

How to know the balance of MTS on the phone

People with a smartphone

Using a cell camera, the customer pays for calls, messaging, connect to Internet, use your data connection. Almost any function of the gadget is spending after activation of the sim card. There are several options how to check balance on MTS. They are absolutely free in all regions of Russia. The balance of money is carried out in the same way to all mobile devices: phones, tablets, iPads.


If you don’t know how to check balance on MTS, use the most simple and popular way to – dial USSD-command *100# and press the call button. After a moment, the screen displays the balance of financial account status of the user. Having access to this information, you can easily control the money spent. Send a query countless times in one day.


The response of the operator

To ask account, you can use SMS messages to the short number 111. You need to write a message with the text: «11» and send to the specified number. This method is easy to remember – all combinations of units. In response, the service will send you a message with information about what the rest of your personal account. By using this service regularly, you will be able to track how much spending money for a week or a month.

Mobile assistant, MTS

If you are not sure how to verify account on MTS, call the «Mobile assistant». Should call 111 and listen to the instructions of the operator. From a voice message, you will understand how to check balance on MTS phone. Additionally, you can always call 08-90 and talk to the operator, it will help. To clarify the account balance can require your passport details.

Check account in the personal Cabinet

The subscriber's personal account on the website

To look at the money that is left online by using official website or the app on smartphone – the «my account». Immediately after login in the upper right corner will be written information on the availability of funds. This option will help you to find out the balance on account of the modem with the tariff » MTS connect or tablet which you can not make calls or send messages. On the website you will be able to view other information, for example, about the bonus points.

The service balance is under control

To control the cost of each call, you can activate the service «Balance under control» for a nominal fee – 10 cents per day. After the connect function on the phone screen after every call will receive a message about the value of recent transactions and account balance. To configure this feature, you must dial *152*3# or log into «my account».

MTS live balance

Notification of remaining funds after the conversation

Service «Live balance» as above, informs the user about the cost of the last call. Information can be obtained in the form of voice messages, SMS or display information on the screen of the device. The cost of such services – 42 cents per month. To enable the option, you must write a message with the text «A» for 500, call 500 or dial *500*1#. Depending on the connection method form the requested information is appropriate.

How to know the balance of another subscriber of MTS

Being a subscriber of this operator, it is possible to control the means to phone his friends. However, to follow another person secretly will not work, you need his consent. How to check balance on MTS someone else’s phone? After you connect the free service «another account» (*111*2337#) it is necessary to dial a combination of numbers: *140*the number of another subscriber without eight#. The phone receives a corresponding message with the required information.

Video: information about the balance MTS

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