How to cheat a lie detector

One of the most popular methods of determining the integrity of the person, the desire to hide the information or involvement in any events is the use of the polygraph, referred to in the home lie detector. The proposal to test on this unit makes you nervous, even when the reasons are no, and to think about how to fool a lie detector. This is because the testing using the polygraph is an interrogation, if we talk about the essence. Everyone has personal secrets that he would not want to spread.

Is it possible to cheat a lie detector

To the question, how can fool a lie detector by non-specialists, there is no single answer. For reviews of people who serve the machine, the software has perfect sensitivity and able to determine the slightest desire to lie. This is due to the fact that our subconscious mind keeps a track of the events that took place in the past, so no matter what you try to think, subconscious self give the reaction. A lie is a kind of conflict between mind, trying to control the situation and the subconscious, which recognizes the lie detector.

The girl tries to cheat the lie detector

To deceive the polygraph can secret service personnel, who are specially trained. There is a perception that to cheat a lie detector can not only agents, but also separate categories of people: pathological liars, who themselves believe in their lies, and actors. Lawyers who have to face the polygraph, I think that the rumors about him is is apparatus and a kind of mental preparation of the subjects before the procedure, and the result of the test depends largely on the level of training of the specialist who reads the parameters.

Where it is possible to pass the test and the cost of the service

Almost every city has companies that offer to be tested on the lie detector. For example, in Saint-Petersburg is a «Laboratory of truth». This service is free of charge. Its value depends on the cause and treatment varies from 4 to 5 thousand rubles: the investigation of the theft – 5 000 RUB., verification of employment – 4 000 RUB. people can order the service at the Center for applied psychophysiology.

Depending on the treatment price varies, ranging from 3 to 6 thousand rubles. The most expensive research are problems of a private nature. Residents of other cities website offers lie detector online. In addition, there are several free programs that are installed on the phone. With their help, the owners of the gadget can take the test yourself.

Ways to cheat a lie detector

There are several a variety of, sometimes naive of the ways of protection from this apparatus, described in the literature for professionals working with polygraphs. Among them such as rubbing an antiperspirant palms of hands, armpits, eating before test 5 tablets of aspirin. Actual practice proves the low efficiency of such methods. In addition to these, there are ways of cheating the polygraph, which can be divided into three types:

The guy uses way to cheat a lie detector

  • Psychological – concentration methods for other situations (solving problems in the mind, a poetry reading),
  • Pharmacological – the use of hypnotics, psychotropic, stimulating medications before the test,
  • Mechanical – attempts to escape from procedures by causing themselves discomfort (biting tongue, clenching of the sphincter).

What questions to ask when checking

Testing a lie-detector lasts from two to three hours with a small five-minute breaks. During this time, the polygrapher will be able to supply about a hundred questions. They are repeated periodically, allowing you to learn accurate information about the subject. In the text include questions that find out the presence of negative or unlawful experiences: stealing when the subject has taken drugs, committed a minor violation (crossing the road in the wrong place).

In some cases, the printers are interested in personal life: there has been a family affair? Overly candid and intimate interview questions were not asked. In addition, if the test using a lie detector is carried out when applying for a job, ask about the attitude towards leadership in General, to others, to a particular company, observance of commercial secrets. Before tricky questions printers offer without the participation instruments to tell about the negative experience.

How to pass a polygraph without a problem when applying for a job

Verification officer-job, a lie detector, is reduced to the elucidation of his lifestyle, attitude to their professional duties, and the ability to meet the requirements of the team. First of all, during testing it is impossible to lie, because the lie is perceived by the employer as proof of dishonesty. In fact, the employer is more interested in not the fact of your past mistakes and your attitude towards them. As the subject to fool a lie detector?

The employer examines the testimony of the polygraph

  1. Before the procedure do not take any medication, alcohol or drugs. This step will be regarded as an attempt to hide the truth. Specialist will note this in the examination report on the detector.
  2. A good night’s sleep.
  3. Use the oxymoron, intentional use of conflicting answers.
  4. In the case of the use of incorrect, incomprehensible, or affect your interests, attitudes, beliefs questions, you have the right to refuse to answer them or you may be asked to restate them in the process of passing a polygraph test.
  5. Don’t try to hide the truth, answer honestly.
  6. The results of testing on the detector in many companies, with the exception of government agencies that are Advisory in nature. Last word remains for the head. So do not lose your temper and confidence in the successful outcome of the case.

How to affect the test results

Affect the results of the survey on the lie detector help and some advice from printers. Among them breath control. After a problematic issue, the subjects do «breath of relief». In addition, with the help of breathing it is possible to realize pressure control, heart rate. To learn this, use breathing exercises, yoga. Will help to circumvent the polygraph game «the fool».

In this case, during testing the detector should be extremely serious. The lie detector due to frequent illogical responses get confused and not be able to determine the desired calibration. So you are not suspected of intentionally strange behavior, which will only cause a negative attitude to the person, you must follow the rule of «Golden mean». To help cope with the lie detector acting skills, thanks to which the subject tries on the role of another person.

Prolonged lack of sleep will help to get around the polygraph, to deceive him, to hide their real thoughts. At this time the body is in a state of trance, response to questions to be minor, and will show the result. But the main recommendation – do not exaggerate the role of the polygraph, see the procedure on the detector as something trivial, nothing unimportant in your life, and certainly not fatal.

Video: how to fool a polygraph

The detector is designed to record changes in pressure, the heart rate to ascertain the veracity of the answers of the test. To this end, the human body attached sensors for the transmission of changes in physiological parameters into the computer. How this is done is shown by the specialists of the Institute of NLP. In preparation for the procedure, the polygraph examiner tested him and reveal some of the secrets of the lie detector, which you can see if you watch the video from YouTube:

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