How to change operator without changing number

Many wish to improve the quality of telephone services think about how to change operator while preserving your phone number. In this case, all friends and acquaintances will be able to call the subscriber for the old contacts, and do not have to inform them. Depending on which operator is used for communication and the service provider is required in the future will be different and changing methods, their cost and timing. Consider this information in more detail.

You can change operator without changing number

To change my phone service provider to another, while leaving the previously used set of identifying digits. This procedure though takes time, but after that, each subscriber will have the desired service parameters and their old contacts. Different mobile providers changing process produce different, but in all cases the first step would be to appeal to the future of the company-service provider for further details.

SIM cards of various operators

A prerequisite for a change of operator is to pay off all debts before him. For this procedure you need to contact the old company to watch the state of the accounts of the subscriber. Next is to go to a new operator, to conclude with it the contract on granting of services then you get a temporary SIM card. In the next step, the old provider will give information about the number of the second, and the subscriber will be able to get the previously used contact, which is served by the new mobile service provider.

Every person who wants to get good and quality services in mobile networks, need to understand that he may at any time change the service company at the lowest cost, without affecting their combination of numbers for identification. It legislatively reaffirmed the leadership of the Russian Federation to the market of cell coating was transparent and competitive.

Change of operator saving the number in different companies

Of the company perform the procedure of transfer of numbers in different ways. This process of mobile service providers make great efforts, because in such a transition must be transmitted a large amount of information, and the old supplier when it loses a customer. In such circumstances, firms are forced to maintain the high quality of their services in order to minimize the number of users that change mobile providers.

To change operator Tele2

Salon of mobile operator Tele2

  • First of all, you need to contact support of an existing operator or to find documents among the home maintenance contract, which States the person to whom the registration was made of the room. To change the supplier to the person to whom the contract has been issued. If you change the passport data, they will have to inform the operator.
  • Pay off all existing debts before the old cell provider. Ideally, if the account balance will be zero, but may be positive
  • Please contact any operator’s office Tele2 to sign a new service contract. Here the customer will be issued a new SIM card for temporary use while will run the data migration process.
  • A day before the mobile provider on the old map will be changed, the user will be notified. Therefore, in this period, you should swap the SIM for a full scope of services.


Salon of cellular communication of MTS

  • For transition to MTS with MNP, you need to go to any office of the company certifying documents (original passport) and the data on the old room (which is decorated in the same person).
  • Choose a service plan, which will be served by a new provider, pay the character transfer service.
  • Get a temporary SIM-ku to the period of the transfer of information to be able to make and receive calls. Such a map will receive a message from MTS on the status of the application execution, the process of transition to a new supplier.
  • Temporary SIM card will receive the information indicating the exact time and date when you need to rearrange the cards. After that, all relations with the old mobile provider will be terminated and the subscriber is starting a service of MTS.


The office of mobile operator MegaFon

  • Company a Megaphone for the convenience of its subscribers has created an online form on the website ( After entering the data in her mobile telephone service provider receives information about a future client, also free of charge delivers, you need a SIM card and contract.
  • At the conclusion of the official documents, the client needs to have a passport or a power of attorney to the ability to control other people’s data.
  • At the moment when the professionals of the company deliver the contract, they advise on possible rates, select the best possible options to our customer’s requirements. Here accepted for the transfer of numbers from one company to another.

On The Beeline

The office of Beeline

  • The Beeline provides several options for transfer. In the first case, you need to make an appointment at the office and come there with all the documents for registration of the contract.
  • In the second embodiment, all materials will be brought by couriers Beeline to the house to the client. There will be made agreements on service and matched the best rates.
  • Transfer room only allowed Federal or city. At the same time possible limitations, such as inaccessibility of calls and messages.

The cost and timing of the transition

The timing of the transition from one operator to another while maintaining the rooms may be different, it all depends on the desires and status information about the client, which is translated. The waiting period can last from several hours to 6 months, but in most cases, for 1-2 day the transfer is complete. The cost of the transfer standard in all cell phone providers (Beeline, MTS, MegaFon, Tele2), it is 100 rubles per one operation.

Other additional fees that may apply to individual firms in a particular tariff plans, installation of new functions and advanced communication capabilities. During the consultation with the experts Beeline, MTS, MegaFon or Tele2, it is necessary to clarify all the interesting moments and ask what be charged. Here you need to specify the transition time that will be required, because these data are the most credible, since it takes into account the specifics of the client.

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