How to care for the slime

Children funny toy slime (slim or hendgam) is an elastic jelly-like substance that feels like soft clay, not leaving any traces. Such a toy can be found on the shelves of children’s stores or make your own. To a pet longer retain their properties for him to properly care for.

How to feed a slime

Elastic hendgam like both children and their parents, who are happy to apply it for massage. Usually, this jelly-like product spoils quickly. But if you know how to care for your kids, you can extend his life for a long time. The main place is given to nutrition. What to feed the kids? For Sliema, it is important to do and pick the right food. The main ingredients that feed the toy:

  • water;
  • eraser;
  • salt.

You need to feed and water endgame:

  • on the bottom of the jar pour the water;
  • add a pinch of salt;
  • put slim;
  • close the top cover;
  • shake;
  • you can add an eraser.

The lizard in the hand

How to raise the kids

Slim was invented in the seventies of the twentieth century. The product is made from a gelatinous adhesive material, so the toy can constantly change shape and stick even to vertical surfaces. But over time hendgam loses these properties, thus strongly decreasing in size. One of the secrets of how to increase the kids in size, you have the following experience:

  • in a container, add some water;
  • then the capacity to clean on a shelf of a refrigerator;
  • in the morning to get slim;
  • hendgam should grow.

Colorful Lizunov in the form of eggs

How to wash the slime

How to clean the slime from dirt, sticky surface, which easily sticks to everything. The most important thing when playing with slim – is to try to avoid any contamination. Hendgam able to quickly absorb the dust, causing much reduced in size and loses its sticky properties. To avoid this, you should not allow toys in a dusty place. You also need to avoid collision Sliema with a pile of hair. If contamination occurred, how to clean out the slime in such a case? Swimming jelly-like product:

  • enter the water in the container and propolene her hendgam;
  • put on the bottom of the jars for storage.

Another way to take care of the slime, involves the use of a syringe. To do this:

  • dial syringe hendgam;
  • gently squeeze hendgam through a syringe;
  • all the dirt will gather in the «nose» of the syringe, the needle.

How to grow a slime-baby

Many owners of Sliema’s interested in the question how can become pregnant hendgam and how to get «seed» from a toy. You can immediately buy a pet «in position», while getting pregnant can be any gender. To determine the presence of «fruit» just on the surface of toys should be small bubbles. Four days later they will merge into a single bubble, at break of which you can find a small lump. If a newborn baby to feed well, the «baby» can grow to the size of the store.

From good care hanagami able to get pregnant themselves. But you can do the artificial «fertilization». For this you need a needle to take a small piece from the boy and then enter the material in the girl’s body. After that, «pregnant women» slim is better not to play and store in a dark place. «Pregnancy» lasts for 4 days, followed by a coloured dot on the surface of the toy. «Child» separate and put on the bottom of separate jars. Color «baby» rarely coincides with the color of the parents.

Hendgam eyes

How to play with slime

So the kids lived with you for a long time, you need to know how to care for it:

  • not worth playing with sticky pupil;
  • don’t throw hendgam on the wall;
  • play with the slim should be in moderation, if at all to forget about it, the toy shrinking, can be infected with disease, or covered with mold;
  • not to give a pet to children up to three years.

How to keep the kids

Retention rules:

  • the toy with water on the bottom of the jar overnight in the refrigerator clean;
  • you should not put the box with the toy in the freezer, it will cease to stick;
  • factory endgame are with a can, if not, then you can do it yourself or be placed in a container which is closed by a cover.

Video: how to properly care for the slime

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