How to call mobile operator MegaFon

Mobile phone users are sometimes faced with the fact that from the account money missing, unable to mount the required function, service, or leave marketing messages and calls, hidden subscribers. In such cases, there is the need of the customer center of your provider. There is no need to contact the office of the company, you can call the Manager and solve the problem. Let’s look at how to do it customers a Megaphone.

Features connect with operator MegaFon

If you are a user of cellular communication Megaphone, wherever you are, in Moscow or a small village, you always have the opportunity to obtain all the necessary information in the event of any situations related to maintenance of the network. For this you need to contact the Manager of the service center in any way. Typing one of the numbers of support, you will be connected to voice mail, which will explain step by step how you should act to find the necessary information.

In the reference immediately, connection with an employee call center, you will receive information about the tariffs of the company. As soon as the answering machine will list the whole list of services, select the question that interests you. To do this, click on the desired buttons on your device. If you want to be connected directly to the specialist call-centre, you need to dial «0».

Operatori Megaphone

How to call MegaFon mobile free

To receive free information about the company’s services, tariffs, if you encounter any problems with communication or payment, use your cell phone. You can do this, even if it is a negative balance on account or has no money. When connecting to an operator you will not be charged a penny. There are several ways to find necessary information.

Contact the operator on a single number for subscribers

The operator offers its users not only a wide range of services and tariffs, subscribers have the opportunity to obtain the necessary background information in several ways. A single Federal number for the provider the opportunity to contact the specialist – 8(800)333-05-00 available when calling from a mobile phone and conventional stationary apparatus. When calling it, customers have the opportunity to solve all their questions.

Network subscribers can contact his mobile on short number – 0500. The service is also free of charge. To connect with a live dispatcher, after line ringing until the answering machine, then on the phone keypad, select «1» and after a few seconds of «2». After that you will be told the wait time communication with the dispatcher. To obtain the necessary information customers can get another free phone – 8-800-550-05-00.

Call support Megaphone with other operators

If you are not able to contact the dispatcher with the intercom, you can get help for free and other mobile TeleSystems. Subscribers of Tele 2, Beeline, MTS can use the telephone support service 88003330500. This service is no different from 0500, but a short room may not be available to such providers as MTS. For this reason, the company proposes to use another free option. In the absence of a connection, clients can call 8-800-550-0500.

To call the operator MegaFon roaming

For those who is roaming abroad in their region or country, the company offers several options for the possible connection with a specialist:

  1. Call the number or 0500 0555. Regardless of your location, the service, as before, remains free. To connect with the employee service center, after listening to the voice menu you should choose «1» and «0». Then the answering machine will inform about new features of the system and connects with one of the consultants help.
  2. Send a message to the consultant. In the same room 0500 0555 or you can send an SMS with your question. In response, the consultant will explain all the necessary moments. The service is free.
  3. Call from a landline or other mobile. To contact a specialist with any available device type «hot» number 8(800)55-00-500. Since you are abroad States, dial the specified number in the international format. Instead of the first «8» use Russia’s country code is «+7». Incoming and outgoing calls in roaming is not charged.

Other methods of communication with the Contact center Megaphone

To obtain unknown information the company’s subscribers can use and other means of communication. Except for the phone calls you have the opportunity to ask a question on the company’s official website:

  • Connect to the Internet, go to the company page, find the link «support to subscribers» and click on it.
  • A new window will open «Online consultant».
  • Before you set your question you will have to provide information about yourself. Then choose the subject matter and send the message.
  • Online consultant will provide the necessary information.

The provider offers video calling from your PC. Additionally, you will need a webcam and a microphone. To use this service:

  • Log on to the official page of the company online and find the link «Video call».
  • Clicking on it, wait for a response as if you called.
  • In the absence of the equipment, to information will help you chat. Go to «Support», select «Chat» and ask your question.

Video: contact center operator MegaFon

If you want to learn more about the contact center operator MegaFon, view the video below. In addition to the statistics about how many minutes staff help the Department communicate on-line with subscribers in the course of the year, time is given to each client, to listen and give advice, you’ll learn about the average waiting time for a response from the consultant on one user and other interesting information about the work of dispatching service of the company.

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