How to calculate ovulation day

Ovulation is a process that is characterized by the willingness to fertilize an egg. The significance of this phenomenon is due to the fact that it’s the only time a woman can get pregnant. Therefore, the timing of ovulation becomes serious importance. Let’s look at what constitutes this process, when it occurs and how to calculate the best time to pregnancy.

What day after your period ovulation

Therefore, in order to achieve the desired pregnancy need to know on what day ovulation occurs. According to the representatives of official medicine, the maturation of the egg is approximately at the middle of the regular menstrual cycle. However, in connection with the peculiarities of functioning of the organism in each case, it is possible to offset this process in time. According to experts, with a cycle of 29 days, the release of an egg occurs at 14-15 days, but can also occur on the 2-3, sooner or later. Therefore, doctors recommend to extend this period from 13 to 17 days.

Ovulation test on different days

In addition, you must pay attention to the duration of the cycles. If it is short – 21-24 days, you should assume that ovulation occurs early, approximately 10-12 days after menstruation onset. When a long cycle is 32-35 days, the cell will Mature at 11-13 days after the start of menstruation. However, be aware that at certain coincidence of circumstances (medication, infection, intense day and night rhythm of life) ovulation can occur even during menstruation. Therefore, the only reliable method that determines the time for conception, is an ultrasound.

How many days lasts ovulation

The process of ovulation is influenced by changes in the number of hormones in a woman’s body. The outcome is the release of an egg. The whole process, according to experts, it takes from 16 to 32 hours. Its ability to the possible fertilization of the egg keeps not for long, about a day. However, doctors believe that under certain favorable conditions, this process can take up to 48 hours. Medicine known cases where the egg retained its functions, which provide fertilization for three days.

How to calculate the calendar method days for conception

How to calculate ovulation day to get pregnant? The most affordable and simplest method is the calendar method. However, it requires patience and organization, because tracking the menstrual cycle will have at least 6 months. The accuracy of the calculations ultimately depends on the correct determination of the moment of the release of the egg. For this it is necessary to note the days of the onset of menstruation and their duration.

How to calculate ovulation day calendar

This calculation method is based on the fact that ovulation occurs 14 days before the end of the cycle. Noting the days of the coming month for 5-6 months, using the usual calculations will determine the possible period of release of an egg. To do this, count for 14 days in each very long and short cycles and receive a favorable interval for conception. As an example we offer to your attention the following application of the calendar method.


  • 1 month. 26 days
  • 2 months. 28 days
  • 3 months. 26 days
  • 4 months. 29 days
  • 5 months. 27 days
  • 6 month 30 days.


  • 30-14=16 – the release of an egg in a very long loop occurred on the 16th day.
  • 26-14=12 in the very short 12.

In this regard, the onset of ovulation between 12 to 16 day cycle. However, it is worth noting that experts say only 30% of the reliability of this method. For this reason, the use of the calendar method of protection from unwanted pregnancy is not recommended.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

According to experts, on the body’s readiness to conceive is affected by a number of factors, including hormonal changes, infectious disease, stress, travel etc. For this reason, it is not always possible to calculate the exact day of ovulation. Therefore, women raises a number of questions regarding other ways to determine a favorable period for conception. Among them the most popular are:

How to determine the day of ovulation the most accurate

The girl checks the temperature to track ovulation

To obtain more accurate data about the occurrence of ovulation experts suggest to use method of measuring the basal temperature. Its advantage is that it can be used when an irregular cycle. For it will need the usual mercury thermometer. With his help, a woman needs each morning before getting out of bed to measure the temperature in the anus, and then record the information, making a kind of schedule.

The temperature, according to experts, influence the predominance of one of the types of hormones. For the first phase characterized the primary role of estrogen, for the second one — progesterone. This will change the temperature. For the first phase of the cycle characteristic indicators, which range from 36.5 to 37 °C. At the phase change and the release of an egg figure changes dramatically and rises to 37,5°C. According to doctors, this day should be regarded as the period of ovulation.

How to do the calculation in an irregular cycle

The life of modern women are full of stress. Therefore, only 30% of women can boast of » regular monthly, while the remaining 70% appear regular crashes. There are many medical methods to restore normal periodicity of the cycle. And if you get rid of this feature does not come out, then how to calculate the ovulation period? Modern medicine offers several methods, including:

Tracking the day of ovulation with ultrasound

  • Ultrasound. This method of determining ovulation is the most accurate. With the help of the doctor with 100% certainty sets the time of the release of an egg. Use this method in the absence of pregnancy more than three years and to control artificial stimulation of ovulation.
  • The use of special tests. This method helps to determine the presence of hormones associated with ovulation. In connection with ease of application can be used independently at home. To obtain reliable data, to wet the test strip is recommended in the morning urine. Using this method is recommended when regular menstrual cycle for 17 days before the next menstruation. Note that the use of tests is one of the most expensive ways.

With an irregular cycle to determine the onset of ovulation will help your own feelings. Many women who suffer from menstrual syndrome, during the release of an egg feel a pulling pain in the abdomen. In addition, to be ill at this time can and chest. However, besides these signs, there are a number of symptoms characteristic of most ladies of childbearing age:

  • Increased production of cervical mucus, which serves as an indicator of ovulation. After the cessation of vaginal bleeding after menstruation the mucus is almost not released, then, as at the approach of the release of an egg, the mucus becomes more abundant.
  • The presence of small quantities of secretions red. The appearance of blood associated with rupture of the follicle.
  • Increase in sexual desire. It is believed that during ovulation, women experience strong sexual desire. According to experts, the very nature encourages women to conception of the embryo, increasing the sexual appetite in the period of the release of the egg, as if subtly alluding to the readiness of the body for pregnancy.

How many days before and after ovulation you can get pregnant

Girl holding positive pregnancy test

According to the claims of doctors to get pregnant before or after ovulation is impossible. However, it turns out some couples to conceive a baby while having sex 3-4 and sometimes 5 days before the ovum is released. This is explained by the particular survivability of sperm, once inside a woman’s body, within 3-5 days to maintain their ability to fertilize. So 5 days before the ovum is released are considered the most dangerous or beneficial (depending on the situation) for conception.

Having unprotected sex at this time when there is no desire to become a mother is not recommended. However, if the pregnancy is planned, then sex before ovulation suggest to couples who want a girl. It is believed that the female child is obtained by fusion of egg and sperm inactive. For conceiving a boy needs «fresh,» nimble «tadpoles». To get pregnant after ovulation will not work. However, if the process of release of an egg lasts for up to 2 days, the probability of conception on the second day is very high.

In addition, the chances of getting pregnant greatly increase if ovulation is late. Depending on the particular way of life, professional activity, sexual activity may occur offset the release of the egg for 3-4 days in either direction. Early ovulation a woman set up in the middle of cycle to get pregnant can’t, because lose time, but later when the probability of conception is significantly increased.

After how many days periods start

Period after ovulation, marked on the calendar

Menstruation in the normal development process, in the absence of pregnancy, occurs in 12-14 days after ovulation. However, sometimes there is a delay that can last from two months to six months. This period may even vomiting that suggestive of pregnancy. However, if the test detects a negative result, such as evidence of disease. If your period is delayed and the absence pregnancy women of childbearing age, you must contact your gynecologist to determine the cause of the failure.

Calculation of ovulation day at home: calculator online

How to calculate ovulation day at home? To determine the exact date of the release of an egg to help our calculator. You need to enter in a dedicated window the day of the beginning of the month and finishing them. In addition, specify the duration of bleeding. To obtain reliable data it is recommended to use the records of the women’s calendar for the last 5-6 months.

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