How to get brown when mixing colors

This shade is not very bright, but popular. It is actively used for interior decoration of the room, when painting furniture, make-up, while drawing paintings and to change the color of the hair. On this basis the question of what should be mixed to obtain the desired result, it is very relevant.

What colors is brown

Proper blending is a science, but today is even easier with a ready color wheel, which can be seen on the Internet. It gives an understanding of what the main colors are yellow, red and blue. The circle represents the results by mixing each of these variants with each other are secondary colors. If you connect them, it will have tertiary. There are three main law in the mix:

  • Act 1. Each color circle represents a symbiosis of opposite relative to the center, which, with stirring, to give additional color, it is achromatic. Complementary clearly defined, for example, red – green, and yellow – blue.
  • Act No. 2. Used in practice, indicates that when mixing colors, which on the color circle close to each other, formed new colors the main color scheme, which is located between the mixed pigments. So, to get orange, you have to combine red with yellow and green – mix yellow and blue. The combination of ambiguous proportions of the three main components in the form of red, yellow and blue-you can get any effect.
  • Law No. 3. Of the similar shades when mixed turn out the same mixture. This result is achieved, if you combine the color, are identical in content but different in saturation. Another option: mix a few colors by the symbiosis chromatic with achromatic.

Paint and brushes

What colors do you mix to get brown

Artists who work with gouache, I know that for the combination of different colors produces new colors. Even created a special table synthesis, which helps to make the necessary shades. The simplest way of obtaining brown is adding red to green. These tones are in any hardware store or office supply Department. However, to interfere with dark red and dark green is impossible, because it will dirty the shade that resembles black.

Don’t know how to get the brown color when mixing colors, if the palette is not green? In this case, you can use three colors: red, blue, yellow. This is because green is obtained through a synthesis of blue and yellow. For another option mix will be used gray paint plus orange, or purple with yellow. So, the absent of pigments is the basic formula, you can always find a replacement.

Yellow, blue and red paint in tube

How to get dark brown color

The desired result is easy: to red, orange or yellow to add a little black pigment. Brown, you can easily give different shades: the basis is need to take the yellow, blue and red, then add other colors. For example, red helps to create a warm shade with a glimmer of rust, and blue – to ensure that the end result was a depth and brightness. Saturation can be achieved by combining different proportions of yellow, blue and red according to the scheme:

  • Mustard can happen when you combine red, yellow and black with a splash of green.
  • Dark-brown is achieved by mixing red, yellow, white and black.
  • Red-brown (known as Marsala similar to dark pink) needs work, if you mix two shades: chocolate and red in large quantity.

Get different shades of brown when mixing

What colors to mix for lighter shades of brown

To create coffee milk, the beautiful copper-brown, unusual gray-brown or honey brown, you should use whitewash. How to make brown paint color light shades? Need a mixture of the main colors, add a little white. If the above consistency will prevail yellow, you get ochre, that is a light shade of brown. To understand how to get the brown color when mixing colors, to help workout with incongruous proportions. Only in this case you can get a perfect result.

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