How to block a number of MTS

Many actively use mobile services. Rooms are often needed when registering for any services, forums and social networks. If you have begun to call strangers or annoying the company, there are ways how to temporarily block a SIM card from MTS or forever to do it. Blocking can be done in several methods.

How to block SIM card MTS by phone

Sometimes personal information leaked to the network and become available in various databases of telephone numbers, which are then actively used by companies for the rung. In this case, the subscriber may want to voluntarily abandon the current personal number to buy another. To disable the SIM, there is another reason – people have simply lost the phone. Restoring the operator carries out free of charge, but you must first carry out blocking of the card.

Each user can choose a suitable type and the best way to block the card yourself. Convenience of each method depends on the specific situation. The most popular options for how to disable SIM card:

  • visit the office of MTS.
  • using the online assistant on the site.
  • with the help of mobile services: USSD-request to the support center.

SIM card blocked

How to block SIM card of MTS USSD-command

Many subscribers value their personal starter pack and number. This is convenient because the contacts have added all friends, partners, relatives. Sometimes situations are formed when the number gets into the hands of bullies, annoying managers or simply unpleasant people, and there is a need to disable the SIM card. This technique, how to block a number of MTS is suitable if you wish to voluntarily give up the ability to make incoming and outgoing calls. What you need to do:

  1. Take the phone card, which you should disable. To send a request need only him.
  2. Open the dial menu.
  3. Enter the combination– *111*157# and the call button.

Using this command turns on the service «voluntary blocking», the user will still be able, if you want to recover SIM card. Up to this point to use it, the subscriber can not, prohibited all actions, except for emergency service 112. For the period of temporary block of account cease to be charged for use of the tariff. The final period of the outage or recovery is determined by the subscriber.

A set combination of buttons on the phone

How to block a number on MTS via the answering machine

Close the ability to make calls using the automatic menu MTS. To block this method can only be subject to the availability of seven. If you have stolen, to make it through the answering machine will not work. This is another method of temporary stop of the voluntary health seven. The procedure is performed in the following steps:

  1. Dial mobile that you want to block 111. Press call.
  2. You will hear a voice answering machine, he will tell you about all the points of the virtual menu.
  3. Listen to his tips, press the key that will help to block a number.
  4. Follow these steps and your family will be resolved soon.

How to block a phone number through MTS support

This option will help you to quickly disable the chip. This method is more suitable when the loss of the mobile device. This option is how to lock the number of MTS you can use from any phone regardless of an inserted card. To perform the necessary actions you need to use the customer support center. Before the relationship with the employee be sure to prepare:

  • passport;
  • a contract for the purchase of the starter package.

The lock is as follows:

  1. To connect with the support center you need to dial 0890 (for MTS subscribers) or 88002500890 from any other phone (including a landline).
  2. Wait for connection with a specialist.
  3. Explain to him that you would like to opt out from the use of the SIM card.
  4. Provide the required details requesting officer (contract number or passport data). Sometimes you just need to answer the question.
  5. After a few minutes of access to the sevens will be closed.

If the map is before you, you will be able at any time to restore it in any convenient way (via support centre, Internet, office). If the card is lost, it is again only in the branch of the operator in your city. Again you will need a passport for registration new. Nothing to pay extra for this service do not have to. All the bonuses money in the account options and services that you have used will be automatically activated for new seven.

Logos MTS

How to block SIM card MTS using

This option is suitable for those who want to quickly lock the SIM card. Method available to those who already have the registration on the website of the company in personal account (to avoid the need to SMS to the phone number), or the card is not lost. The simplicity of this method – that the Internet is now accessible to everyone. To disable a DEVICE, you must perform the following steps:

  1. On the main page of MTS you need to get into account. If you were not registered, it is necessary to spend. Click the link to enter the form, enter contact phone number (he is login), which will receive the password. Enter the received code in the field below. It is recommended to further edit it inside the Cabinet on the other that it could not recognize other people. If you forget it, you just need to repeat the registration procedure again.
  2. When you’re inside a custom Cabinet, you will need an «Internet assistant». Is the item in the left menu of the interface.
  3. Select «Lock room».
  4. You will see a form which you should carefully fill in. Based on it will be off the cards. Here then it will be possible to restore its performance.
  5. With proper implementation of all points in a few minutes there will be a suspension of SIM cards.

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How to block SIM card of MTS forever in the office

Every major city in Russia there are the salons of communication of MTS. The office staff is ready to help subscribers with any questions that relate to the work of the operator. To pay extra for advice or assistance in the package is not necessary. If you have the opportunity to visit the salon, you can block your number. To perform this operations specialist will need your passport that you used when purchasing the starter package. If you are not the owner, you need a power of attorney to execute the procedure.

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