How to become a labor exchange

One of the most difficult stages of life for many people is the job search. After graduation, withdrawal from the decree of loss of earnings or reduced, this problem becomes relevant. The employment center is a great option for its solution. What it takes to be at the job? How to find a job quickly?

Who can become at the job

The employment center staff

Able-bodied citizen of Russia can come and register on the exchange, but we must fulfill one condition: the person should not be a permanent job. The main criterion is the desire to work. However, the legislation provides for some restrictions, a full list of which is given in the law «On employment in RF». That’s part of this list:

  • persons under 16 years of age;
  • pensioners;
  • persons who perform corrective work;
  • people who once refused to be trained (they are regarded as voluntarily refused to help).

If you are interested in the question of how the pregnant woman to stand on the labour exchange «interesting» situation, not a reason for refusal of the unemployed to find employment. Pregnant girl within 10 days to two options, the relevant it knowledge and skills. Otherwise it will begin to pay support, just like all the others. When the pregnancy will fit up to 30 weeks, it will have to go on maternity leave, which means the cessation of payment of benefits.

How to become the employment center on the account

To put on record, should come with all necessary documents. The center should be correlated with the address of your residence. After becoming a citizen on the account in this institution, he begins to defend the state. It provides for monetary payment until employment. Getting help requires you to perform certain obligations by the unemployed.

Employees within 10 days will offer at least two vacancies that will match the professional training of the unemployed. It needs for three days to go to an interview, to communicate with the employer to try their hand. If after a year of registration at the labor exchange, the citizen will not find a job, it it or direct you to training that will determine to a position where it requires no skills or abilities.

The employment center unemployed explain how to get to the unemployment office. In order not to lose obtained when you search for payments twice in a month you need to come at the appointed date. If this condition is not met, the aid is greatly reduced. Threatens even a complete cessation of payments, so you should be attentive to the recommendations and requirements of the employee’s employment center.

There is another option of registration in the employment centre through the Internet. To learn how to become online to the unemployment office, you need to find in the Internet the official site of the employment center. There you can see a list of available vacancies. However, this registration does not confer official status of «unemployed» does not guarantee payment. To receive them will have to apply in person.

The paperwork

Documents required for labour exchanges

To register on the stock exchange, you should seriously approach to the preparation of papers. Here are the basic documents for the employment center:

  • the certificate on statement on the tax account;
  • passport;
  • documents that reflect the qualifications of the person (diplomas of graduation from higher education institutions);
  • for those who have already worked, the certificate of salary for the last three months, employment history.

Which can offer jobs

Representatives of different professions

Staff help everyone as quickly as possible to the desired location and explain how to get to the unemployment office. They offer the unemployed corresponding to their skills, education and experience. For example, if a person is a bachelor in Economics, most likely that will help him to find the position of accountant.

How to get unemployment benefits in 2016

The guy in the interview

If officers were minor, and while a citizen can’t find the right job, then pay him monetary help. How to apply for unemployment benefits? After unsuccessful attempts to be interviewed need to fill in a special form, which specifies the number of own account, where will the money be transferred. Today maximum payout rate is 4,900 rubles.

The amount is influenced by the individual characteristics of each situation. It all depends on my previous job, wage, and experience, reasons for job loss. For example, if the person was fired, it can deprive of the benefit. For Moscow, the allowance of the minimum amount of payout is 850 rubles. The state reimburses half of the cost of travel. The accrual of benefits occurs twice in a month.

Video: the order of registration in the employment center

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