How to activate the bonuses on the Megaphone

Free access to the services of the mobile operator wants. On a permanent basis is impossible, so the largest telecommunication companies are coming up with various incentive programs for regular users. For the question of how to spend the points on the Megaphone, there is no single answer, all depends on the needs of the subscriber.

What is the program «MegaFon-Bonus»

You, as an active user of the mobile operator, which makes a large number of calls can benefit. The company has provided for the accrual of remuneration for telephone conversations, sending messages and access to the network. The program «MegaFon-Bonus» is valid all year round and free to the caller. Promotion is awarded at the end of each month to the internal balance. Since the addition, they are available for exchange or withdrawal. However, before you can activate bonuses on the Megaphone option, you need to connect:

  1. By choosing in the menu «Messages», type in the text box 5010.
  2. Send SMS to the number 5010.

How to redeem points on the Megaphone using USSD-request

Remuneration would be in vain without the possibility to change them in any way. What that is depends on a specific subscriber. One struggle every day to make hundreds of calls – it will need free calls. The other prefers to communicate via short messages or sits in the network, he will be happy to receive the free package of SMS or traffic. Credited to the bonus account points expire 1 year, so to avoid cancellation, it is better to use them gradually.

Requests by entering a USSD command is firmly established in the life of the modern subscriber. It is also convenient as sending an SMS, and much more practical than a call to a call center for connection options. To obtain advantages by turning the bonuses in minutes, messages and megabytes by entering combinations of stars, grids and numbers. For each type of service, these teams differ.

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Activation bonuses for Megaphone free

If you are one who daily sends many messages to friends and colleagues, ignoring the calls, then activate the bonus unit you should be in favor of this service. We must note that this option is available only when roaming within the home region. The validity of connected messages is also limited and is 1 month from the date of enrollment, therefore, before to activate the points on the Megaphone, make sure it’s worth it and you will have time to spend a free SMS to the cancellation. There are two packages that you can include for available bonuses:

  • 10 SMS. For this setting will be asked to pay 10 bonus units accumulated on the account. If you have such a small number, it can be connected like this:
  1. Enter the number 115, surrounding it with asterisks on both sides.
  2. Dial successively the numbers 9, 3, 1 and 0, after the command bars.
  3. Activate by pressing the phone buttons with the green tube.
  • 30 SMS. For the extended package will have to pay 25 bonuses, but the free messages will be much more. This list will help you to activate for FREE:
  1. Enter an asterisk, the numbers 1, 1 and 5 in series, then another asterisk.
  2. Enter 9330 and play.
  3. Press the call key.

Using the phone to activate the bonuses

How to spend bonuses on the Megaphone in exchange for minutes

Communication with loved ones or colleagues is always important, so it’s nice to get some benefits for a more profitable or free communication. Supporters of long conversations, according to statistics, more than fans to send an SMS. The largest operator has provided promotions to these customers. To spend points MegaFon collected during the previous period, it is possible for a package of 10 or 30 minutes, connects for a month. Variants of this advantage are several:

  • For a home network. Bonus minutes will be charged only for calls to subscribers of the same operator that is in the home region. Here are a few points that will help to activate the reward:
  1. Enter a combination of: *115*.
  2. Dial number 9101 for 10 minutes or 9103 for the 30 minute package. Complete lattice.
  3. Click with the tube.
  • For talk on Russia. In this case, you will be able to make calls to the subscribers of the operator even when outside your home network. Step-by-step, the algorithm looks like this:
  1. Dial *115*.
  2. To connect 10 minutes, enter 9201, and for 30 minutes – 9203. Click to play.
  3. Activate the call button.

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How to redeem points the Megaphone for money

If your room has accumulated a considerable number of awards, and you not decided on the method of their application, just will be deposited in my account. The translation will be done right on your account balance, after which you will be able to use the money at its discretion. To exchange the points for a Megaphone, using USSD commands, but the amount will differ from the number of points. To find out how much money will be credited, possibly from this table:

Bonuses Money
15 5 g.
25 10 g.
60 30 g.
100 50 g.
180 100 g
240 150 g

To receive the funds into your account is easy using the following method:

  1. Enter in your device is a combination of: *115*.
  2. Each transfer corresponds to your number: 005, 010, 030, 050, 100 or 150. After dialing these digits, press to play.
  3. Activate the call key.

Use bonus MegaFon Internet payment

Modern gadgets are almost useless without network access, because most of the apps work online. Wireless Internet access is not always at hand, so the activation bonus points a Megaphone at the expense of traffic – great idea! It is perhaps more advantageous to convert rewards from all that are presented by the operator. Just 25 at a time a bonus you get an additional 100 MB, and 50 – 500 MB. When not to use them at the end of the month is automatically canceled. Step by step instructions to help you connect:

  1. Dial *115*9401# to 100 MB or *115*9405# to 500 MB.
  2. Activate the button with the tube.

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Activation points on the Megaphone in the personal Cabinet on the company website

When you have a question about how to activate bonuses on the Megaphone, first remember official resources. To change points for anything, you must know the password of your personal account. You have to follow this instructions:

  1. Enter the phone number and password in the dedicated fields.
  2. Select the submenu «Spend bonus».
  3. Connect to the desired option.

Video: how to use bonuses Megaphone

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