How to Aliexpress to place the order

Aliexpress is a marketplace originally from China, targeted to retail and wholesale customers. People from all over the world book here good quality goods at a low price, why Aliexpress is competing with such global giants like Amazon and Ebay. On this site thousands of sellers and tens of thousands of customers, between which occur lightweight agreements, and a wide range of every year are attracted to the online store more and more supporters.

Features an online store Aliexpress

The main feature of Aliexpress is that marketplace is not in the classical sense. In its essence it is the middleman between multiple buyers and sellers that post their items. There are lots of Chinese entrepreneurs and each of them specializiruetsya on his group of products.

Unlike other marketplaces, Aliexpress everything is sold at fixed prices, and the auction system is missing. Aliexpress full control of their sellers, ensuring customers maximum security of transactions. With the help of a special security Escrow sends the money to the seller only when the buyer will receive your order, check the absence of defects, serviceability, and then in his account confirms the fact of receipt.

Each seller in Aliexpress offers his method of delivery, and the buyer chooses what he acceptable. For example, it is possible to order the free mail delivery in Singapore or China, which will be more time-consuming, or fast but paid by EMS. Among our compatriots are the most popular payment methods:

  • Bank card;
  • through payment system Webmoney;
  • through QiWi.

Step-by-step manual order registration on the site AliExpress in Russian

Work with an online store Aliexpress is very easy, despite the fact that the site is not completely translated. The buyer need only complete a simple registration procedure, specify payment information, shipping address and add to cart for products. If you know a little English, the order is simplified to the minimum: the intercom will be able to communicate directly with the seller, specifying those interested in the information. Let’s look at how to place an order on Aliexpress, step by step.

The logo of the site Aliexpress

Sign up on the website

There are two registration options: English or Russian version of the site. Use a translator or make profitable purchases through the Russian version of Aliexpress. To do this:

  1. Go to the website and in the upper right corner find the field «my account», then click «Register».
  2. Then fill in the boxes in the window and enter your password to log into the online store Aliexpress.
  3. After confirming the password, enter a code consisting of letters and numbers that you see in the picture.
  4. When data are filled, click «Create profile», and immediately find yourself on the main page of the site Aliexpress.

Select any product and add it to cart

To choose a really good product Aliexpress, you should consider the following nuances:

  • the average product rating, which is displayed in the form of a five-star scale;
  • seller rating based on customers who have already made his purchase;
  • free delivery is another plus for the seller;
  • the number of reviews, the more positive, the more confidence to the seller and the quality of the goods;
  • the total number of orders for the selected product.

Click «Checkout»

When choosing a product in Aliexpress all indicators are important, therefore it is better to spend a little more time to study the reviews and seller rating, and when you’re ready to make a choice, then:

  1. Choose the button «Add to cart» and continue shopping in Aliexpress.Add selected product to cart
  2. If you are ready to place an order, choose the «Buy»button.
  3. Next you should confirm your choice, which at the end of the page, click «your cart» and «Checkout».Yak on Aliexpress oformiti zamovlennya

Order confirmation

After the page loads the «order Confirmation», you should:

  1. Enter the recipient’s name, delivery address and postcode. Keep in mind that you need to fill the fields in English letters, and if you doubt the correctness of their writing, use an online translator.
  2. When all data has been entered correctly, re-check, display the total amount and click «Checkout».

Select a payment method and confirm the willingness to pay for the goods

The next stage of the checkout Aliexpress is the payment. Select a payment method. The site represents a large number of options: in addition to Bank cards Visa and Mastercard payments via Western Union, Webmoney, Moneybookers, Pay my Order, QiWi, Yandex Money and even your phone, if your mobile operator MTS, Beeline, MegaFon or Tele2. Fill in the necessary fields for payment and click «Pay the order».

The choice of method of payment

Tracking order and shipping

Aliexpress customers have a unique opportunity to track the stages of your shipment, due to modern electronic technology. Order delivered in two stages. The first is a parcel passes through the territory of China, and the buyer can track the movement from structure to custom on the page in Aliexpress. At the second stage the package is tracked on the territory of Russia or another country where it’s going.

Tracking packages with track number

After ordering to the email address of the customer notification with shipment within 5-10 days. If the confirmation letter is not received after the specified time, the client may:

  1. Go to the website in the personal account.
  2. Choose «Show details».
  3. The number of the tracker of your order and the courier carrying out the delivery of the parcel on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Mail of Russia on its official website provides reliable information for moving the parcels on the territory of Russia and Crimea. To find out the status of your order, you only need to enter the tracking number of my shipment, and immediately will be answered about the whereabouts of the parcel at the moment. If when ordering you are not designated courier service, the Chinese sellers have the right to choose your own. They often choose a way of delivery Sellers Shipping Method, the main drawback which is the inability to track parcels in Russia.

How to send your purchases with Aliexpress in one parcel

The website Aliexpress is a platform where every seller is working with his merchandise and does not associated with other sellers. This online store is not offering services in connection of orders from different sellers in one. But if you order from one seller multiple items at once, for example, at a discount, then it will be easy to arrange delivery in a single shipment.

What to do if you have problems

The website gives no guarantee on goods is the responsibility of the sellers, so before ordering you should examine the warranty of the entrepreneur. The right to return to the online store of Aliexpress, apply to the same cases as in retail outlets around the world:

  • If the product does not meet the specs.
  • If faulty.
  • If not received in full.

All questions regarding returns should be addressed with the seller. If the issue price is not high, parties often negotiate a discount on their next order, or a compensation of part of the amount paid. Chinese entrepreneurs value their rating, so always make concessions, if there is a problem. Contact the seller you can use a personal message in which to include your order number and describe the problem.

Video: how to make an order in the online store Aliexpress

On the website you will find a wide range of consumer products with a perfect ratio quality/price. Here you can buy everything: clothes and shoes for women, men and children, electronics, suitcases, bags, computers, spare parts for cars, paintings, accessories and the goods for repair. Check out the video below for a visual aid on how to choose a product and place an order for world renowned trading platform Aliexpress. This will help you to buy any product on this site.

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