How not to pay credit

Banks citizens use regularly, because the application can be submitted via the Internet, sitting at home. Car loans, mortgages, cards, foreign currency, consumer loans are in great demand. Financial crisis and personal circumstances can change the financial situation of the borrower. In this case, citizens do not know how to be with debts.

As not to give the loan to the Bank

Credit card

If the financial situation deteriorated sharply, and you can’t pay the financial institution debt balances, it is recommended to contact your Bank. The company is interested in the fact that you were able to fully pay the debt, so must go to a meeting. Serious financial structure, such as «Russian standard», «Alfa-Bank» or «Tinkoff» offers customers several options of solving such problems:

  1. Restructuring – revision of the term of payments, resulting in reduce amount of the monthly payments.
  2. Refinancing of the loan. You can go to another financial institution, such as «Renaissance» or «PrivatBank», where you provide this service. You will be issued a new loan that will allow you to pay the debt on existing loans. During one year you pay interest on the new loan, and the bulk of the debt will start to give, when your financial situation improves.
  3. Deferral of payments is not granted by all organizations. At the request of the customer, the Bank may defer the payment for a month without incurring penalties and fines.

These methods are suited only to citizens who have unpaid 1-2 months. A timely appeal to the Bank confirming the integrity of the client and helps to avoid negative consequences. However, some companies do not make concessions to the citizens, demanding repayment of the loan by charging huge fines and threatening. Borrowers have to think how to deceive the Bank. Ways how not to pay the loan, remaining pure before the law, exist, but require a lot of effort and patience.

It is recommended to seek the advice of an experienced lawyer. Some provide them for free. The study loan agreement and insurance terms and conditions of the loan can give a good result. Sometimes a deal can you recognize a sham, or to prove that the debtor is bankrupt. There are serious grounds for non-payment, confirmed by documents, can save you from fines and threats from the credit institution.

Legitimate ways not to pay the loan

The man received the money at the ATM

To get a certain amount of debt, as a rule, citizens have to take out insurance. It will be useful to those who think, how can you not pay the loan. Some insurance companies, such as «Hull» in the case of loss of health or work, take responsibilities for the payment of the loan itself. However, before you do so, the company will check defaulter.

Another option how to pay credit awaiting trial. Completely from debt obligations of the borrower, it is not free, but this solution has many advantages:

  • don’t have to pay fines;
  • no need to endure extortion and threats of collection agencies;
  • the duty will apply in small sections from wages.

Almost all banks, whether «Kaspi», «Rusfinance» or «Cetelem», sin that convey information about their customers to collectors. In Russia such actions are a violation of the law. It threatens the credit institution with revocation of license if no written authorization from the borrower. Not pay the debt of the company, which loan agreement was not the legitimate right of everyone.

Wait for the expiration of the limitation period

There is one way out for those who are thinking about how to officially not pay the loan? You need to stop to interact with a credit institution:

  • ignore phone calls;
  • don’t reply to emails;
  • not to meet with Bank employees in person.

Credit is a legal limitation period, which starts counting from the date of the first late payment and up to three years. If during this period the Bank has no contact with the borrower, that at the expiration of time to present claims of the debtor will fail. Each new contact with an employee of the Bank is the starting point of the three-year period, which occurs after the Statute of limitations.

The manifold knocking against the debtor on the loan

Help antikollektorskih companies

Very often lenders under the assignment agreement transfer debts of their clients to collection organizations. It threatens the debtor:

  • regular threats;
  • calls to work and family;
  • parishes of home agents;
  • requirements to sell the property and repay the debt.

Antikollektorskie organizations come to the aid of citizens in the fight against troublesome agents exceed their authority. Staff will explain how to deal with collectors correctly, because they are using legal illiteracy of citizens. Do not succumb to the aggressive pressure. To encourage the debtor the court can only, describe the property, the bailiffs if there is an official ruling. In other cases, you threatens nothing, except a bad mood.

Design credit

What happens if not paying credit at all

If the case goes to trial, the objector from the payment of the debt will be forced to pay the debt with each paycheck (up to 50%). The debtor’s property by decision of a court may sell, and all proceeds will go to pay the loan. Defaulters are forbidden to travel outside of Russia and refuse to grant new loans. The worst offenders and fraudsters calling to criminal responsibility under article 177, 159. What to do if you can not pay the loan? To compromise with the Bank, to explain the reasons for the delays and the situation.

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