Flower Christmas star

If you want Christmas in your home has blossomed in white, yellow or red flowers, like stars, will definitely put it on your windowsill the most beautiful Euphorbia. However, keep in mind that every plant needs properly, to surround with care, to transplant and feed.

How to choose a Christmas flower

Christmas flower

There are several houseplants that bloom during the winter cold, so the Christmas star flower is unique. The unusual name of the Poinsettia (Euphorbia beautiful) received during the period of active flowering, which falls on new year’s holidays. This allows you to buy rodstvennik as a gift to friends or relatives, because he has a small beautiful flowers with large bracts, which make the inflorescence of Euphorbia is like a bright star.

The family of Euphorbiaceae, to which the Poinsettia has more than 1,000 species. Some of them are deciduous plants, and others to the succulent. Some varieties of Milkweed are listed in the Red book as endangered. In the indoor environment cultivated many species, but flower Christmas star – one of the most beautiful and unpretentious.

If you decide to purchase for yourself or your loved ones this remarkable plant, in the store pay attention to some points:

  • the leaves and crown of bracts should be fresh and lush;
  • short stems with green leaves;
  • not too dry soil.

You can’t buy a flower on the street where the air temperature is below 5 degrees. Even if the Bush will be quite a bit in the cold, he might get sick or die. When you buy Milkweed in the store, be sure to cover him with paper and fabric, then you can stand on the street. Frostbite Poinsettia face the fact that it completely throw off the leaves, so you will not be able to give for Christmas to your friends, and all holidays will go to the treatment plant.

How to care for Poinsettias at home

Home Poinsettia

The approach of the New year or Christmas is the best time to purchase for themselves or a loved one Poinsettia, because when flowering is over, and the bracts will fall off completely, it will not be so attractive. The Christmas tree is very capricious and can start to rot in the first days after purchase, if you do not provide him with proper care. It is worth considering the origin of tropical Milkweed, observe the regularity of rest and growth, time to cut and feed. If you do everything right, every year the Poinsettia will delight you with beautiful flowers for 3-4 months in a row!

First of all, after buying flower Christmas star need to take care of where you place the pot with him. It is recommended to give preference to the Western side of the window. It is very important that the leaves of Euphorbia are beautiful not in contact with the glass Windows because they are very delicate and can start to fall from engagement with the cold surface. Any drafts disastrous for a Poinsettia.

Proper care of color the Christmas star must include a range of activities:

  • temperature control;
  • ensuring the desired level of illumination;
  • regular watering;
  • fertilizing fertilizers.

Temperature and lighting

The star of Bethlehem is a heat-loving flower, which is not able to cope with the cold weather. The optimum temperature for him – 18-20 degrees. The lower limit should not go less than 16. You should take care of that in the room where your Christmas flower, there were no dramatic changes in temperature. Pay attention to where buy Milkweed. If it is the market, the flower has little chance to survive, because there he was almost in the street, and has managed to get frostbite. Lighting is also important for flower, so it is possible highlights the Bush.

Humidity and watering

Flower Christmas star

Warm and very dry air can harm your flower Christmas star. If in your apartment there is this problem, you should purchase a artificial moisturizer or have to constantly spray the plant. It should be done clean, especially separated by water temperature of 18-20 degrees. Such manipulation will additionally be protecting the flowers from the appearance of spider mites (pest, which is very dangerous for the Christmas star).

When the Poinsettia begins to blossom (in winter from December to March), you should provide it with regular abundant watering. In addition, the water flower in the period of active growth (usually it falls on summer months). You cannot let the soil dry out, but water stagnation should be avoided. If you noticed that the soil started to dry, immediately pour the flower, and after 40-60 minutes, drain with sump liquid that is left. Water for irrigation is specifically defending, it should be at room temperature.

Fertilizer and fertilizing

That Christmas star was lush and beautiful, it needs nutrients. This is especially important in spring and summer, when the flower is growing and gaining strength. Feeding is carried out at least twice monthly with mineral fertilizers. In winter, when the flowering Poinsettia, it is better to top dressing potassium fertilizers. You can buy Christmas star ready-mix for cacti, or flowering plants.

The choice of soil and transplant flower

This unusual flower with red flowers is in need of annual transplants. Best time – April or may. The sequence of actions is simple:

  1. Pulled out of the flower pot, carefully shake the roots from the old soil.
  2. In the new larger pot is placed drainage layer, covered with fresh soil. The best option for the Christmas star – soil with a high content of humus. You can mix the grassy ground with peat and sand.
  3. Planted a flower in the previously prepared pot.
  4. Put the Christmas star on the Sunny side of the window, abundantly watered.
  5. When you see fresh shoots about 15 cm, leaving 5 of the strongest of them, the rest is trimmed.
  6. The trimmed cuttings are suitable for the cultivation of new plants.

Flowers in gift box

Reproduction of plants

After the Christmas star has successfully grown in your home two seasons in a row, you can try to copy it. This applies to cuttings of a Bush. Poinsettia cut in early or mid-summer, but no later than the end of August. The temperature for keeping the trimmed Bush needs to be in the range of 23-30 degrees. If lower, you need to create the greenhouse effect or to move the hive in the greenhouse.

Stalk for reproduction of the Christmas star should be 8-10 cm long. In addition, it should be 3 healthy green leaves. Appendage planted in moist soil with good drainage layer. A few weeks before the new shoots on the Bush should maintain uniform soil moisture. Be sure to control that the land was clean. Every day, several times are sprayed in the Bush. This will prevent whitefly and fungal gnats. Be sure to sunlight alternating with shade to avoid sunburn.

Flowering and pruning

Flowering Christmas star

To call this plant Christmas star started for beautiful blossoms, reminiscent of a luxurious Christmas decoration. However, to receive flowers on the holiday to properly care for the plant. Autumn, in October or November, flower cover with black tape (you can use a cardboard box). It is necessary to reduce the photoperiod to ten hours. In early winter I put the hive into a warm room with temperatures around 18 degrees. The lighting in the room should be bright. In addition, the flower needs abundant watering.

If you do it right, then by the end of December, your Christmas star bloom beautiful flowers that will delight you until the spring. The flower may begin to wilt the leaves, this is due to excessive moisture in the soil, drafts or temperature changes in the house. To prevent such problems, it is important to protect the plant from similar factors.

When pruning a Christmas star? Every year the flower requires several procedures:

  1. Pruned branches immediately after flowering exactly half, leaving shoots with a length of about 15 cm.
  2. Cut weak shoots after transplanting the plants into a new pot.
  3. During the vegetation period are pruned twigs Christmas star, knocked out of the total number (too long, uneven), to maintain the shape of the Bush.

Video: peculiarities of cultivation of the flower – Poinsettia beautiful

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