Expander for hands

In many strength exercises important for maximal weight is the power grip. Few athletes pays the processing time of the fingers, hands, forearms, so you need to use the exerciser hand expander. Advantage of such studies is that they can spend at any time and even in public transport.

What is carpal expander

Carpal expander

This wrist trainer is a various modifications of the devices that help to increase grip strength, strengthen fingers. Its name he received because to a greater extent engage the muscles of the hand. The shell can have a different appearance or form, but it is directed always to workout the same muscles. As a rule, it is a mini trainer that fits in a handbag or even pocket. This allows you to swing the hands at any moment.


Systematic, regular exercise will help to develop the forearm, which play an important role during exercise large muscle groups: chest, back. The main benefit of such activities – the athlete stops to think about the contents of a shell and switches attention to the observance of the exercise equipment. The person begins to feel the tension in the target muscle because the forearm is excluded from a chain of «brain-muscle», which can be achieved with a weak grip.

Among the reviews is found the opinion that the effectiveness of school uniforms for hands not been confirmed, but over several decades it remained the most reliable exercise for the forearms. There are several types of the projectile, but the lack of effectiveness and harm – no. The threat may be only to the use of overly complicated version of expander, which can cause strain, muscle rupture.

What muscle develops

Simulator for brush helps to strengthen the muscles of the hands, forearms, shoulders. Do not have to use the equipment for pumping of muscle mass, it can be a great tool for warm-up, warm-up the shoulder girdle and hands. For example, rubber expander ring is equally well suited to men and women, it is even called a child. However, muscle growth is only possible with regular training, with a large and high rigidity.

The types of swimwear

Types of shells

Each person has a different level of force grip, so you should choose the appropriate equipment for lessons. For this there were different kinds of uniforms, which can satisfy different load. You need to choose them based on personal experiences, the load should be such that after the exercises, felt the fatigue and muscle tension. To the most common options include:

  • rubber expander ring;
  • spring;
  • gyroscopic exerciser for hands;
  • adjustable expander for hands.

Rubber expander

The most affordable and method of use – rubber grip for the fingers. He is a regular ring (or, as some call it, «donut»), which must be put in your hand and squeeze. Rubber expander is the most reliable and simple option of the projectile. To find it is not difficult in any store with a sporting goods. Likely to break or tear it is extremely small, if not to set yourself such a goal. It is convenient to hide in a pocket and used at any moment:

  • while you ride the subway, trolley, bus;
  • at work during a break;
  • on the way back home;
  • during walks with friends.

Rubber ring

The effect of exercise is exactly the same as with other types of swimwear. The only serious drawback is the lack of adjustment of rigidity. Load will be created always the same. It’s good to warm up, but is ill-suited to increase strength of grip, for this the complexity of the exercise should progress. The solution may be to buy several rings with different stiffness.


The design of this projectile consists of two handles, between which is a spring. These dampers differ from the rubber «donut» hand, have a wider range of possible loads. Find spring shell is also easy. There are several options for the use of the simulator that helps to change the load depending on the position of the handles.

You should choose brand models. Defective shock absorbers can not withstand constant training and break in 2-3 months. Proven models from the Torneo and Captains of Crush. The advantages of such shock absorbers include:

  • the long term use;
  • a wide range of options stiffness;
  • high quality.

Proginy shell


Most functionality is controlled from carpal expander. In models of this simulator have multiple options of load levels. In all other its characteristics it is similar to other models of shock absorbers. The main advantage of this projectile for an opportunity to progress in training. We should start with a minimum of stiffness, gradually increasing it. The cost of an adjustable expander above the others because of the greater functionality and reliability. Use these simulators for hands professionals, for beginners, they are not suitable.

How to choose a manual expander

Due to the large variety of types of swimwear, the difficulty arises with the choice of an appropriate model. At purchase it is necessary to rely on the stiffness, which is given in kilograms. If you have never engaged in such training, then begin the bleeding procedure using rubber rings. They are cheap, so you can buy from two to one was right-handed, the other left. So you can do the exercises at the same time.

Most athletes with experience suitable spring models simulators for hands. It is best to choose a product with the ability to control stiffness. This will provide an opportunity to pick up the required load and progress. Be sure before you buy, take the shell in your hand and check whether it is convenient to use. It should not slip out or be too bulky, good grip fits in your jacket pocket.

Where to buy and how much is the trainer for owner

Person trains brush

The easiest way to purchase rubber expander, it is sold in any sporting goods store. The cost of such a simulator is not more than 100 rubles apiece. Slightly more expensive are spring versions of the shell. It is advisable to choose brand models. The cost of goods the most popular manufacturers of the following:

  • Torneo carpal spring adjustable from 700 p.;
  • Every Finger Torneo – from 940;
  • CAPTAINS OF CRUSH GUIDE (spring) – from 1700

How to do

An important condition for grip, decent Russian hero – the repetition of compression with high resistance. Most muscle fibers of the forearm refers to the slow type. Workout with chest expander with the right approach, considering not only the forearm, hand, and other groups of muscles. For effective work it is necessary to learn a few exercises and following the principles of projectile:

  1. The higher the stiffness, the greater the effect.
  2. Each exercise should be repeated 5 to 15 times.
  3. Before working with the shell of high stiffness, be sure to stretch the softer product.
  4. The recovery time of the muscles of the hand, from 3 to 5 days after a hard training.
  5. To select an operating stiffness of the projectile is necessary for their feelings, not making discounts and benefits.

Manual expanders


  1. For fifteen minutes you need to do 100 compressions until it stops, then give the hand to rest 3-5 minutes and repeat the exercise. You need to carry 3-7 approach.
  2. This exercise is the same as the first, but during the holidays you need to constantly bend expander in hand.
  3. Squeeze grip for the hands and keep as long as the fingers will not straighten out. Repeat 5-7 times.

Video: effective exercises with carpal expander

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