Earnings on entering captcha

For computer users on the Internet there are more options of earning money online. One such example is the captcha for the money, easiest way to get a small income without having special skills. To perform such tasks may even student to earn some pocket money.

What is captcha

Website for earnings on entering captcha

Everyone who looking for information online or leave comments on the website, faced with captcha. The captcha is automatically created the picture on the website with a set of letters, numbers which you must enter in a special field. This proves the owner of the forum, online store or simply site, actions that performs a real person and not a bot (a program that on the automatic machine carries out certain actions). This is a protection from robots that collect information, clog up the site with unwanted messages, trying to register etc.

What is the Internet earnings displayed in a captcha

Some sites offer money on captchas. There are special Russian, American resources that you just need to register and they’ll give you a job. It consists in solving with pictures of characters that must be typed instead of other people. You will pay a certain amount for each correctly guessed captcha.

Need such recognition may SEO companies, copywriters, which checks the position of the site, the uniqueness of the text and send a lot of queries in the network. They can be recognized as «spam», then you need to enter a captcha to search. It becomes the reason of occurrence of earnings on entering captcha. Work may be for Russian or foreign customers, so to pay for it in rubles or dollars.

How to make money on the captcha

Husband earns a captcha

Such earnings in a network is the easiest, though a bit boring. The main advantage is you are free to enter a captcha at any time convenient for you, sitting at home, in a comfortable environment at your computer. The main disadvantage is that many such recognitions to fail, it is a job for students or online students. Earnings on entering captcha is very different from the well-known for many bitcoins that require more resources from your PC.

This is one of the types of income which is performed through special services. There are several sites that have been working, well, time to pay the money and give the load. You need to pass them to the registration procedure, enter the data for a profile that requires a form and get to work. To receive funds you must have one of the virtual wallets:

  • Qiwi;
  • Yandex money;
  • Webmoney.

List of websites for earning online

Logo ruCaptcha

Gaining popularity of earnings on entering the captcha, but not all resources conscientiously perform their obligations to the performers. For reliable earnings, you should choose a reliable services that have reviews, recommend them. The most popular now are:

  1. MegaTypers – international project for a captcha. For the minimum withdrawal amount is three dollars. The funds can be transferred to Bitcoin, Payza, WEbmoney, Perfect Money, PayPal.
  2. Rucaptcha – the most popular site for captcha for money in the Russian segment. The service is entirely in Russian, convenient and intuitive interface have earned excellent reputation among performers and customers. The creators have come up with special bonuses for difficulty recognizable captchas, night orders always more, and bet higher.
  3. 2captcha is a foreign version of recapcha. Differs only in the English interface and payouts. Withdraw after receiving 2 dollars.
  4. Antigate is a very popular service in the foreign segment. Always a lot of orders for the captcha, but the whole interface is in English.

Videotutorial: easy earn money online without investment


Anna, 19 years old:When I read about the option of earnings on entering captcha, then thought it was best for me, but I was wrong. It is very difficult to sit at the computer for a long time, not looking up from the tab with the tasks, very tired eyes. Besides an hour of work I managed to earn about 15 rubles. This is not the kind of work for which the cost to plant his sight.

Anton, 14 years old:could not find any form of income, because it is still small. Came across a payment for a captcha, lasted exactly an hour and a half. The process is very boring, uninteresting and very poorly paid. Moreover, it is sometimes entered the captcha wrong and it didn’t pay. daytime jobs do not come too often.

Cristina, 20 years:Looking for a part time job for students and many who are advised to look for options of earning online. Money for entering the captcha is a perfect example of the fact that the Internet is still very little pay for the monotonous, boring, though very easy to operate. Much easier to get money if you get some kind of action or animation.

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