Do I need a permit for an air gun

The citizens of our country, air guns are popular. They are used in the training, the friends are having a game of hardball. For men it is also a confirmation of status. We cannot exclude the importance of self-defense in a troubled situation on the streets. Unfortunately, not everyone knows you can have a weapon without a license.

Classification Pneumatics

Looking pneumologie like combat, in self-defense is having a traumatic effect, causing the pain. To find out whether a permit for an air gun, you need to understand the classification. A product that fits FZ «On Weapons», sistematizirovat muzzle energy. Data for each model is in the passport. The product is classified as:

Appointment Muzzle energy, j
Self-defense, fun 3
Sports, entertainment, shooting to 7.5
Hunting, sport shooting up to 25
Firearms, powerful samples for sports more than 25

Do I need a license for an air gun

A Copy Of The Makarov

Specialty shops offer a wide selection of air guns. There are many who want to buy it, but stop the following:

  • how hard it is to make;
  • what should collect the documents;
  • whether it is necessary to write the application and to whom;
  • need of medical help;
  • where to apply;
  • do I need a permit for an air gun.

When you’re planning to buy tires, be aware that the purchase of without a license will depend on model, caliber, muzzle energy. Most blowers on the market, have a muzzle energy less than 3 joules. Under the law, such products are not considered weapons. This includes air rifles, revolvers. Caliber does not matter. Therefore, the question of whether a permit for an air gun, the answer will be negative. The same applies to products with a capacity not exceeding 7.5 j, with a caliber of less than 4.5 millimeters.

You should know that air pistols are very similar in combat, so we can attract the attention of the police. You need to be careful when wearing them. Provide an overview of the air pistols category that does not need a license. Popular:

  • singly WaltherCarbon;
  • multiply Walther CP 99 Compact;
  • budget Crosman C 11;
  • Umarex Makarov is a Russian copy of the service pistol.

The law about air guns in Russia in 2016

TT s gazovym.

Rapid global changes have accumulated experience that needs legislative adjustments, in 2016, touched on similar products. Corrected age at which it is allowed to buy travmatik is increased to 21 years. Pneumologie with a muzzle energy less than 3 j are allowed to fly without a license, do not need to register. Said section, with regard to storage. For negligence in this matter is a penalty or arrest. Items were added that prohibit the wearing of:

  • under the influence of alcohol;
  • in the field of leisure with the sale of alcohol;
  • in institutions of education.

Can I carry air pistol

Barabane weapons

Domestic law governed the question of what kind of weapon you can carry without a permit? The air gun, muzzle energy not exceeding 7.5 j, is allowed to carry. Permission is not necessary. Having a gun is not always convenient, because no special devices for this. You should know that the law restricts the carrying of a BB gun. Violation entails administrative responsibility. Limitations include the carrying of airguns:

  • at public events;
  • curb munitions in the settlements.

How to obtain a permit for Pneumatics

Do I need a permit for air guns? The answer will be positive when it refers to a category of products with a capacity exceeding magnitude 7.5 j. The higher it is, the greater the speed of a bullet. In order to buy a rifle, you first need to obtain a license. It can be given in case the age of the recipient 18 years or older. To obtain the license the required documents are:

  • passport with a copy;
  • a statement to the police (Department of residence);
  • health certificate;
  • photo 3×4 – 2 pieces;
  • paper on skills of handling weapons.

Those who buy a copy of hunting give hunting license with a copy. Athletes bring proof that sports Pneumatics they need for competition. This can be a sports passport or other document. What to do next? You found out the documents needed for an air gun licence. After purchase you only have two weeks to register with the police Department. There will be given a permit to carry. The validity period is five years. In the same Department and the license can be extended.

Permit Pneumatics has limitations. You will not receive a license if:

  • absence of health certificate;
  • age not consistent with the law;
  • punishment;
  • outstanding convictions;
  • the absence of a permanent place of residence;
  • the lack of a set of permits;
  • the use of narcotic drugs.

Video tip: allow a Pneumatics

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