Divination by candlelight

Since ancient times classic of divination was very popular among different Slavic peoples. Special magical attribute, without which it is impossible to imagine any ritual there is a simple candle. This piece of wax accompanies us all our life – during the baptism, wedding, funeral.

Divination on wax

Perhaps the most ancient and most famous way to learn your destiny is divination by candlelight. This activity was any fun girls of different classes in the Christmas week. At this time, it was possible to learn the future, to see the face of her beloved husband and others usually focus on Church candles, supervised the entire process of childcare and experienced fortune-tellers. During the divination, they melted the wax and poured it into a container of water, and then decrypted value fancy figures.

How to read

Divination by candlelight can be carried out every day, it is better to do in special day for a full month, a week before Easter, after Pentecost, the Nativity, at Christmas. Divination with wax has become popular due to its simplicity and availability. For the purity of the ritual should not choose paraffin candles and the wax, because they are special energy-informational properties. It is also desirable for divination to take the melting or Holy water, the structure of which can evolve under the action of freezing.

Divination by candlelight

The wax and water

Casting or divination by means of wax – the classic method of divination, known since ancient times. The method is available to anyone, and it requires no special training. Choosing the items for the ritual, you have to be careful. The candle should be taken large that it burned for at least an hour. Only such quantity of the wax mass to receive optimal information. In addition to candles to perform divination you need to:

  • matches or lighter;
  • steel dining spoon;
  • wide container or Cup with cold water.

The ritual:

  1. RUB a candle on the float.
  2. Take a small handful and put it on a spoon.
  3. Pour in a container of cold water.
  4. Light a match or lighter.
  5. Make a strong fire.
  6. Pre-formulated query.
  7. Correctly melt the wax to a liquid state and pour dramatically into the water.
  8. There wax figures, which will be the answer to the question.
  9. Consider what happened in the water and looking for the meaning of the symbols.
  10. For greater effect on the vessel bottom to put a small mirror. The water must pour over it. The mirror will not give you the information to go in different directions, the figure will be clear.

Divination by mirror and candlelight

On the mirror and candles

Divination with mirrors is considered the worst, it can hold only a brave girl. Before guessing you need to remove all the excess from the table. Guess must be one. Until midnight for this purpose she locked in the room or in the bath. In the dimness of the mirror surface in this ritual can be considered the face of his betrothed. For divination on the candle with a mirror you will need:

  • two or three large mirrors;
  • two candles;
  • match.

The ritual:

  1. You need to take for divination mirrors and set them against each other.
  2. Light the candles.
  3. Illuminated mirror with candles from one and other.
  4. ‘A mirror to hold in front of two lit to form a long corridor.
  5. Should still look closely in the mirror, directing his gaze to the end of the corridor.
  6. It is believed that in this gallery you can see her husband.

The value of the figures and the interpretation of symbols

A symbol of divination The value
elephant warns against mistakes that you will regret
turtle a happy family life
flower a good sign, which symbolizes equilibrium or the happy event
duck sign, symbolizing good luck in all things
heart a new novel, marriage, love
rose love
bear a symbol of the fact that in life it’s time to change something
Leo confidence, strength, reliability
Swan peaceful coexistence
cat the betrayal of a friend
horse a symbol of inner strength, passion, determination
snake speaks of the danger, insidious enemies
hare unpleasant situation
dragon you will need willpower, if it is something they will come true
tree if the branches are facing up – joy; and if it is down unpleasant event
mushroom a good sign, heralding the surprise
the germ (embryo) a new stage of life: pregnancy, relationships, new work, Hobbies
woman instability
protein to do the cash reserves
angel the harbinger of good news
dog you have a faithful friend that you can trust
fish warning about the betrayal or the possibility of a pregnancy
bird the good news
butterfly happy life change
rope difficulties in life
plug a traitor in the inner circle
Apple material prosperity

Video about divination by candle

Divination on the water with a candle – mysterious process that can create unique atmosphere of mystery. This ritual can be done even untrained, far from magic. After watching the videos about a love divination and popular Christmas fortune-telling, you’ll be able to spend them at home – without the assistance of fortune tellers.

For Christmas


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