Diapers for newborns

Man is born! His birth parents are added not only new pleasures but also caring. One of the most pressing tasks for the coming months of a baby’s life – the purchase of baby diapers. The kid they should be comfortable and she was comfortable with them. But the main thing – they should always be at hand, especially if your child’s age measured in days.

What diapers are best for newborns

Parents who wish their kid the best, proceed to the selection of hygiene long before the advent of a child into the world. Preparing for childbirth, a young mother is determined in advance, what kind of hygiene she needs child:

  • To use reusable diapers?
  • To produce or gauze diapers yourself?
  • Or to use disposable diapers for newborns?

Reusable diaper with snap closure

Reusable diapers

Modern reusable nappies are becoming increasingly popular. They combine the positive qualities of the traditional ways of changing and become familiar diapers. Moms are choosing reusable diapers for different reasons. Here are some of them:

  • They are made from environmentally friendly materials (flannel, bamboo, wool).
  • Does not cause allergies, reduce the risk of diaper rash, irritation.
  • Stitched fabric, they do not pollute the environment.
  • Once purchased, serve the whole period of childhood, excluding the cost of disposable diapers.

Choosing reusable baby diapers, the parents resign themselves to the need for every day wash, dry them. If the home washing machine-the machine is not a big problem, but washing requires effort, time, and drying – favorable temperature conditions, places. Diapers and tabs to it will have to be changed more often than disposable, especially in the first month of life. There should be a lot, so much to save will not work. Reusable nappy may be better suited to the older child.

Gauze products

Gauze diapers for newborns

These diapers have long been used when disposable diapers for newborns people had not been invented. In modern life, the marl is often present due to the efforts of the older generation. Grandmother babies find many pluses to using homemade gauze (cloth) diapers:

  • Gauze diapers made from natural cotton.
  • This material «breathes», baby’s skin remains healthy.
  • It is cheap material. The use of gauze or tissue will save a good amount for the first month of life.
  • From Marley not the environment suffers.

A grandmother assured the best diapers for their grandkids – gauze, and not everything goes smoothly:

  • Gauze does not absorb too much liquid.
  • Change diapers often.
  • Sleeping in the wet, the child runs the risk of a diaper rash or irritation, and when you decide to change – he wakes up.
  • If you use a gauze diaper, dressing the baby for a walk, most of the time he will be walking wet.

Add to this daily washing, drying, Ironing on both sides (such advice is often found on the Internet) and you will realize that gauze hygiene products more nostalgia than solving the problems of the baby. The choice is always up to the parents, but we need prilovchitsya to use this type of diaper. They need to make, to take, and to put on the child, that the child was comfortable. Under the gauze must use baby cream.

Products Pampers

Disposable diapers

About the good and bad sides of the disposable diaper is debatable, but with this invention at mom’s released a great amount of time to communicate with the child. Do not rush to abandon diapers for newborns for the benefit of Marley: maybe correct disposable diaper will allow you to sleep and regain strength after childbirth.

The use of disposable hygiene products is possible from the first days of baby’s life, it held special diapers for newborns with a cutout for the navel. A special device allows the belt to avoid discomfort in the area of the unhealed umbilical wound. Diapers for babies are versatile, but sometimes they are released separately for boys and girls. For these little differences in style are not as important as the size of the diapers and the quality of the absorbing layer.

A rating of diapers for newborns

Pampers appeared in Russia first, and this name soon became a household name. Now on the shelves of pharmacies, baby shops, supermarkets, you can find goods of different brands from different countries: Huggies, Moony, Care, Merries, Libero – dazzled! How not to make the wrong choice? Consider the features of some brands on the examples of models for the little ones, newborn babies.

  1. Pampers remains a leader in the production and demand of products for baby care. Line Pampers New Baby meets the needs of the children from the first days of life. You can use these diapers for premature babies – they are gentle and safe for baby’s skin. Diapers of this series are sold in small packages, it is convenient to buy «on trial».
  2. Diapers for children Huggies gained popularity. Under the brand of Haggis appeared first diapers and convenient Velcro on the belt. New Haggis Premium for children from the first days of life account for the anatomy of infants, can absorb not only moisture, but also a baby chair. Available disposable Huggies diapers for newborns come in two sizes: from 2 to 5 and from 3 to 6 kg.
  3. Japanese Megge win the hearts of Russian mom. Japanese pedantry helped to create diapers for newborns, which became the standard of quality. Series a pleasure to hold in your hand, they are porous and absorb moisture well. Diaper rash and irritation of the baby with proper use of Series will never be! The test strip indicator time will tell about the need to wash the baby. Unfortunately, Maries sold only in large package sizes and are expensive.
  4. Swedish Libero for newborns represent a decent ratio of price and quality. Hypoallergenic filler, form, taking into account age peculiarities of the child, the cutout for the umbilical wound – all this makes the product from Libero comfortable and reliable diaper. Try to buy a small trial package: if the Libero will satisfy you and will suit your child, then why pay more?

The mother cares for the child

How often to change newborn diaper

The younger the child, the more often he urinates, so it’s important to change a diaper of any kind. Gauze will have to change from multiple – 1-2 hours, diapers every 2-3 hours. After bowel disposable diapers should be changed immediately, because your baby doesn’t need diaper rash! How many newborn diapers you need per day? Experience shows that for the convenience of mothers in the first month of a child’s life in day it is necessary to have:

  • gauze – more than 20 pieces;
  • multiple – 6-10 pieces (plus about 20 supplements to them);
  • disposable – 10-12 pieces.

How much are diapers

How much does children’s comfort and mom’s rest? Today, depending on brand, size, size of packaging a disposable diaper will cost parents from 10 to 20 rubles. A day newborn baby needs diapers total cost from 100 to 150 rubles. The best of these diapers were Pampers New Baby in packs of 144 pieces.

Video: how to make diapers.


Elena, 25 years: Put on baby Series. Compared to Pampers – heaven and earth! More on what will not change! A little expensive, but I declared all our relatives, the best gift for baby high quality diapers. If everyone who comes to congratulate us with a newborn, bring is the cake and flowers packing Series – they will serve us for a long time!

Svetlana, 33 years: I Have three children, they all grew up in diapers Diaper. With the first child to choose diapers, Diapers were considered the most popular. But the quality and the price was fine with me. Now has a daughter. We don’t use them constantly, but at night, on a walk wearing her diaper is necessary. Know that there daughter will not get wet and will not freeze.

Marina, 22 years: mother-in-law insisted on gauze nappies, and even sewed herself and brought. I honestly tried to use them for two weeks. She was worn out, poor kid was tired. Threw the gauze, disposable use, rejoice. Jake sleeps in diapers, waking up only to eat. I also have a rest! I don’t have to constantly hang the whole house washed gauze.

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