A device for measuring pressure of a person

The tonometer must be in the house each person that has problems with blood pressure (BP). It was created to prevent any unwanted consequences of hypertension and other pathologies. The device monitoring the pressure of a person has different types, so it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

What to consider when buying a home blood pressure monitor

Mechanical device

Not to be mistaken with the choice of device must not only consider brand, cost and functionality. Influence some crucial initial factors:

  • cuff size;
  • comorbidities.

Cuff size

Before you choose a blood pressure monitor, you must measure the arm circumference, as in pharmacies sell devices with three types of cuff – large, medium or small. There are universal devices measure blood pressure with all range of sizes. If arm circumference is:

  1. less than 21 cm – device with a small cuff (suitable for child);
  2. 22 – 35 cm – medium cuff;
  3. 35 – 45 cm – large volume.

The presence of comorbidities

To buy a blood pressure cuff should be to those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and medication against high or low pressure. Experts several factors of CVD – obesity, hypertension, stress, Smoking. Tonometer will be most useful for those who suffer from ailments:

  • arrhythmia;
  • heart attack;
  • heart disease;
  • heart failure.

Of the device for measuring the pressure better

Man uses automatic machine

Devices for pressure measurement are divided into:

  • automatic
  • semi-automatic
  • mechanical.

Most modern blood pressure monitors are considered to be digital (automatic). Such a device for measuring the pressure of a person is simple. The equipment is effortless to use. You just need to click a button and the machine will do everything for you. Other types of devices also has its advantages, so to make the conclusion which is better blood pressure monitor – automatic, semiautomatic, manual – can every man for himself. You should know the features possessed by the various groups of apparatus for measuring blood pressure.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Mixed type of tonometer involves a partial human involvement in the measurement process. To pump air into a blower needs the user and the rest of the machine will make itself. The best consumers of these devices will become young mothers as semi-automatic blood pressure monitors are easier to use than a mechanical, and not as expensive as an automatic. Consider the obvious advantages and disadvantages of such devices. The advantages are:

  1. the cost of semi – automatic devices, it is below auto;
  2. in semi-automatic due to the principle of the stethoscope is missing, which makes it easier for metering;
  3. to check the blood pressure of the person as quickly as possible;
  4. life is more than the automatic.

Cons of semi-automatic sphygmomanometers:

  1. readings when testing can «lie»;
  2. to pump the air have their own.


Electronic device

The most modern blood pressure monitors, which produces AD measurement with automatic calibration with virtually no human intervention. You just need to wear a cuff or bracelet on the arm, press the button. The device will set the pressure reading of a person, bringing them to a LCD screen. Automatic blood pressure monitor is suitable for elderly as it is very easy to use. Apparatus for pressure measurement has a number of disadvantages:

  1. Most models has a large size.
  2. Excessive sensitivity of automatic devices affects evidence requires verification.
  3. Many models nerusifitsirovannaya. This is inconvenient for Russian users.
  4. The high cost of the apparatus.
  5. Requires periodic replacement of batteries.

Mechanical pressure gauge

The most common, but outdated view of sphygmomanometers and mechanical. They feature high accuracy, however, to use these pressure gauges can people who have received some training. Most often the mechanical devices used by the physicians. The benefits include:

  1. The low cost makes mechanical devices are available to all segments of the population.
  2. The ability to accurately determine these HELL people.

The disadvantages of mechanical devices for measuring the pressure of a person:

  1. The verification process HELL longer than when using digital devices.
  2. Necessary special skills.
  3. Self-measurement is a big inconvenience.

Bracelet to measure pressure and pulse

Tonometer on the wrist are very popular among the customers due to ease of use and mobility. However, compared to other recommended for people under 40 years old, because with age the elasticity of the vessel walls is reduced, and this directly affects the readings. The order of operation is the same as with automatic pressure gauges:

  1. wear the bracelet on the wrist;
  2. press the button;
  3. wait for the display.

The doctor listens to the pulse of the patient

Where and how to buy a blood pressure monitor for home use

Instruments for measuring human pressure are sold in pharmacies, specialized stores of medical equipment and on the websites of online stores. All the options for its own good. The best option is to buy a blood pressure monitor at cheap pharmacy, where he will give a warranty card. The main thing to remember is that you should not buy a blood pressure meter, used, as it can give incorrect data.

Online sphygmomanometers represented a wide range of manufacturers, but in delivery by the transport company it can be damaged, and this suggests unnecessary difficulties. Prices on blood pressure monitors different: the cost of mechanical devices in the range of 500-2500 g. Pay attention to the quality of the rubber. The budget models are excessively perishable pears and rolls. Semi-automatic pressure gauges can be ordered for 1000-2000 G., and auto – 1700-3000 R.

The cost of the models and their features

There were several manufacturers who make good measuring devices. The ratio quality/price users prefer brands such as OMRON, Beurer and and. If finances do not allow you to purchase expensive machines pressure measurement person, it is possible to find a more simple. They are quite capable to compete with the advanced of accuracy, but lack some of the additional features.


Japanese firm OMRON produces quality semi-automatic and automatic models of blood pressure monitors. On the market the company occupies a leading position in the production of various medical equipment. Each of the devices has a special technology of intelligent measuring Intellisense, which eliminates excessive flow of air into the cuff. Feature allows you to obtain the most accurate data. Automatic model from the company Omron M2 Eco, which is worn on the shoulder, worth 2000 rubles, and semi S1 – 1500 R.


The German firm Beurer for nearly one hundred years is a leader in medical technology. High quality and durable – some of the qualities possessed by the curtain company from Germany. In the line of pressure gauges from the company Beurer presented automatic machines with various additional functions:

  1. the device with a cuff on the shoulder ВМ40 – 1950;
  2. blood pressure meter wrist ВС19 – 2250 R.;
  3. device pressure measurement on the wrist with the indicator of arrhythmia ВС41 – 1350р.

Diagnosis the doctor


Japanese-Chinese manufacturer of blood pressure monitors AND is very popular due to high quality, accurate indicator data and affordable prices. So, on the shelves of pharmacies you can find automatic model blood pressure monitors for 1900, and the machine will cost only 1000 R. the Presence of additional functions (measuring the eye pressure of the person, internal memory, timer and others) depends on the price of the device.

How to correctly measure blood pressure

To obtain accurate measurement of pressure using any blood pressure monitors, certain rules must be followed. General tips:

  1. One hour before measuring blood pressure should refrain from Smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee.
  2. The hand should be relaxed.
  3. During the procedure, you should not go to work with hand or talk.
  4. Between measurements it is necessary to wait for 3-5 minutes to normalize blood pressure.

Automatic blood pressure monitor

How to measure pressure electronic blood pressure monitor:

  1. place the cuff on the arm;
  2. position arm at heart level;
  3. press to start the procedure;
  4. wait for data on the display;
  5. repeat the procedure 1-2 times to output the average value;
  6. record the results.

A mechanical device for measuring blood pressure

Method of measuring blood pressure by a mechanical tonometer:

  1. To wear the cuffs have 5 inches above the elbow.
  2. Apply the stethoscope to the upper part of the forearm in the middle.
  3. Inflate the cuff with pear to 200-220 mm Hg.
  4. Slowly release the air. Try to hear the heartbeat through the stethoscope.
  5. At the first blow, remember the testimony of the device (upper HELL).
  6. After the last audible beat note the readings (lower HELL).
  7. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times.

Video: Why you need a device for measuring pressure


Valentine, 62 years: Automatic blood pressure monitor gave me daughter a few years ago, and I don’t know how lived without it before. A mechanical device to measure did not work because of problems and lack of skills. I just put the device on the arm, push the button and see the result. All the advice!

Igor, 51 years: Problems with the heart I have for 10 years, so quality automatic blood pressure monitor – a thing very necessary for me. Thanks to him I can constantly be aware of the pressure, to prevent complications and time to go to the doctor. I use a device called AND.

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