Decoupage bottles tights master class

Recently, a special popularity among the lovers of needlework was won by technique of forward and reverse decoupage. It is about bonding in a special way on different surfaces of cut paper, leather, cloth or wood patterns, patterns. With decoupage quilters make beautiful, original products that can beautify the home interior or as a gift. How to master this technique? Easy to make decoupage bottles tights master class given below. Try this technique and you will get a lot of pleasant emotions!

The rules of decorating the bottles in decoupage technique

Your kids will love it, if you allow them to participate with you in creating unique items with their hands. These pleasant moments will remain in the memory of the kids and will bring you both much joy. For DIY, suitable different materials: fabric, tights, shells, sea shells, toilet paper, napkins, lace, photos, etc.

And to prepare the surface, fix and give the necessary form and background elements will help the decoupage glue, primer, oil paint, varnish. Decorate using this technology can I get a bottle of champagne, wine, brandy, champagne, plastic or clay pot for flowers, vases, glass jar. If you are going first time to make crafts, applying this technique to avoid some of the pitfalls, here are a few rules of make decoupage.

Decorative products made by this technology must get the maximum contrast, bright. It is important to choose for gluing pictures solid surface and can decorate it with bright, rich colors of elements. To create original decorations for the interior will fit any bottle. When making this DIY, consider the following recommendations:

  • For decoupage take the capacity of a simple form, because custom will be difficult to work with.
  • If you use napkins to decoupage, first cut out the pattern and then separate the upper layer and then paste.
  • For gluing fragments to the surface it is best to use decoupage glue. However, instead of your regular PVA glue, diluted with water.
  • The figures are glued on with glue smeared surface of the subject and level to avoid the formation of wrinkles.
  • When processed with this technology, the bottle has dried, it is covered with a special varnish for decoupage.
  • After completion of the work hack, if desired, tinted with acrylic paint, decorated with ribbons, beads, seashells, sequins, bows.

Step-by-step master classes on decoupage bottles nylon tights

Before starting work on decoupage prepare bottles. For this purpose it is soaked in warm water and then cleaned of labels, dirt, glue residue. The washed glass surface is degreased with alcohol. This step must be done, otherwise imposed on the glass layer will not last long. Next, use acrylic lacquer. They cover the surface, or elements of the bottle.

The decorating of the champagne bottles «the lady in the hat» with their hands

To make the interior of your apartment more original easily using unusual, stylish decor. Made the product in the house will look particularly impressive to cause admiration of family members and guests. To make your own decoupage bottles by the tights with the master class «the lady in the hat», will need the following tools and materials:

  • a bottle of champagne, cover her;
  • PVA glue;
  • tights;
  • scissors;
  • glue «Titan»;
  • cover for canning;
  • peas;
  • spray paint brown, Golden color.

Master class on decoupage bottles tights

Manufacture technology crafts:

  1. Cut from pantyhose stockings.
  2. Impregnated nylon parts with white glue.
  3. To wear prepared to claim 2 stockings in a glass container from the bottom up.
  4. Make a beautiful drape quality, dressed to decorate the container, dry.
  5. To take the lid for canning. Her to wear impregnated glue a small piece of stocking and tie the ends of the nylon fabric on top of the wrapped element.
  6. The edge of the hat cover to bend up, to dry.
  7. From the remnants of the stocking cut into 6 strips, each prisborivat with one hand using a needle and thread and form rosettes, they are impregnated with glue, allow to dry.
  8. When all the elements of the workpiece dries, it is necessary to glue «Titan» «flowers» on its head and the middle of the bottle.
  9. On the upper part of the glass container, and a «neck» of the dress to stick the peas in the form of earrings, necklaces.
  10. The lower part of the «cap» glued to the lid of champagne.
  11. All the elements visible of the bottle painted brown and then gold paint.

The decoration of bottles with the help of tights.

If the show imagination and to apply the technique of decoupage, unwanted things can easily turn into exquisite and unusual beautiful decor. So, an ordinary glass bottle and nylon stockings, napkins elementary will turn into a exclusive and stylish table decoration, interior, stunning wedding, Christmas gift, gift for parents on the birth of a child or beloved man. To make decoupage will help guide below. To craft it you need the following items:

  • bottle glass;
  • PVA glue;
  • nylon stockings;
  • acrylic paint;
  • napkins with an interesting pattern or lace motif;
  • paint-watercolor or spray paint.

Technology decoupage bottles tights and napkins

Manual steps:

  1. To clean and treat the surface of the bottle with alcohol.
  2. Stockings impregnated with glue.
  3. To wear the stockings from the bottom on the glass surface and give the material relief, the upper edge of the cloth is a bit distracting for bulk on the neck, and the window where you will affix the picture to make smooth.
  4. Dry the product and to cover it with acrylic paint. Dry.
  5. From the napkin cut out a stencil pattern, separating the upper layer and stick on the glass surface. Dry.
  6. Paint aerosol spray the surface of glass containers, in addition to part with the picture. Dry.
  7. Decorate the bottle with decoration (butterflies, beads, rhinestones).

How to make decoupage on the bottle pantyhose with pleats

Colourful make any glass bottle easy, using the technique of decoupage complete type. For this you can use any nylon pantyhose. This material, soaked in glue, beautifully draped on the glass container. What form to give nylon, depends on the ideas and fantasy mistresses. With that material, the surface paint in any color. Decoupage bottles tights master class, described below, will help transform an ordinary glass container into a beautiful thing for decoration. For its production you need:

  • tights;
  • adhesive;
  • varnish;
  • paint.

Creating decoupage bottles tights


  1. Prepare a glass container, washed and abasiri her.
  2. Stockings from pantyhose cut, aged in glue, squeeze and put on the bottle pleats.
  3. Dried pasted elements a few days, paint paint.
  4. Decorate with bright elements, varnished.

Video tutorial for beginners of decoupage on the bottle with tights

Make a beautiful decorative bottle of pantyhose could be anyone, because it’s easy and very interesting. To the newcomer to avoid possible errors when you run the decoupage, you must look at this technique a master class from a real professional. In the video below you will see all the steps of creating amazing decor using bottles and ordinary women. Be sure to try to perform this hack yourself, then to decorate your home with the exclusive thing.

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