Decanter for wine

During the early days of winemaking exquisite drink sold in barrels, so the meal often portrayed in clay jars. For the nobles supply of grape nectar into simple cookware was considered bad form, despite that the glass blowers had made a graceful glass decanter for wine, where the drink could acquire a special taste and color.

What is a decanter and what it is used


Decanter is a beautiful vessel, which got its name from the process (decanting) transfusion of wine from the tank where it was stored in a container for serving. This procedure carries a simple nature: the attainment of purity of the drink without precipitate and saturated with oxygen from the air. Generally, the decanting means chemical effect in which a solid substance separates from the liquid for a certain amount of time by draining the solution.

The decanter can be seen in the restaurant where it is customary to pour the beverage from the bottle into a crystal decanter. Today, many perceive the vessel as a business card trendy, although actually, it is more serious. If you do not take into account restaurant etiquette, decanting wine provides:

  1. Aeration. The process of natural aeration of the liquid, the more impressed the young wine which has not had time to reveal all its flavor characteristics.
  2. With the removal of sediment. If you do not carry out this operation, a beverage may give bitterness and viscosity on swallowing.

Which wines should be decanted

Each grape nectar has its own character, so you need to carefully examine all features before to decant the wine. Young drink should be subjected to such a procedure, then it will become more tender velvet taste. Buying wine in the alcoholic beverage Department of a supermarket, you can not even think about decanting it. Most of these drinks in manufacturing go through strict filtration, which eliminates any aftertaste.

First you need to pay attention to wines aged from 2 years. These include collections, such red varieties as Grenache, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Bordeaux, Tuscany. During this time nectar manages to get enough oxygen to give a crystalline residue. Decanter for Mature wines are encouraged to take with a narrow neck and leave it there for a while aperitif wine to air does not spoil the taste.

Lovers of white wines you should not worry about the lees, as the drink emblazoned in the bottle without it. The maximum you can use an aeration process to fill the nectar easily. Quite different is the situation with amazing vintage wines. They are so sensitive to oxidation that they are not recommended to pour from a bottle into a decanter. Such divine beverages can be attributed to age Pinot Noir from Burgundy, Nebbiolo from Piedmont.

How to choose utensils for wine

The shape and color of the decanter diverse and important not only for the exquisite views, but also for preservation of taste of nectar. For example:

  • Decanter for wine, still did not unfold, with a wide bottom and a long spiral neck. This structure will allow to be in contact with the surface air, getting rid of excessive viscosity. Once in the mouth, a thin trickle even more saturated with oxygen, which will give you the opportunity to feel the purity of taste.
  • To drink from white grapes ideal vessel resembling a ball. Blame the liquid will get rid of sulfur dioxide, which is often used in industrial winemaking. Selecting the transparent glass decanters on the table, guests will be able to see the game brilliant colors. Also the cellar masters recommend a jug to dip into the container with ice before serving the drink to the table.
  • For Mature-aged wine decanter is a work of art! All because this vessel more is a form of expression for noble drink than quality assurance. Rare wine is aeration at the stage of maturation in the bottle, so an experienced sommelier poured the nectar into a carafe before serving to the table. Decanter for Mature wines helps to control the purity of the drink before pouring into glasses, leaving the sediment at the bottom.


Where to buy and how much it cost

Wine connoisseurs will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of the decanter, which varies from 225 to 5800 R. it All depends on what material you want to buy decanter. Crystal decanters will cost much higher than normal glass. Form is also important. True classics never go out of fashion, so going into a specialized store or on the website, you can pick up a decanter, you have always dreamed of.

How is decanting wine

Decanting – the process is not complicated, but it requires careful execution. First, you need to rinse the vessel a small quantity of drink, to wall soaked in wine aroma. Wait until the wine in a thin stream flows from the bottle into a decanter. At the end of the soak a few hours, and only then serve the divine drink to the table.

Looks like a decanter for wine

This is a special pitcher that will suit any style of table. Shimmering in the candlelight orange, yellow, pink and garnet hues, the vessel will give the room an atmosphere of coziness and mystery. If you choose a sophisticated model of the decanter with elongated neck, you will feel not only the pleasure of a drink, but also get aesthetic pleasure, looking at the exquisite vessel.





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