Cucumbers on the windowsill in winter

Growing cucumbers in winter the apartment is on the windowsill is very fascinating and interesting. Good seedlings, for which the owners cared for their own hands – a real pride and gives you a delicious harvest. House plants provide an environmentally friendly product, low maintenance. Cucumbers that are on the windowsill in the winter in the house will create an atmosphere like you in the summer garden where everything is green and fresh.

The best varieties of cucumbers for growing on the windowsill

Cucumbers on the windowsill in the apartment

Before you plant the young cucumbers at home, you need to first choose the right hybrid or variety of seed. This is the main condition for a good harvest. One of the best options would be the acquisition of parthenocarpic hybrids do not require bees for pollination, which winter there. On the back of the sachet can be sure that the seeds are suitable for planting at home. Cucumbers for growing at home, you can select from the following (F1):

  • A farce;
  • Balcony;
  • Berendey;
  • City gherkin;
  • Manul;
  • Courage;
  • Romance;
  • Legend;
  • Hrustic;
  • The farm.

How to grow cucumber seedlings at home

Cucumbers on the windowsill

For those who want to eat your own fresh cucumbers in the New Year, it’s worth thinking about in November. To grow cucumbers on the windowsill in the winter, no need to put a lot of effort just by following some recommendations. Compliance with advice on care of house plants will allow each owner to get a lot of fresh fruit right in your apartment. Learn how to grow cucumbers at home – make sure that even in winter it is easy to do!

Preparing the soil and containers for seedlings

The roots of cucumbers prefer fertile soil of loose consistency. For planting a single plant at home you will need at least 5 gallons of soil. This is necessary for good development and nutrition. To make soil for cucumber on their own, mix equal proportions of forest and garden land, sand, black sawdust, ash and humus. The resulting mixture warm in the oven to disinfection from small black flies that sleep in the earth. Buying soil, take any pumpkin plants, or universal.

Plant the seedlings in individual pots or in a box with a length of 60-70 cm can carry up to 5-6 of bushes. The box allows you more often to plant the cucumbers. Container plants must have drainage holes so the excess water will spill out. The ground inside cookware to sleep you need the night before disembarkation. During this time, she will settle to an appropriate level. Don’t forget plenty of water.

Preparation of seed

Cucumber seeds before planting must germinate. To do so, turn them with a cotton swab or cloth and place on a saucer. Put in a well illuminated place. For greater yields treat advanced seeds. Put the seeds for three hours in warm water with potassium permanganate. The seeds that float, throw – they won’t rise. Sank to the bottom place on the fabric to drain the water. Pairs begin to plant those roots, the size of which has already reached 0.5-1 cm


Planting seedlings you can use pots or a box. Put dry or sprouted seeds to a depth of 1.5 cm in moist ground, pour wet ground. While waiting for sprouts capacity cover film (glass) and leave it in a place where the air temperature is not less than +25°C. When the plants come up, remove the tape and move the mailbox to another window sill. There is already air should not exceed +20°C.

Transplanting seedlings and caring for cucumbers during the period of growth

Sprouts in the garden

Transplant homemade pickles should be when each of them will grow for 4 beautiful green leaves. Then in a large pot pour a small layer of the earth, planting the shrub in the center and sprinkle the earth, leaving little space for further bedding. To the prepared peg height 70 cm podesavate seedling. Pots placed in the tray and pour him water is necessary to hydrate the soil.

To care for the vegetables grown on the windowsill, unpretentious. Only need:

  • A little shake the plant to ensure the best pollination.
  • Pinch back cucumbers after the appearance of five leaflets. This will give each Bush fluffiness and density.
  • To provide a home to plants regular watering. Remember: the soil moisture should be optimum, you should not overdry the ground or too wet.

Lighting and temperature

To cucumbers in the window well grown, the temperature of the house should be no more than 20-22 degrees. Appeared out of the ground sprouts move in the well-illuminated surface or under the lamp. The seedlings will not retract if the backlight off at night. Plants are on the South windowsill, would not require additional artificial source of sunlight. Growing cucumbers at home, ventilate the room where they are. Ensure drafts. Gazebo will be a great place for seedlings of cucumbers in the winter.

The formation of the Bush

After appearing on the shoot of a cucumber of the fifth sheet must be Presidnet of its growth point. Due to this, it will increase the side of the scourge – they are always more prolific. On the tenth sheet of cucumber leave 2-3 of the Appendix. They will grow more lashes. Then form on the plant, not to overload it. A garter of cucumbers to organize so that they did not need sunlight. In the formation of domestic cucumbers be careful not to damage the leaves, because thanks to them properly fed the plant in winter. If antennae are too much, cut them.

Cucumber, grew up in a home

Watering and fertilizing

To water cucumbers on the windowsill in the winter, with water at room temperature – 22-24 degrees. Serves the fluid every day or every other day so the ground was wet. Cucumbers are demanding of high humidity, therefore, periodically lubricate the air spray gun. Feed cucumber fertilizer minerals is possible from the second week. To do this:

  • dial ten liters of water;
  • add the ammonium nitrate, double superphosphate (10 g each) and magnesium sulfate (maximum 8 m);
  • one Cup of this solution will be enough for watering 5 plants.

Homemade pickles

The harvest

If the gardeners did everything right and got rewarded for their efforts – beautiful fresh cucumbers on the windowsill – it’s harvest time. Gently pluck the ripe fruit every day that Bush didn’t give extra strength to the finished products, and fully invested in a new one. Don’t worry, if you decide on growing cucumbers in the winter, be sure it is an exciting activity will take you entirely.

Video: how to grow cucumbers on the windowsill in winter

To winter at home to get a good harvest of fresh cucumbers, you need to follow certain simple rules and monitor the seeds and sprouts. For attention shrub will reward its owner with a bountiful harvest and delicious fruit. Details on how to correctly carry out the cultivation of cucumbers on the windowsill, find out from the video.

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