Cocoon for newborns

To children from the first months of life have been able to develop properly, they need to create a comfortable environment, close to the intrauterine state. Especially popular in recent years in the development of neonatologists – a special children’s cocoon, which is often used for premature babies.

What is a baby cocoon

A good alternative to swaddling baby is a baby cocoon. Externally the pouch, stitched or knitted from natural fabrics. In this thing and put the baby. Typically, cocoons for babies doing different binding, size and design. This unique product can replace several items (a diaper, a mattress, a bag). The baby while in the cocoon, feels great. Advantage of the product is that when putting a child, it takes the form of a child’s body.


The aim of the invention cocoon for newborns, prevention of stress, which may occur in young children after they left the womb. The kids feel very comfortable cocoon. They are free to stretch, to raise the legs. The design impresses with its diversity. Your child can be kitty, bear, Bunny. Depending on the purpose of use, cocoons are of two types:

  1. For changing diapers and clothing (bag, envelope).
  2. Mattress-bed or cradle.

Cocoon-mattress for a newborn

Mattress for newborn

Cocoon-mattress is like a little cot with ergonomic shape. The product is made of soft materials that can take the form of the body of the baby. So when the child is placed in this device, it becomes cozy and comfortable. The baby that is on the mattress, the load is removed from the spine. This helps the child to relax and happy to learn about the world. Mattress-cocoon for newborns can be installed directly in the crib or on any smooth surface. The advantages of the product include:

  • safe belt;
  • ergonomically shaped, which reduces colic;
  • reducing the probability of occurrence asymmetry of the head;
  • it convenient to carry and use.

Diaper Velcro

Since the first days of daily life can be used diaper cocoon for newborns. Product design, in addition, in a diaper no internal seams. Thanks to a special protective flaps, Velcro is not in contact with the body of a baby, do not irritate delicate, sensitive skin. Diaper Velcro is a real find for the young mother who has no experience in child care. During sleep cocoon baby will be warm and cozy.

The envelope of the cocoon for a newborn


Ergonomic device made in the form of cocoon-envelope, intended for walking with newborn on the street. In this product the baby feels comfortable and convenient. Cocoon can be used in both summer and winter. The big advantage of such a device is that it can be sew or tie their hands. Cocoon for newborns is specially for toddler size, but with a small allowance at the top type caps.


Many parents use baby-cocoon for carrying baby on short distances. Usually a stroller is already equipped with special cradles carrier. Such products convenient for travel shopping and hospitals. The child can carry in the stroller while not removing it from the cradle, which is very important in winter and autumn. When transporting the baby in a cocoon allowable use time is not more than two hours. This is due to the fact that the immature child’s spine may be deformed during a long movement in vehicles.

Cocoon for small baby

How to choose the cocoon for a child

To select quality cocoon, you need to first decide will this fit a factory-made or handmade. Self-stitched or knitted baby cocoon – a more affordable option for the price. The product can be chosen depending on season of application. In addition, the choice of cocoon, you must consider the height and weight of the child. Today on the market there are 3 sizes of baby cocoons:

  1. The first size. This product is often chosen for premature babies. The cocoon begin to use immediately to the hospital to ease the child’s condition for further adaptation.
  2. A second size. Baby cocoon used for children with low weight (3 kg). Typically, this size choose kids who were born prematurely or with multiple pregnancy.
  3. Third the size of baby cocoons intended for children under the age of 4 months. They can buy for normal children who were born with a weight of 3-5 kg

Cocoon Momby feeding

An overview of the most well-known manufacturers

Market introduction of a special baby cocoons has led to the fact that steel is a new model for summer and winter, for walk or transport in vehicles and for home use. But before you purchase a new branded product, you need to know quality and reputation of the manufacturer. Very popular are the following devices:

  • Baby cocoon Cocoonababy name from the famous French company «Red Castle», which can be used for children weighing more than 2 kg. This product used up to 4 month age of the child. The cost of Cocoonababy is about 8,500 rubles, but such costs are justified because it is designed specifically for young children based on their characteristics. While in this fitting, the child feels a sense of security and peace. Pose that the baby takes in this cocoon, has the advantages of:
    • removes colic;
    • allows the child to freely touch your face;
    • reduces the risk of asymmetry of the skull;
    • improves baby’s sleep;
    • contributes to the development of motor skills, improves coordination.
  • Mattress-the cocoon from the Woombie is one of the most popular. Suitable for children from 0 to 36 months. The product is lightweight, sturdy and compact, folds quickly. Once the child reaches a year, you can use it to play and sleep in the car or during outings. The mattress is zipped, thus turning into a beautiful bag. Mattress eco Wombi made:
    • no phthalates, glue, lead, fragrances, foam materials;
    • with soft plush fabric;
    • without the use of toxic substances and allergens.
  • Cocoon Momby – unique novelty, which is often used for breastfeeding. Anatomical flexible design promotes proper position of the baby at the breast. Baby cocoon helps raise baby to a comfortable distance, and the mother when feeding, relax the back. In addition, the Mamba is ideal for women after a caesarean section, because it prevents pressure on the joints. The unique design supports the spine and the baby’s head. Outer 100% cotton cover provides ease in washing.

Where to buy and how much it cost

Cocoons for newborns appeared recently, but already gaining popularity among young parents. Special diapers, mattresses, bags can be purchased in many children’s stores or on virtual marketplaces (e.g. Craigslist). The price of the product, depending on the species, ranges from 2,500 to 10 thousand rubles. The cost due to the fact that the production uses a unique patented technology, modern and safe materials.

Video: how to knit a cocoon for baby

Baby cocoon has an anatomical shape that mimics the curves of the body of the baby, so the child can feel comfortable. Baby cocoon can be knitted, sewn with your own hands or bought in the store. To make such a wonderful bag just important to choose the right thread (elastic natural fabric), the density and pattern. If you want to make your child a unique bag, you can use step-by-step instruction of how you can easily and crochet to knit a baby cocoon.



Customer reviews and doctors

Nastya, 24 years:I Bought a cocoon for baby specially, so you can easily get him out of the stroller while shopping. In addition, often carry this product your child from one room to another, I’m comfortable to observe what the baby is doing. If the son wakes up and starts crying I see. At the same time I don’t need every minute to run to the nursery.

Maria, 32 years:First baby cocoon I saw the ads on TV, then came my friend with her 3 month old baby in the same equipment. Noted that the thing is very comfortable, the baby slept in a cocoon for a long time, it was evident that there child convenient and comfortable. After the birth of his daughter bought the same one. The baby cocoon is always there: it is convenient for me and good for her.

Kate, 30 years:my husband Bought our baby a special cocoon mattress. Handy thing that can be used everywhere: when feeding, just put on the bed to take along on a trip. The son felt in that cocoon of tranquility and comfort. The mattress was simple and convenient, removable cover easy to wash, and the product develops and becomes small.

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