Claim for refund

Turning to the store for a particular product, many buyers buy the problem use. The legislation provided for the possibility of a return of the amount specified under the purchase agreement or the check. For operations you need to make the appropriate paper.

How to write a claim for a refund for the goods

The person fills the document

To make a pre-trial letter of refund for the products of inappropriate type or quality you can independently or be involved in the process of a lawyer, if you do not know the rules of writing such papers. To claim for a refund should the correct format, you need to know how to build it on your own, which items must be discussed within the text.

Rules and order of claims

The claim for refund is formed according to the following instructions:

  1. First, specify the name of the organization where the demand must be sent. The appeal to the Director or other official person who will get the document, which is an important part of the paper, be sure to write the data.
  2. Note the requirement below your name, phone number and place of residence.
  3. The next step is writing on the inside Blanca, where and when he made the statement.
  4. In the center of the next line, write the word «Claim».
  5. Next comes the main part of the document, where must be specified:
  • date, when there was a purchase of a product;
  • the circumstances of the purchase;
  • the reason why you require a refund.
  1. Be sure to include the notice period you must give money.
  2. As attachment to attach other documents. The list must be specified.
  3. If the claim you make your own, put your signature. When acting through a representative, to sign the paper he obliged. In addition, you need to make a copy of a certified power of attorney.

The application for a refund for the goods must be in 2 copies. The instance you pick should assure the seller that there is need to put a date when the paper was accepted, a signature and its position. If your claim for refund will not be considered or you do not get the money long time on a Bank account, make an appeal to the court. It is important to correctly make a claim. For the services of a lawyer paid by the defendant. After filing a lawsuit, send a copy to the company, which filed a lawsuit.

The deadline for the submission and examination

She sends the letter

The law protects the rights of buyers, shows that the claim for refund shall be allowed to file until expired 2 weeks from the date of purchase, date of purchase is not taken into account. If you act on behalf of the company (legal person), the document can be viewed up to 30 days. When the requirement is a natural person, a company, to which it was sent, within 10 days must meet the citizen.

Sample application for the refund

To make the document proper form will help you sample a claim for a refund (names specified for example):

Director of Smart, OOO

Matveeva S. S.

Moscow, Brestskaya str., 25

from Ivanova Irina Igorevna

Moscow, podolskih Kursantov str., 12, apt 44

tel: +7-XXX-XXX-XX-XX


May 11, 2016


03 may 2016 I made in your store buying a cell phone. Turning it on 05 may, 2016, I found the failure of the battery before charging. I took the machine to a specialist and received an expert report that found the fault – a manufacturing defect.

Based on these facts, I think that bought me to your point of the phone was faulty. Based on the text of the Law «On protection of consumer rights» channel request to return me the amount of $ 14000 (fourteen thousand) rubles paid for the camera.

Based on the text of the Law «On protection of consumer rights» please respond on this statement and take actual steps to address my question about compensation paid for the defective products money until may 21, 2016.

If you don’t do these actions I will be forced to send a petition to the court.

Signature: (your signature) Ivanov V. I.

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