Check driver’s license in the database of traffic police

Important document for any motorist – a driver’s license. It confirms the right to drive a particular category. Due to the fact that sometimes for various reasons it is urgent to check the identity of the traffic police of Russia has launched a convenient online service, where you can find all the necessary information.

Why the need for verification of driver’s license

The Website Of The State Traffic Inspectorate

There are several reasons why you may want to test a driver’s license in the database of traffic police:

  • employment;
  • in litigation;
  • when making a new certificate.

Often, the employment of the driver, the employer wants to verify the authenticity of the identity and personal characteristics of a candidate for the vacant position. Personnel search in logistics companies and transport companies nowadays is extremely important. Every employer needs to know, honest, conscientious candidate before him. Service of the traffic police will allow the employer to check the reputation of the driver in just a few minutes.

Another reason you may want to break the law on the basis of traffic police of Moscow and Moscow region is proceeding. Vehicle enthusiast-the offender has the opportunity to know whether his driver’s license after the last meeting with the patrol. There are times when one gives the passport information of the inspector, because WU was forgotten at home, and is a lack of understanding – or wait for the summons, still a valid document or not, the penalty is imposed.

The most common reason to check the driver’s license database of the traffic police is issuing a new document or restoration. It can be lost, spoiled, destroyed, improperly included in a single electronic repository of government agencies traffic police etc. the First action of the inspector upon receipt of the application to issue a new document – check the possibility for the citizen.

How to check privileges at the DMV

Search result

It is not easy to check a driver’s license on the basis of traffic online. You only need to follow a few simple paragraphs, and the procedure does not require confirmation of identity or registration. Data access is not limited to, payment for use is absent, and all actions confidential. How to check out any city (Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kazan, etc.):

  1. Go to the official website of the Federal service of the state traffic Inspectorate, using the page
  2. Click «Services» at the top of the page.
  3. After the list appears, click the mouse cursor on the item «check the driver».
  4. A form will appear, where you can enter data about who you want to test.
  5. Fill in the three empty fields in sequence: a room, a series of document, date of issue and add test site code.
  6. Click «Check ID».
  7. After a few seconds deliberation, the system will give the desired result.

Site is fully controlled by the police, so the data is completely untrue. The right to finish and to remove violators from the system have with each inspector that does not exclude technical errors caused by human factor. In this case, it is necessary to address personally to the territorial office of traffic safety. To check the rights on deprivation, the validity or to verify that everything is OK, only on the main website of the traffic police, third party services does not exist.

The possible validation results using WU online service of the state traffic Inspectorate

The result of the check WU

There are several options results the validity of the rights that are issued to service. Three possible responses of the system while the free checking driver’s license against a database of traffic police:

  • the certificate is valid;
  • deprivation;
  • certificate invalid.

Confirmation of the validity of the rights

If the certificate is valid, the screen displays the relevant data about the driver without specifying the surname, name and place of registration of residence. By results of check of authenticity of the document can be seen:

  • day of birth of the driver;
  • the date when issued DL;
  • the duration of the rights;
  • open category transport management.

You should know that besides the basic information, you can find the open category driving vehicle for a particular driver. The data will be useful for entrepreneurs wishing to hire the person who has the right to drive a bus or a car with a trailer. If the screen displays a similar picture, with the driver’s testimony all is well – it really and deprivation it is not imposed.

Confirmation of the absence of identity

If the test is a driving permit in the database of the traffic police showed that information about rights is not found, it may indicate that the driver has purchased the document in circumvention of the law, delayed or replaced it. You must know that use of fictitious evidence is fraught with criminal charges. If after verification the service will be such a picture, so you need to quickly apply to the territorial office of the state traffic Inspectorate to clarify the data.

Rights can be forfeited in certain cases:

  • the validity period has expired;
  • the certificate is damaged;
  • amended personal data (e.g. name);
  • law was replaced in connection with the loss;
  • there is a conclusion of the medical examiner on the limitation of driving in connection with the health of the driver.

Extract on deprivation of the right management

Baza GIBDD deprived of a driver’s license contains information on individuals who have the right to temporarily use the vehicle as intended. Such a measure is imposed on those who seriously broke the law, so employers are not recommended to take these people to the service. After inspection on the basis of deprivation of the right to control the vehicle appears in the picture, which you can download (to provide as evidence).

Information about the deprivation of the right to control the vehicle

In addition to General data on the picture you will see additional lines:

  • date of the decision;
  • time restrictions on driving;
  • the status of the execution of the punishment.

Video: what is an online database of traffic police

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