Can pregnant women cutting hair

Pregnancy, a magical period for every woman, but many «Granny» omens and superstitions put some women’s usual procedures under the ban. If you believe the ancient belief, pregnant women prior to delivery is to abandon a huge number of things, not to hurt the baby. Some of these prohibitions are necessary, others questionable. Pregnant women are allowed to cut their hair?

Why pregnant women cannot get a haircut

Almost every pregnant woman at least once during the period of carrying a child learns the many superstitions and omens associated with childbirth. But is it true? To understand why pregnant women cannot cut their hair, let’s see what it can threaten the child and the mother. It is important to find the line where the end of the common arguments and start flimsy horror.

Folk superstitions and omens

Pregnant girl

According to old Russian legends, to the question: «can pregnant women cut their hair?», given a definite negative answer. Some signs are advised to refrain from haircuts during pregnancy, others say this ban is only in the last months. Violating this taboo prophesied the death of a child. It was believed that hair is the main source of female power, which protects the baby from the outside world. Some beliefs say that after the mother’s hair goes back the soul of the baby, so if they cut, the baby may not survive until birth.

Other variants of prejudice suggest that if a pregnant haircut, the baby will be born premature or his life will be shortened. Medicine and especially science such theories categorically reject. There is no reasonable evidence that the haircut somehow can affect the baby. In China pregnant on the contrary briefly cut the hair while carrying a child, and we cannot say that it is bad for birth rates in the state.

Every woman decides for itself to believe such superstitions and beliefs or not. Thousands of pregnant women cut their hair, give birth to healthy children. A possible Golden mean is a reasonable haircut. In any case, you should not get involved too radical a reduction of hair during pregnancy, but to trim the split ends from time to time still need.

Medical point of view

Shearing during pregnancy: opinion of trichologist

Opinion of doctors on the existing signs are unambiguous, they are confident that the future mother can not hurt the baby, cutting the hair. However, with new styling, in which use locking agents, and coloring strands is not the case. The use of chemical agents (paints, varnishes, mousses) can adversely affect the baby’s health. Hair coloring because of the particular hormonal pregnant women often gives unexpected result – the tone of hair is very different from the color specified on the package.

Can pregnant women cut their hair to other people

Every girl has to decide whether during pregnancy to cut people’s hair or not. Many women quietly do the haircut the way, in a timely manner birth to healthy children. However, there are barbers who prefer not to sin, they refuse to cut clients during pregnancy by offering them to come after the birth. In this case should be based on their feelings and common sense.

How to care for your hair during pregnancy

Your appearance should be watched even during pregnancy. Although hormonal changes in the body often gives women in the position of thick, lustrous hair, the strands still need care and maintenance. Pregnant girls should use only high-quality, most natural shampoos and masks. Some medical procedures are not difficult to undertake at home using everyday items

Beer for hair during pregnancy

  • Olive oil. It is the ideal way to care for brittle or dry hair. An hour before shampooing apply some oil on the strands, avoiding the root area, wrap head with polyethylene and towel. Can add the oil a little bit of liquid honey and egg yolk – this mask well nourishes the hair.
  • Beer. Before use it should stand for 1-2 hours in an open container, then the drink will be able to give strands extra volume. Beer wet washed hair, after which they are placed in the usual way.
  • The salad leaves. Sulfur, phosphorus, compounds of magnesium that are found in the leaves of this vegetable are very useful for hair of pregnant women. To prepare the mask, grind the salad into mush, add a little water and carrot juice. Apply mixture to clean hair, leave on 5-10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Videos: can pregnant women to cut bangs and ends

Any pregnant woman tries to look beautiful, for this often have to change the hairstyle, cut your hair, curl your curls, or at least trim the ends and bangs. However, it is believed that such procedures are banned for girls who are at the heart of a child. Probably every woman in the position at least once wondered, can a pregnant woman get a haircut? Watch the video below, you will be able to shed some light on this issue and decide whether or not to believe in such prejudices.


Kseniya, 26 years:I didn’t listen to the opinions of others regarding haircuts during pregnancy, I believe that it is foolish to believe in these many signs of expectant mothers and their children. At first, I out of habit went to the hairdresser, then started to call the master at home. Don’t believe something can threaten the child if his mother would cut my hair. Why the girl in the situation should look unkempt, discolored, or overgrown?

Daria, 25 years:I never had it while pregnant, but not because of superstition – I initially had long hair. They became even more long and thick, my husband likes this effect. During pregnancy problems with the locks was not, on the contrary, they become more beautiful, less brittle, shining. Maybe if I wore short hair or hair began to split, cut your hair would not hesitate.

Tatiana, 29 Lett:I took the opportunity of getting bangs. Many years I dreamed about long, healthy hair below the shoulder blades, but the ends whipped, and had to cut the length. Pregnancy strands of steel are clearly healthier, have started to grow faster. I’m not overjoyed by the result. My decision not to get a haircut was not associated with horror stories that tell grandmother, but I still suggest the girls in position to take advantage of this opportunity to grow good hair.

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